“Save Your Son from Gayness in Seven Easy Steps!”

James Dobson’s Focus on the Family has posted this delightful series of articles on how to instill your children with the proper “gender identification.” The first piece is called “Is my child becoming a homosexual?” and it basically says that if your child exhibits “gender confusion,” there’s a good chance that he’ll turn into a fruit:

Evidences of gender confusion or doubt in boys ages 5 to 11 may include:

1. A strong feeling that they are “different” from other boys.

So if your son is different from other boys, he’s well on his way to becoming a homosexual. Make sure to stamp out his individuality at all costs, and discourage him from developing any original thoughts or ideas.

(And incidentally, if feeling different or apart from other boys your age is a good indicator of future gayness, doesn’t this mean Ben Shapiro is… OK, I won’t say it. I don’t want Jim to get too excited.)

2. A tendency to cry easily, be less athletic, and dislike the roughhousing that other boys enjoy.

And make sure that you sign your son up for manly sports like football or lacrosse- running track just won’t cut it. If he’s still not into roughousing after playing football, buy him a gun and teach him to shoot defenseless animals. After all, nothing exhibits masculine bravery and valor like shooting harmless herbivores from fifty yards away.

3. A persistent preference to play female roles in make-believe play.

If you catch him trying on mommy’s shoes, slap him. And most importantly, don’t let him watch cartoons featuring this wascally gay-enabler:

“Ehhhhhhhhhhhn, what’s up, Doc Dobson?”

4. A strong preference to spend time in the company of girls and participate in their games and other pastimes.

Similarly, don’t let your daughters hang around boys who like spending time with girls. You can read more about this in another Focus on the Family article, called “Is My Daughter Becoming a Fag Hag?”

5. A susceptibility to be bullied by other boys, who may tease them unmercifully and call them “queer,” “fag” and “gay.”

In other words, a susceptibility to be bullied by boys who were raised by people like James Dobson.

6. A tendency to walk, talk, dress and even “think” effeminately.

Yes, even if your son walks, talks and dresses like a man, there could be covert gayness lurking deep within his thoughts. You might want to hook him up to an E-Meter and show him pictures of Chippendale dancers to see if he gets aroused. (And if he does, seek professional help.)

7. A repeatedly stated desire to be ? or insistence that he is ? a girl.

Well, I’m a lesbian because I’m not as stupid most straight guys, but I’m still attracted to women. Is that OK, Dr. Dobson? Is it cool to be a lesbian if I’m a guy?

If your child is experiencing several signs of gender confusion, professional help is available. It’s best to seek that help before your child reaches puberty.

And definitely before he buys his first Cher album.

“By the time the adolescent hormones kick in during early adolescence, a full-blown gender identity crisis threatens to overwhelm the teenager,” warns psychologist Dr. James Dobson.

To compound the problem, many of these teens experience “great waves of guilt accompanied by secret fears of divine retribution.”

Fears that are completely justified, mind you: if God catches your son playing with dolls, He’s liable to smack the shit out of him.


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Sadly, I actually hovered over the FoF Fag Hag link to see if it worked. Maybe it will be in next month’s Brio.

Honestly if you are that concerned just sit the kid down and make him watch Zapped. You’ll have your answer by prom.


All I can say is that I truly pity homosexuals who grow up in families like Dobson’s. No child should have to go through the pain of living with such twisted evil, dressed up so clinically like Dr. Mengele.

(Godwinned. Over.)

Hysterical Woman

Gay=Transexual? Sadly, no.


The theme song for this entry would have to be
Robyn Hitchcock’s “Uncorrected Personality Traits”

uncorrected personality traits
whimsical in a child
prove to be ugly
in a fully grown adult

lack of involvement with the father
or over-involvement with the mother
can result in lack of ability
to relate to sexual peers

and in homosexual leanings
narcissism, transsexuality
girls from the waist up
men from the waist down
attempts to be your own love object

reconcile your parents to you by becoming both at once.

There’s more lyric and some three-part a capella harmony. On one of the collections of singles.


Sorry about the excess blank lines and the bizarre indenting — it didn’t look like that in the preview.



Don’t worry, I’ll fix it…


“You might want to hook him up to an E-Meter and show him pictures of Chippendale dancers to see if he gets aroused. (And if he does, seek professional help.)”

