This is Why I Read Pharyngula

PZ Myers gives the best explanation of astrology I’ve ever seen:

Astrology pretends that our destinies are guided by the impersonal movements of vast lumps of rock and ice.


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I read it for the cephaloporn.


That’s a good reason too. I think Mr. Meyers is the only Biologist who’s made me want to learn more about the details of worm sex.


Libertarianism is the new religion for the self-centered. – Myers Amen! When are these freaks going to grow out of their latent adolescence and live in the real world?


Astrology pretends that our destinies are guided by the impersonal movements of vast lumps of rock and ice.

Nuh-uh! There’s great big burning balls of gas, too. They’re really, really important!

source f/k/a anon.

I looked up Nancy Reagan’s horoscope at The Onion:
Cancer: (June 22?July 22)
You thought that your new lifestyle would be a nonstop party in the lap of luxury, but apparently Mr. Hefner has strict rules for his “permanent houseguests.”

Just Say Sadly No!


I admit the whole Discovery Channel After Dark vibe is what keeps me checking in with Pharyngula, too.
Especially the cephalopods. Too, too cool.
Brad, though, that makes me kind of sad for you. How old were you before the glories of worm sex seemed interesting? Tragic, really. All those wasted years… For Gods’ sakes, man, they’re hermaphroditic! You must have had the world’s worst biology teacher. I weep.


Everyone knows those lumps of ice and rock can’t affect anything. Next they’ll be telling us the moon controls the tides…


Are you so sure? Vast chunks of ice can affect people’s lives severely. Big chunks of space-rock sounds like it might be able to affect me as well.

Oh, you were talking about the ones that stay in space. My bad.


Uhm, Susie, there is a difference between the moon affecting the tides and stars trillions of light years away determining whether you’ll win the lottery.


Susie, Phil Plait massacres that sort of thinking quite handily.



I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say it controls one’s destiny, but a kidney stone’s movement can sure ruin a weekend.


That criticism of astrology doesn’t cover the half of it.

These bodies that they say control us…they’re not where everybody thought they were when they came up with all the astrology crap in the first place! Duh-uh! And they don’t move the way we thought they did, etc. I don’t think there are any astrologists who say they don’t believe in Copernican/Keplerian explanations for the workings of the universe. Likewise, I think they all accept as fact what everybody else does w/regard to how distant everything is. So why don’t they revise their charts?


I’m a Sagittarius on the cusp of Insanity, with Lambda rising in the East!


One of the commenters at that site seems to have a big problem with psychoanalysis–check out the list of “quackery” it finds itself amidst: “you should see all the hogwash we have to deal with in psychology… I know the first thing that may come to your mind is evolutionary psychology, but that’s quite harmless compared to: EMDR, psychoanalysis, facilitated communication, the Rorschach and its variants, primal scream therapy, hypnosis, graphology, etc etc etc.”
What the F? Does anyone have any idea what this person’s beef is with psychoanalysis? Sounds like sheer prejudice and ignorance to me. (I’ll bet this person is in some sort of cognitive-behavioral program.) But then, I was not impressed with the commenters. They all seem more interested in sneering than in inquiry.


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