What are my other options?

Sure we’ve lost the faith, but is this really going to fix the problem?

To renew your faith in art, check out Kerry Marsala’s masterpieces at: www.klmarsala.com

Sadly, …


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OK, look at “Forget Me Nots”. It looks like an octopus strangling a boquet.


Firefox obviously hates her art, it brought my browser to its furry little knees. Dr. Bruce seems to be quite the artiste, too.

source f/k/a anon.

ok, who forgot to flush?


Holy crap, he wrote a song called “Great Sex (Can Ruin Your Life).” That is the funniest thing ever.


Indeed, and as the follow-up to a full 20-song CD of pro-life hits. I didn’t have the courage to click the mp3, though, I’m afraid it will ruin my life.


I didn’t have the courage to click the mp3, though, I’m afraid it will ruin my life.

O, but I do (but not now- I’m on my way to the bar…)


Holy crap, he wrote a song called “Great Sex (Can Ruin Your Life).” That is the funniest thing ever.

My ears, my ears!

source f/k/a anon.

Mark Sandman:
1995 – ‘Super Sex’
1999 – Dead.

Dr. B.L.T. may not be blowing smoke up our ass afterall. 😉


I had to listen, as I’ve finished just about one of the worst weeks of my life, so no matter how bad it was, it couldn’t make things much worse.

But it was pretty goddamn bad.

“Great Sex(Can Ruin Your Life)” was obviously sung by someone who never had any.

And where did he find the guitarist for The Shaggs, anyway?


Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Sounds like burning! Actually, it sounds like a mixture of the Muppet Band and the Doors as produced by Zamfir.


OMG! That is greatness! While listening to that song, I imagined it was being sung by a sandwich (’cause his name is Dr. B.L.T.)


Honestly, some of Kerry’s art isn’t too bad. None of it is fantastic mind you. This is a logical extension to the Conservative Humor debate. Why does conservative art and literature generally suck or not even exist at all? Don’t bring up Ted Nugent or Ezra Pond.


Dr. BLT also has some more free music to listen to.


It is my impression that I did not have to throw him for a loop in this interview.
because he hung himself! bwah ha ha





OK, I’m downloading his pro-life song, “Womb Tomb,” right now…


“Her name is baby Jane Doe
And she’ll never know
Just what her life would be like
Cause she’s here… inside the womb tomb.”

This guy has zero ear for even the most basic elements of composition. In the middle of a “Layla”-type piano motiff, he throws in a walking bassline and freaking HAND DRUMS. It’s a complete catastrophe.


Yeah, Womb Tomb is, uh, quite a tune. Also of interest is a tuneless tribute to Terry Schiavo, a bizarre pschedelic-shattneresque rendition of Norwegian Wood, and a tribute to Pope John Paul that has to be a joke.


Mark Sandman was too good for this earth. Sniffle. Why is it always the best ones that have to die? Why not…say…Lee Greenwood?

Also, that calligraphy was godawful.


Marie likes the Hollywood gossip. On one of her earlier polls (http://radioactive.freepolls.com/cgi-bin/pollresults/005), she provides a link back to http://www.internetrumormill.com, which is a gossip site.


unspeakably offensive expression that reflects an utter disregard and disrespect for the United States, for the President as Officer in Chief of the military, and for patriotism across the nation

Ph’thnagh c’thulhu!! Aiiiiee!!


Dr. B.L.T. has a “No No Ho Ho” song… You’re Not The Kind of Ho (That Santa Had in Mind).

When I was only seventeen my father went to find some California oranges for us at Christmas time
A prostitute approached him and knocked on his car door
Said: Are you looking for a good time? I’ll give you that and more

My father said it’s oranges, that’s all I’m looking for
To feed my wife and children, the family I adore

You’re not the kind of ho that Santa had in mind
So get out of the streets my dear, there’s better work to find
Tricks were meant for Halloween but it’s almost Christmas time
You’re not the kind of ho that Santa had in mind

No no, Ho ho
Disease can spread as fast as Christmas cheer
No no, Ho ho
This ain’t no go go, this ain’t the way to celebrate new year

Save your body for the one that fits you like a glove
And hold that person very tight and never let him go
And maybe he’ll forget about the days you were a ho.”


“Do you have a special request? I can produce just about any name or word you would like in Japanese Calligraphy.”

What a lovely offer. I took her up on it but I can’t say I’m holding my breath in anticipation of an quick response.


“Great Sex (Can Ruin Your Life) ”

I think I speak for many here when I say it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Really liked the song though (although perhaps not for the reasons that ole BLT would like it appreciated). Reminded me a bit of Jonathan Richmond. I think I’ll get my band to do a cover, perhaps beefing up the bo-diddlesque riff and with some hot female backup vocals.


So is the “Ho” song saying you shouldn’t pick up hookers on Christmas (though Halloween might be all right — damn pagan holidays)? Or is it that you shouldn’t be turning tricks on Christmas?

In either case, I think the least Daddy could have done was invite the poor girl inside for some mulled cider if he was going to preach at her and call her a ho.


Nabakov: You mean Jonathan RichMAN, right?


Oh yeah, him too Honay.


> OK, look at “Forget Me Nots”. It looks like an octopus strangling a bouquet.

More like an octopus has impaled on a bouquet!!! Oh, the horror, the horror…


Hey, I stumbled across the comments many of you made on my original songs. To those of you who offered praise, I want to thank you. To those of you who offered insults, I thank you. The fact is, whether you are insulting the songs, or praising them, you are talking about them. Some of you purests would have me stick with the strictest policy of musical structure and precision. This is an anal retentive approach that simply gets in the way of creativity. Nevertheless, I appreciate your comments. By the way, I offer what I call a song-back gaurentee. I’d offer a money-back gaurentee, but all my songs are offered for free. If you are not completely happy with a particular song, all you have to do is e-mail me and I will keep sending you free songs until you finally find one you like. I aim to please.



“This is an anal retentive approach that simply gets in the way of creativity.”

And it?s refreshing to see you bring the same joie de vivre to your spelling and syntax as well Doc.


Sarcasm is a refuge for the psuedo-sagacious.


Furthermore, anyone with a joie de vivre for spelling and syntax needs to get a life!


Thanks guys for noticing my artwork. I’ll be sure to tell others you love it. I had no idea that those of you who post here were art critics as well as critics of conservative writers. How delightful that you all are so versitile in your abilities. I’ll be sure to name the next piece of artwork that sells out of one of the many galleries after you. Maybe you’ll want to buy it, if you can afford it…


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