Nah, y’all want to hook him up to a genital plethysmograph. That’ll git ‘er done!


This is seriously the saddest story I have ever read. And I’m finding it on a site that usually makes me laugh. I grew up in a fundamentalist home, being forced to overcome sexuality issues at a late age. And I’m straight; I can’t imagine the pain this type of advice is going to force on helpless children. I can’t decide if I’m going to throw up or cry now.


I just sent this questionaire (Is Your Son Gay) to my Mom. While I’m gay as they come, sadly, I didn’t exhibit any of the traits “Dr” Dobson lays out. Odd, isn’t it?


Gee Jeff, you must not “really” be gay! At least according to “Dr” Dobson


I’d offer proof, but I think proof is illegal in many states, sadly.


I can hardly wait for the next series of articles, “Is Your Child Becoming a Liberal?” It includes more tips on how to stamp out your child’s personality, as well as his or her hopes and dreams (because God wants you to).


I’m with Eddie Izzard–I’m a male lesbian.

Also, Brad’s right. Once he buys his first Cher album, the best that you can hope for is converting him to Village People, or possibly A John Waters Christmas.


Also, Brad’s right. Once he buys his first Cher album, the best that you can hope for is converting him to Village People, or possibly A John Waters Christmas.



Oh, and for those of you who haven’t heard it, I strongly recommend the Fresh Air interview with John Waters about A John Waters Christmas.

It’s got a clip from “Santa Claus is a Black Man.”

Why do I only like the interviews that Terry Gross does with gay men?


Yeah, unfortunately, this is just too sad to be funny for me.

All I have to say is: you start in on religion, this is the sort of shit you end up with. Stick with the empirical study of reality, people!


All I can say is that I truly pity homosexuals who grow up in families like Dobson’s.

Oy, me too.


Did you see the other article on “How To Prevent Your Child From Becoming A Homosexual”. http://www.focusonyourchild.com/develop/art1/A0000689.html

Two of my favorites from it were:

“A number of them (homosexuals) had traits that could be considered gifts: bright, precocious, social and relational, and artistically talented.?

These are traits that COULD BE considered gifts, but in fact are only detriments and should be discouraged at all costs.

And this one … “The truth is, Dad is more important than Mom. Mothers make boys. Fathers make men…”

There you have it. Let’s just get the misogyny right out there. No sense in hiding it. And all this time I thought it was the Y chromosome that made men.


My personal favorite is the way that parents are supposed to pile on to kids who are already being bullied by their peers. Y’know, just in case they didn’t already hate themselves enough already. What loving, christian advice!


Of course it’s Christian advice to keep pilling it on. He had his own kid nailed to a cross, remember, so that the other people in the neighborhood would pay attention to him and get in line. Sounds like he needs therapy instead of prayers.


Or they could do what the dude in Florida did. Beat a little three year old to death.


Hey it’s not like sexuality is complicated or anything. Male and female, He created them. Pay no attention to those mixed chromosomes, those undependable androgen receptors, the ambiguous genitalia. If you do, your mind will only crack open and admit all kinds of new ideas.


I, also, don’t particularly fit “Dr.” Dobson’s little profile. I know very few gay men who would fit a majority of it. ‘Course, even one slight match is probably good enuff for Sponge Dob.

This is seriously the saddest story I have ever read. And I’m finding it on a site that usually makes me laugh. I grew up in a fundamentalist home, being forced to overcome sexuality issues at a late age. And I’m straight; I can’t imagine the pain this type of advice is going to force on helpless children.

I take it this refers to gay children? Frankly, a lot of them wind up killing themselves when they start in this sort of environment. Or they come out of the closet as teens and are either shuffled off to “ex-gay” conversion camp (doesn’t work), or are kicked out or run away, often winding up as prostitutes in order to survive. The director of the skanky Love In Action Retreats (yes, note the acronym) has stated that maybe the gay kids who suicide are better off dead, even though in his book, a suicide is a one-way ticket to hell (say “Hi!” to Brad and Gavin, kids!).

Or they could do what the dude in Florida did. Beat a little three year old to death.

You mean This bastard?


According to ‘Doc’ Dobson, due to my sensitive nature, I ended up gay and lonely.

Meanwhile, in reality, I grew up with a healthy respect for women, remained heterosexual, married a lovely girl, and started a family.

