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Uh, Gavin? The answer to your question is Dr. BLT’s “Great Sex (Can Ruin Your Life)” and “Womb Tomb.” My iPod is a freaking festival of shitty Christian music.


Sure, and I’m listening to the whitetastic sounds of Prussian Blue, the Mary-Kate and Ashley of anti-ZOG racialism.

You’re not a Jew, are you? Just checking.


Whoa, those little girls are singing about “ZOG?” That is truly, truly fucked up. I’ma take a listen.

In other news, Marie’s been flirting with other guys:


Man… that was one fucked up article. Just when I think we’ve reached the ultimate depths of wingnuttia…

Funny thing is, they’re pimping Cindy Sheehan too. Reminds of me of that line in Pynchon’s CRYING OF LOT 49 (paraphrasing): “You know, you’re so right-wing, that you’re actually left-wing.”


Evil. Them gurls is pure evil. Saying things like all the good White Women are wasting their lovely eugenics on making money or partying, instead of getting married and having lots of pure white kids. *shivver* And their cute little band name refers in part to doubt about the Holocaust. Little N… mmmppphhh… [Must. Not. Invoke. Godwin’s. Law.]


jean- here’s an interesting philosophical question: if these girls were raised from day one to be racist bitches, if they were isolated and never let out of their homes, if they were homeschooled and never encountered children of other races of ethnicities, can they be blamed for their hateful ideology? And if not, at what point do we hold them accoutable for their dispicible beliefs (i.e., by the time they become FOX News pundits and write books defending internment)?


I had heard about this duo, but reading that article blows my mind. I still feel sick.

Sadly, I don’t know that these poor deluded souls will ever be able to be ethically held responsible for their odious views. If, as seems possible, they have been sheltered and indoctrinated since birth, it’s not really their fault that they are in such a filthy position. It is also quite possible that they will remain sheltered for the rest of their lives, living with an Aryan male and raising Aryan sproglets to fulfill their genetic mission.

We can only hope that they rebel once they reach the age of adulthood and possibly begin hearing other views.

/Washing hands and monitor after seeing that putrescence.


They have a website at For youths of the White race, they make a pretty sucky site with lots of blank pages and dead links. I guess it must be due to the pollution of their genetic constitution from the Irish and Scottish mixed in with the German heritage. Sorry girls, but looks like you aren’t quite fit to breed. Time to think about a career.


One last thing. Doesn’t it amuse anyone that the Nazis who so exalted the tall blond Aryan were led by a short dark Bavarian? And that the present day white nationalists who so prize white intelligence are the most likely to look like inbred white trash?


Sorry, Ukko, but Hitler wasn’t Bavarian (though he only missed being one by the breadth of the river Inn). He was, of course, a short dark Austrian.

Beyond the fact that they inhabit different countries, though, there is no essential difference between Bavarians and Austrians (a fact Austrians and Bavarians will hotly deny). I have, however, heard slightly less unkind commentators describe Austrians as the missing link between Bavarians and humans.


Thanks Mrs. Tilton. I knew that he served in a Bavarian unit in WWI and had heard he was Bavarian before, but I guess I had bad info.


if these girls were raised from day one to be racist bitches, if they were isolated and never let out of their homes, if they were homeschooled and never encountered children of other races of ethnicities, can they be blamed for their hateful ideology?

Certainly not at this age, no. And not for a while, I’d say. But later in life? I don’t know. Consider this calmly giddy assessment by “National Alliance Northeast Regional Coordinator Rich Lindstrom”:

“Imagine the hard sell that the ADL and the SPLC will have when confronted with these angelic looking young girls who are wise to their anti-White schemes. I see an avenue opened up to family-oriented White men, women, and children that has not been opened before.

“These gals will be breaking new ground, and will also capture the imagination of young boys and girls all across the world. The impact could be huge and their influence will encourage ‘copycats’ …creating an entire genre of pro-White music. …I’m hanging on the edge of my seat with anticipation.”

Does this indicate that the good citizen Richard is simply the victim of early imprinting with a few core axiomatic beliefs which – when placed on the earliest branches of the vast, complex and multidimensional logic tree that forms the basis of every child’s development (and reinforced over time with constant positive feedback for progressively more explicit and aggressive racist expressions) – cause him to literally exist in what is for all intents and purposes an alternate reality? Or does it indicate cold calculation, a chilling degree of rationality applied to self-serving “ideological” pursuits, and a degree of conscious self-deception exceeded only by a willingess, even eagerness, to be a part of ensuring that the cycle of deception continues into the next generation?

Well, honestly, I think the short answer to Brad’s question is that no, a child can’t be “blamed” for the conditioning that he or she receives (there will always be a bell curve of receptiveness to such indoctrination, of course, but that’s neither here nor there in philosophical terms). In fact, at the individual level, I’d say this remains true to some extent throughout adulthood (though I’m an atheist, I do think “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” illustrates a fundamentally solid philosophical principle, with or without any of the religious mumbo-jumbo surrounding it).

The weakness in this formulation, however, is that it doesn’t take into account the aggregate effect of lots of little individuals failing to ever challenge, question, or rebel against the hatred taught to them by their parents. Can these individuals be “blamed” for the environments they grew up in? This question, while probably, as Brad intended it to be, a useful philosophical exercise, is somewhat beside the point. What we can never leave out of the equation is the basic principle that even if we accept and understand the individual circumstances which lead innocent children to adult lives filled with applying their higher cognitive functions to developing new methods of “fighting the anti-White agenda” pursued the mongrel races, any thoughts of “sympathy” for lost (maliciously destroyed) innocence must go out the window at the aggregate level.

