While we’re on the subject of funny conservatives

The management of World O’Crap (or as we call her, Roger L. Simon’s schoolteacher,) quotes an article in the Ohio Free Press which reads:

Christian insult comedian Brad Stine

Not to be confused, of course, with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. One is a funny, irreverent, in your face comedian (who is sweeping the nation.) The other is Brad Stine:

I think it’s wonderful that people care about animals. What bothers me is people that think animals and humans are equals. That’s a problem! They’ll actually say they are equal and deserve rights. First off you can’t give a right to an animal. Why? ‘Cause a right is a philosophical concept based on the fact that you know you exist and know you can die! Animals aren’t afraid to die they’re afraid of getting chased! [laughter] It’s instinct! [Transcribed from the Animal Activists “bit.”]

Well, looks like we’ve found the real life Kenny Banya:

I just stopped by to thank you. That risk management stuff you wrote for me? It’s killer!

As for Brad Spine, if we follow his comedy teachings it’s ok to kill babies (of the unborn and newborn variety) and goofy bastards. Then again, that might just be us showing our liberal deaf ear to comedy. (Link via alicublog.)

PS: Conservative Humor. We’ll explain later.


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There’s something deeply, deeply bizarre about a “Christian insult comic,” especially one who doesn’t think animals run away from predators to avoid dying.


i don’t get it.

here’s some real comedy:

how do you make martha stewart scream twice?


What does being Christian have to do with being anti-animal rights? Lots of Christians are vegans, vegetarians, and animal rights advocates. Why doesn’t he just bill himself “right-wing Christian comic”? That’s more accurate.
And his willful misinterpretation of “rights” is ludicrous. Whoops, I think I’m losing my sense of humor. I don’t know what I can do to fix it, but if Brad Stine/Spine is any example, it probably doesn’t have anything to do with losing sympathy for small, furry creatures and the people who are trying to protect them from human arrogance. Damn! There I go again!


OK, Spalding, how?


Pray tell, how?


GregH, I’m afraid it might be dirty, and then people like Marie'(political people) would be afraid to come here anymore.


fuck her in the ass, then wipe your dick on her drapes.

that is the end of spalding.


The thing that I don’t get is why if animals are not afraid to die they run when being chased? Is it part of their instintive cardio regimen?


Ah Lucy it appears that you were correct once again.


Stine is the guy who got profiled in the NY Times Sunday magazine about a year ago, right?

I remember thinking, “what a whiner.” Most of the article was about how upset he that he can’t get more bookings. (He was hoping a gig at the RNC would be his big break, but I can’t remember if he got it.)

Based on watching several clips on his site, I think the answer is pretty clear: He’s not funny.


OK I have read and re-read the bit. It isn’t just that I don’t find it funny. It’s that I can’t begin to understand how it is even trying to be funny. I’ve read funnier term papers and encyclopedia entries. How did he even get laughter in brackets? Was the audience drugged or threatened? WTF?


I think conservative “humorists” think being mean and simply transgressive is funny and that they don’t have to go any further, such that the audience is caused to laugh. You know, by use of wordplay, by being clever, etc.Spalding, icky. Couldn’t you have at least translated it into Finnish?


How did he even get laughter in brackets?

I think he may have just leaned to the side and said “laughter” quietly. Looks the same on the transcript.


Kreepy Kristian Komik: “Take my wife’s soul! Please!”


So, anyway, the booking agent looks at Jesus, the Disciples and the donkey and says, “That’s amazing! What do you call the act?”

To which Jesus replies, “The Aristocrats.”


Seb, is that a clue for what Conservative Humor

should be?


‘Cause a right is a philosophical concept based on the fact that you know you exist and know you can die!

So much for the “rights” of the unborn then, right?

Didn’t think so. Twat.


if we follow his comedy teachings it’s ok to kill babies

Ahahahaha. Seb, did you see me asking for a Stine commentary at WOC or are you just that astute?


Be astute! The world needs more stutes!
Yeah, it’s a really old, really dumb joke. Still funnier anything Brad said.


…So Grover Norquist says,” 20 bucks. Same as the barnyard”.


Did Swank or Marie Jon’ write your new tagline?


Marie Jon’ did… of course!


OK, I didn’t read the whole article about Monsieur Stein, but in the bits you excerpted, um, where were the insults? I mean, for a supposed “Christian Insult Comic,” his stuff was sorely lacking in insults. Oh, and Christianity. And funny things. Somebody call the FTC–false advertising!


I’m surprised Stein doesn’t have a daily gig at a buffet Dinner Theater in Branson.


Anyone with a dog knows that dogs aren’t afraid of being chased. In fact, they like it. Chase a friendly dog around the yard or park and watch as they come back to you with their tail wagging looking for more.

Animals don’t fear being chased, they fear being killed and eaten.

ANd his philosophy of what constitutes the right to have “rights” wouldn’t pass a first year philosophy course.


Stine was profiled in the New Yorker about a year ago and told the story of how he was a struggling comdedian who was about to give up. He decided that he would even give up his career if that would help him follow God more closely. Shortly thereafter, he fell into the Promise Keepers/Christian Men’s Movement (CMM) gigs that now earn him hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of $s per annum. Does he praise God for this beneficence? Does he express gratitude that he now has the career he wanted in a milieu more amenable to his beliefs? No. He bitches that he can’t get a sitcom.

BTW, many comedians today seem to confuse rudeness and ‘edginess’ with a true comic point of view. Mitch Hedberg was never rude or shocking, but man, he was funny.


Like Triumph also says, “You Have to Work Blue.” Great post.


The thing that I don’t get is why if animals are not afraid to die they run when being chased? Is it part of their instintive cardio regimen?

Now see, that was infinitely funnier than anything on Spine’s page. If you’re a Christian, you just might have found your “calling”.


He’s a pretty good comedian. FOR ME TO POOP ON!!


Translation in Finnish as requested!–

Nai sit? perseeseen, ja sitten pyyhi kullisi sen verhoihin.


I think you all missed the point, remmember Brad Stine is a comedian. He even explained what his illustration about the babies “it was an illustration, the baby (or grandma I can’t remember) was not real! If someone like Pablo Franscisco can get up and offend me with sexual (I do like the cleaner parts of his comedy) and even possibly (even thoughI do not think so) racist jokes. Then Brad Stine should be able to get up and talk about his Christian world view. Do not be so hypocritical. Also his Animal rights sketch was to point out the non-compassionate veiw of people who act like Animals are at the same level as humans, and to point the hypocrisy of choosing only one kind of animal over another.

Thanks Marq you are on point


Uncle Kvetch- unborn babies have the potetial to know that they are alive and fear death, animals do not.

Goodness gracious, you pick apart his words like he was the president, (be consistent with all other comedians). His context is what I said above


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