Dobson, you’re full of sh1t. And f*ck you for contributing to hate crimes.


Hmm. I knew I was gay from a very early age but these traits never applied. And Dobson left out the trait that spelled it out for me – wanting to nail every hot guy I saw. Perhaps he should have listed that. “If your son wants to sit on a great big stiffy there is a chance he could become effeminate.”


Let’s see, I wa snever really intereste din sports, prefered girls as friends, got caled names like “queer” a lot, spent a lot of time reading rather than in “roughhousing” and felt I was “different”. According to Dobson I must be flaming. That’d be a surprise to my wife cause I’m happily married and, judging from my taste in, um, erotica, totally straight. Sounds like Dobson’s “methdology” is about as useful as determing my personality by using one of those placemats in Chinese resturants that tells me what I’m like based on what year I was born.


I also can’t type woth a damn when I’m pissed off I guesss…


Oddly enough, I do seem to fit several of these indicators. I can only conclude that I am a gay man.

This all reminds me of the friend who explained that some “in-depth” web personality quiz offered the startling insight that she was bisexual.
Really, I inquired. How in-depth, exactly? How many questions, in fact? A dozen or so, it seems. Strange, I noted, ’cause I could do that in two.

Sexuality is, as others have observed, a very complicated thing. On the other hand, I’m often baffled by twits like Dobson who manage to both overthink it all, and completely miss the point.


No child should have to go through the pain of living with such twisted evil, dressed up so clinically like Dr. Mengele.

I can’t imagine the pain this type of advice is going to force on helpless children.

Hey it’s not like sexuality is complicated or anything

Sexuality is, as others have observed, a very complicated thing

I just want to say that I love all of you!


“I take it this refers to gay children?”

I don’t think it refers just to gay children. The fundamentalist attitude toward sexuality and gender roles wrecks havoc on straights and gays alike. (Although definitely more so to gays and lesbians.)


manly sports like football or lacrosse

You are kidding about lacrosse, arentcha? That is the ne plus ultra of girl’s sports.


You are kidding about lacrosse, arentcha?

You’ve obviously never watched a men’s lacrosse team. It’s a pretty nasty sport. I think you’re thinking of field hockey.


Here is NYC it’s well known that Rudy Giuliani likes cross-dress, though only in public events and shows like Saturday Night Live. He’s straight, (as far as we know) though he did once live with 2 gay men during his divorce.

Should be fun for Dr. Dobson when Rudy runs for President.


Umm, but Jesus hung around with a bunch of girls too, way more than most men back then would have done. Oh, the shocking implications!


I thought I was a lesbian in ninth grade. But as it turned, out, I was just living in a small town where all the men were assholes.

Now just how would Dobson have girls keep from turning into lesbians? Does he subscribe to the old born-again line of reasoning that women are born without a sex instinct, only to have it thrust upon us by a sex-saturated culture? Or does he enjoy girl-on-girl action as much as the rest of us?


Oh, and another thing: who here DID NOT know the prototypical lineman/QB on the football team that turned out to be a flaming homo?

lack of involvement with the father
or over-involvement with the mother
can result in lack of ability
to relate to sexual peers

Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weeeeeeeeeeird, surrender!


James Dobson is an evil, animal-abusing, sadistic little scum. I pity his kids, and the kids of anyone who follows his advice.


“Sounds like Dobson’s “methdology” is about as useful as determing my personality by using one of those placemats in Chinese resturants that tells me what I’m like based on what year I was born.”

Actually, I think the placemats are more reliable.


This stuff is /so/ disturbing…I can only hope that someone will write a sendup of it…a piece on detecting emergent bigotry in your society and 12 steps to cauterize it.

Onward Christian Bigots, Marching as to war,
With the cross of….of…of…whoever that guy with liberal (and who knows, maybe homo) tendencies marching on before…

Must be nice to have a detached conscience….it’s like a lobotomy or a detached retina…you no longer get input from your conscience, you just ‘know’ right behavior. Sieg Heil!


Hey, we’re all faggots here, but at least we’re ot British. Or Finnish -shudder-


No need to fight it.

You’re a faggot.

they used to call us ‘commie’

lately, it’s been ‘liberal’

since that too has rolled off the leftie ducks back… now, we’re all just ‘faggots’.