Just like I imagine is the case with most everyone here, I looked at the picture of those poor little girls and it was almost enough to bring tears to my eyes. But 10 or 20 years from now, if those two are still performing hate-songs for racist rednecks, then to me, the question of “blame” becomes moot, and any attempt to truly empathize, on a broad scale, represents a waste of cognitive resources. That’s not at all to say that Brad’s question is invalid or “wasteful”; I think these questions are important to ask so that we don’t simply become so wrapped up in anti-racist belief systems of our own that we actually become the hyper-sensitive racialist cartoon characters that wingnuts like to pretend we are as it is. What I mean is that I think there has to be a bright red line between philosophical analysis and sympathy for the devil, as it were.

Do I feel bad for those girls because they’ve never known any other life? Absolutely. But that emotion turns quickly to disgust, dismay, and intractable opposition as we move further up the age scale. I hope they can break out of the mindwarping effects of their upbringing, but given the potential threat represented by the spread of their ideology of hate (I know, I’m starting to sound like a neocon here), spending our time doing what good liberals do, like trying to figure out ways to “rehabilitate” them, strikes me as roughly equivalent to attempting to rescue a person in a wheelchair from the tenth floor of a burning building by encouraging him to get up and walk. The simple reality is that if you don’t just pick that person up and carry or drag him out of that building, then you’re both going to go up in flames.


Their list of favorite bands threw me, though, Green Day?


Their first names are “Lynx” and “Lamb”, in case you needed any more proof their parents hated them….


generally not having good-quality white people being born

Hey, don’t try pinning this one on God.


Ah yes- these two get me into commenting many months ago on a music site, IIRC.
I actually debated a white power dude about them!
Crazy- but given how marginalized and spineless the White Power movement in this country, ultimatly mostly harmless.


It seems like smart white girls who have good eugenics are more interested in making money in a career or partying than getting married and having a family. And yes, we are working on some new songs about this issue.

I don’t know about you but I think they’re threatening us.

Also, “good eugenics.” Oh, that’s priceless. Wow.


I wonder who has bad eugenics (eu-good, gen-birth, roughly)?

It’s also like saying the white girls who have good geology or good biostatistics. Literally, we could say, “The white girls who have good ‘study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding'” from this definition:

Again, it’s funny how often white supremacists are walking self-refutations.


Avril Lavigne! Green Day! Skrewdriver!

Since when has racism been a cuteness increaser? I thought these types were always so proud of how tough they are?


I can just see the white supremacist pedophiles unzipping their pants now…

“IS THERE ANYTHING CUTER than two identical twin twelve-year-old girls who have a band together? How about if they dress in matching plaid skirts?that ups the cuteness quotient, right? And what if they perform folky versions of classic racist songs by bands like Skrewdriver and Rahowa? Whoa! Now we are heading into the cute danger zone.”

Their thoughts exactly.


Someone on my comments pointed out this article:


And their baby sister is named “Dresden”.

In memory of all the non-insane friends of blond haired, blue-eyed stock I’ve had from Minnesota, all I can say to that is “oof-da”.


How about Nehmen? Anyone know what that’s supposed to mean?


I had thought they would be like some of the North Korean singers on this page:

Instead, they just seem like deluded losers being used by nutty parents.

Is there any lower class of loser than neo-Nazi pedophile? Right now, I can’t think of any, and that’s probably who their audience is.


What are some of your favorite groups, either current or past?
We really like Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Three Days Grace, Green Day, AC/DC, and Alison Krauss. For racial groups we like Final War, CutThroat, Saga, Max Resist, Youngland, Brutal Attack, and of course Skrewdriver. But our all-time favorite is Barney the purple dinosaur!

…and then my head exploded.


The Bizarro World’s Von Trapp Family!!???!??

Two blond whete family values moppets naming themselves after a poison gas trace element!!???!

Tom Lehrer was right. Satire is dead. S, N can pack up now and go home.

Me? I’m gonna start drinking even more heavily while looking for a suitcase bomb on eBay.


“Is there any lower class of loser than neo-Nazi pedophile

Cubs fans.


Cubs fans.
Hey, I resemble that remark! I may be a masochist, but my misery only likes adult company.


They can’t sing or play an instrument, unfortunately.

Unless racial purity is somehow represented by being out of tune…

Hysterical Woman

Of course, Chris! What’s more white than not having any musical talent!


i grew up in tampa FL,i came from a lesbian mom and no dad and no racsist views,then i move to alabama and i expect the white people to be very racsist ,but what i found was that the black people where more so then the whites. talking about “whitey this,and whitey that ,………..”
now i am not racsist by any means how could i be i would be hating myself and my famliy,just a different P.O.V.,also you dont hear about the black power movement aleast the story should balance out.but seems white people get the most of the racsist negitivity,there racsist in all ethnic groups


it’s bad enough they have this to look back on with shame if they live old enough. but at the same time, i wonder how many of their critics live in homogeneous or at best mixed race settings, will choose a mate of the same or similar race/culture, and will avoid sending their kids to schools where they would be a minority. people love to apply the label ‘racist’ when their own life choices make it apply to them. hypocrisy, racism and other sins are epidemic among the entire human race.

i wont claim to be non-racist and i am sure i am guilty of hypocrisy as much as i try to avoid it, but at least i am a racial minority where i live and work, and i am engaged to someone outside my race and culture. i live what others self-righteously preach.


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