I may be a straight faggot, but i am a faggot nonetheless. (and a faggot-baggins at that)


crap, well, that was me


Aw, but you left out the best part:

Meanwhile, the boy’s father has to do his part. He needs to mirror and affirm his son’s maleness. He can play rough-and-tumble games with his son, in ways that are decidedly different from the games he would play with a little girl. He can help his son learn to throw and catch a ball. He can teach him to pound a square wooden peg into a square hole in a pegboard. He can even take his son with him into the shower, where the boy cannot help but notice that Dad has a penis, just like his, only bigger.


Boy, I sure hope that “penis in the shower” thing, or something like it, works. My 2-year-old son emulates his big sister in every way, to the point of insisting on having a ponytail holder put in his hair fairly frequently. (Of course, since he has short, manly hair, it usually ends up making a sort of quasi Samurai topknot, and I am pretty sure the Samurai were manly men, but still….)

The other day, he walked on on me after my shower, and we had a brief colloquy on the existence and whereabouts of my penis. Now I feel affirmed by Dr. Dobson. Perhaps there is hope for my son after all.

Did this comment contain too much information? I’m losing the ability to tell.


The Choice

When I read stuff like this, I don’t know whether to pull my hair out or cut myself (of course I’m joking, only the boys in James Dobson’s world react like that). Brad R. reads Focus on Fascism so we…


well the good thing about dobson’s gender template is that it will lead to an entire, newly formed generation of miserable, repressed, and confused christian men. oh wait, that’s a bad thing because those are the motherfuckers who drool war spittle into their office mugs.

they may suffer for their whole lives, but hey, at least during the “penis and anus check” portion of the pearly gates review they will get a resounding gold star for gential and orifice purity.


OK, I won’t say it. I don’t want Jim to get too excitedHahahahaha. Glad to be of service, Brad. Not in *that* way, though.As for Sponge Dob, what an asshat. I knew I was queer when I was 6. Strong dad, weak mother, love sports (esp. baseball), never liked musicals (oh, OK, if Jesus Christ Superstar counts, then yeah, I’m a flamer) etc. etc.I just can’t find the humor in this shit, I’m sorry. So many gays and lesbians are warped by this crap that it just makes me furious. It never seems to occur to the Sponge Dob types that maybe, just maybe, the problems that gays and lesbians have that they love to trot out–promiscuity, drug & alchohol abuse, suicide–are direct results of the verbal bashings we receive from the time we’re kids. Creeps.


Jim, well said. Especially that part about JCSS. πŸ˜‰


fafblog has more on this subject today


I think that, perhaps one hundred years ago, Dobson would have been a firm believer in phrenology, too.

Bullshit pseudosciences just seem to attract assholes.


OK, now I’m totally confused.

I thought the wingnuts were the “family-values” folks. Ya know, “compassionate conservatives” and all that hooey.

But…but…but, they want every fertilized egg to be born into this world. This world where they may be another dumpster baby or abandoned kid. Those “lucky” enough to be children of Dipsh*t Dobson’s followers, can look forward to being judged and persecuted by their own parents if they don’t play the right games or have the right friends.

And we’re all so surprised there are so many suicides of children from “good” families??



Sadly I live very close to the headquarters. It seems as though the local paper,town ect support this utter bullshit. People are easily swayed to follow those who brainwash because they can’t think on their own. We are doing everything we can from this end, to end this mans lies and fucked up agenda!


I have to admit it’s pretty hard to see the humor in this for me, too. But, you know, I’m glad a bunch of you could. Because this is the kind of thing that needs to be ridiculed.
So my thanks to those who made thoughtful comments, and thanks to those who made snarky comments alike.
What we *can’t* do is ignore this crap, because we’re not the people it’s aimed at. Those people think this all makes sense. And those people are raising kids.


“It never seems to occur to the Sponge Dob types that maybe, just maybe, the problems that gays and lesbians have that they love to trot out–promiscuity, drug & alchohol abuse, suicide–are direct results of the verbal bashings we receive from the time we’re kids. Creeps.”

Oh, they realise it all right, but that’s not reason enough to stop the gay-bashing.

Dobson and his ilk are not working to help gays, but to protect society from gays.

If you think they’re sincere about helping gays and making people happier with “reparetive therepy” and whatnot, then their actions make no sense.

However, if you frame it so that they’re protecting society from gays, everything falls into place. A closeted gay person may be miserable and suicidal, but at least they aren’t hurting straight society.

That’s the way these scumbags think.


I would just like to say that if more men were like Dobson, it would no longer be worth my time to bother being straight. (I’m a woman, by the way.) He is making a grave mistake casting aspersions on and driving out any interesting qualities little boys may have.”Focus on the Family: Turning Straight Women Gay Is Our Stock-in-Trade!”


Dobson and company are scared shitless to think that people’s sexuality can’t be controlled–that gayness can “happen” to anyone. So they make up all these bullshit allegedly telltale signs for gayness so they can feel like they have some measure of control over it, and who cares who gets fucked up in the process; at least they get the illusion of control, and that’s all that matters.

God I hate these fuckheads. I hate them so much.


I wonder what would happen if it’s ever proven that homosexuality is part of some people’s genetic codes.

Also, I hope for the sakes of guys like Dobson that God is a lesbian. πŸ™‚


I wonder what would happen if it’s ever proven that homosexuality is part of some people’s genetic codes.

Dobson would ignore it, of course. He’d probably accuse whoever proved the link as a tool of Satan sent to deliberately mislead us all into a life of sin, just like Darwin and his anti-Christian theory of so-called evolution.

Dobson’s list describes my early life pretty well, actually — I’m a transsexual. He seems to have gayness and transness confused in that tiny little skull of his. Wanting to be female and wanting to have sex with men are different things, and any gay guys around here will back me up on this.

In either case, his advice will indirectly cause one miserable childhood, one possible suicide, and one permanently estranged family for every poor soul misguided enough to heed it. I hope someday he sees the blood on his hands. Bleh.


Oh, hell. It wouldn’t bother them at all to discover gay is genetic. After all, so’s cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia, right? It wouldn’t come close to making them leave gay people alone, or admitting that maybe God wanted them that way.
They’d just go harder on We Need To Cure The Gayness! If they get really desperate, they might decide gene therapy is the solution, but I bet they’d have no problem with just drugging the fuck out of any gay kid they could get their hands on.
Pray harder, boys! And get the Thorazine!

I’d call him a repulsive worm, but I kinda like worms.


Gay is genetic? Holy Abortion!


The standard response from the fucktard brigade to any evidence which suggests a biological basis to homosexuality is something along the lines of “well, alcoholism has a genetic component as well, but you don’t see anyone celebrating ‘alcoholic diversity’, do you?”

And that is usually the point where I rejoice in the fact that, even though I have a genetic predisposition to become a homocidal maniac every time I hear something that stupid, I’ve had enough social conditioning to simply point out that the person making such commments is, in fact, a fucktard.

Basically, reasoning doesn’t work on fascist theocrats.


James Dobson is an evil, animal-abusing, sadistic little scum. I pity his kids, and the kids of anyone who follows his advice.

Have you ever seen stuff about his freak son? He’s a keul “surfer/biker” dude evangelist, tattooed, leather-clad. Just got married (yes, to a girl). He wrote a book on why being intolerant is great.


Hey, why do girls get off the hook?

Parents! Does your little princess:

1) like to play sports or compete with boys?

2) hang around with the “guys” and swear?

3) prefer jeans to pretty dresses?

4) hate her long, beautiful hair because it “gets in her face”?

5) think motorcycles are cool and like to work on car engines?

6) dislike reading and playing with dolls?

7) hate to cry when she falls out of a tree or gets hurt playing soccer?

8) feel like she’s “different” from the other girls?

9) insist on being treated the same as the boys?

Seek counseling immediately! She may be a DYKE!


I wonder what would happen if it’s ever proven that homosexuality is part of some people’s genetic codes.

Actually, I have to somewhat disagree with several of the above posters. The Holy Rollers wouldn’t ignore this forever, nor would they wish to seek out a “cure” or a therapy to treat gayness with. They’d deny the evidence for a while, true, but once there was enough consensus… they’d come out in favor of conditional abortion and in vitro genetic testing to “out” the “gay babies.” Of course, it’s likely that any genetic component would merely indicate a predisposition for homosexuality, and that some percentage of those with the “gay gene(s)” would still turn out straight or bisexual. Collateral damage-they’d abort ’em all. But still call all other abortion “murder.”


Dobson is a Dick

What a complete and utter pud. Total dork-wad all tied up in knots. Check out the post on Sadly, No. James Dobson is trying to help you stop the evils of queerness in your dear child.

Is My Child Becoming a Homo…er…sexual?

Should I worry …


I was bullied for a while back when I was 6 years old. Then, that year, I grew 4 inches in height and was the one kicking their asses for a while.
Does this mean that Being_Tall=heterosexual?



If every kid who got picked on or called “faggot” was gay, there’d be no straight kids at all, would there?
I wasn’t into sports, partly because I was small, unathletic and wore glasses, and partly because they bored the crap outta me. (Athletes, on the other hand…)
I preferred reading and was considered artistically gifted. I liked musicals. I liked puppets (only a slight step away from dolls.) Instead of trying to fix those things, my parents accepted that I had different interests than other boys and, whaddaya know, actually loved me.
I did get teased and called “gay” and “Fag” growing up, right from kindergarton through high school. (I was picked on in other ways too.) Once I realized I WAS gay, it pissed me off to be called that, because I didn’t see how that could be a bad thing. (I reasoned, if I could be gay, didn’t that mean being gay had nothing to do with how good/bad you were?) Then I got scared (if that’s how they act when they’re just using it as a taunt, how are they going to act when they learn it’s true?) In any case, I didn’t want to be friends with anybody who acted like that. They seemed like assholes. People like Dobson might refrain from actually using those slurs (in public anyway) but they don’t try to discourage it in others. In fact, the crap they spew is just “Hey faggot!” dressed up to look like a reasoned opinion.


In fact, the crap they spew is just “Hey faggot!” dressed up to look like a reasoned opinion

Bingo! And when we treat the scumsuckers who spew this garbage with the slightest bit of respect, we find ourselves in roughly the same position as the Italian winemakers in the film I saw last night who defended their parents’ support of fascism by talking about how “Italy needed order” and “at least the trains ran on time” (oh, how I wish I were making the last one up).

There’s no defense for eliminationist bigotry. You’d think we would’ve learned that by now.


He seems to have gayness and transness confused in that tiny little skull of his.

A LOT of people do this. Gay male=being a girl, which is of course why it’s so horribly disgusting.


The 15 year old boy who lives next door frequently gets bullied. He hangs out with a lot of girls – always has. He plays music and is definitely “different.” He doesn’t like to fix cars with his dad (though his little sister does…) and he’s not into sports. He was complaining about being called a faggot, etc. I told him the next time someone did that he should point out that they’re simply jealous because he’s got a lot of female friends who want to hang out and listen to him play guitar, go to the movies or talk about books with him and whose moms let him sleep over at their houses…..oh, and that he very openly has at least two girlfriends at any given time. This in a smallish town. Thank god his parents aren’t of the fundie persuasion or JQ’s life would have been hell, for no real reason.

Truly twisted individuals will come from people listening to the likes of Dobson. His barely sublimated loathing of his own sexuality is patently obvious. Just because you marry and breed, Jimmy, doesn’t mean you aren’t gay, bi or questioning. Just sayin’…..


So, there’s all these “helpful” tips from “Dr.” Dobson for boys…..what about girls? Somehow, the dragging his daughter into the shower to show her his penis doesn’t sound beyond him, but probably wouldn’t go over well with his Fundie friends.


Here are a few other self tests:

>You might be gay (and in denial) if you’ve ever uttered the phrase:

Hey, that Pet Shop Boys CD was only a gift. (May substitute any Erasure, Donna Summer, or the “Best” of Stevie Nicks.)

>You might be gay if:

As a child you “borrowed” your mom’s “party” dress, long dark wig, grabbed her make-up and then found your older sister’s disco ball earrings. You got the Christmas lights (The full size ones.) placing them all around your mom’s full length mirror. After getting made up you recruited your baby sister to flick on and off (really quickly) a light switch that controlled a small table lamp which you had strategically placed off on the side of the mirror. (At just the perfect height to catch the disco ball earrings.) You then turned off all the lights except the Christmas ones, and cranked up your parent’s Hi-Fi to a tape of Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder’s “I Feel Love.” to which you sung while gazing in to the full length mirror. As your baby sister flicked the light switch,
you swirled your arms up and around and around….. I FEEL LOVEEEEEEEEEEE……

Holly crap I’m gay.

The same scenario as above but this time a blonde wig, a black flowing gown with lace, and a strategically placed hair dryer to whip your hair back. The Look: The Mystical Chanteuse Image. The Music: “Stand Back.” The Magic: The one and only Stevie Nicks.

The Anonymous Head of The Republican National Committee.

Nero fiddled. Bush bicycles.


Bill, that’s not just a sign that you might be gay, it’s a sign that you might be fabulous!


Thanks to this helpful test, we now know, at last.

Jesus Christ: Provably Queer.


I pity any child that goes through that.. I had a christian mom and an athiest dad and didn’t get near as much shit as this guy is handing out..


Good post. And yes, Dobson is as looney as they come. I used to have to enter in his typed articles for the spot he ran in our local Colorado Springs newspaper, “Ask Dr. Dobson”. I always felt dirty afterwards.


I want to say that I love your sarcasm about that silly article. The bugs bunny pic was perfect. I have two awesome kids. My daughter is my rough and tumble child and my son is a quiet, reflective thinker. According to this loon both of my children should be screwy. In the precious words of Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon!”

As a religious person, I could just strangle people who try to use religion to justify hurting people, especially children. Yes, I know we are supposed to love our neighbor, but I could happily love them with a 2×4 for buying into nonsense like this.


Helping Boys Become Men, and Girls Become Women: Is My Child Becoming Homosexual?

Helping Boys Become Men, and Girls Become Women: Is My Child Becoming Homosexual?
I hate Focus on the Family.
Well, according to Dr. James Dobson and his Focus on the Family group who both despise gay people, if you think (insert scary music) your s…


In the UK Lacrosse is a game only played by girls at boarding schools!


you people are all stupid theres is no way your going to change your childs mind and if you do they will grow up despising you. so the best thing you can do is make dad spend more time with him and stop trying to be super-soccer mom… now to the last i am 16 years, old i hang out with nothing but girls, i wear tight pants, and yes I AM A HOMOSEXUAL!!! the defence rests.


to the last i apologize to all the people who do not hate homosexuals its just people need to grow up and stop burning people for being supposed witches


Rrrr people piss me off I cant believe people have nothing better to do then sit around and think of ways to piss people off ….you cant tell someone NO and expect them not to want to do it more . if you tell your child no there going to grow up hating you and they may even feel ashamed they may not want to let people see who or what they really are and become CLOSET CASES my god people don’t you know what you are doing to your kids ……….if more parents were understanding and excepted there kids for who they are the world might not be as fucked up as it is …people need to be more open minded IM a homosexual and I’m proud to say that my best friend is gay and I will be by his side through thick and thin….open your eyes and mind people the world is fast becoming a place where gender is more and more becoming a non issue ……


sorry about all the ranting people just make me mad sometimes ……


Homosexuality…. Is it a matter of choice? Are some born that way? And if so, then how could God condemn it? Or does He? Does it make a difference? Who offered it as an “alternative lifestyle?” Are same-sex drives due to conditioning? Are gays and lesbians a quirk of nature? Something queer to jeer? Would it have been better to have never been born? All of these questions and more are only a few of the many that race through people’s minds; causing controversy, heated arguments and emotional wounds, as words fly back and forth carelessly…

God and the Gays


HEllo, im here to comment on this horrible page that i found, First of all, i live in Canada, And with what im reading here. Im sure this concept was writed by a American. Theres no doubt about it. Fist i have to say im no gay but my aunth is and i respect her, we live in a world were we a born with what we have. ong legs, short arms, whatever the problem. This is whatthat makes us human. Being gay is not a choice, your born gay. For the dumbass of americans that think’s for themself and doesnt know or read or watch anything about science. Gay is due to a larger part of the female cromosones and brains. Everyone has to part in a brain, 1 female, 1 male. For the ones who wounder how. When two people have a kid, dont forget that its 50/50 is sperm and ovula ratio. 10 female cromosones and 10 males. In this case, a homosexual has a larger female brain part. Not by will but by nature. If you think that their is way to counter it, you must be fucked up somewhere in your brain… REEALLYYY!
AND PLEASE, screw the god thingy. Gay has nothing to do with religion. Dont mix science and crap together.

To conclude this, i reported your damn website to the human rights watch organisation and some forums.

My mother always told me that if you hate and you complexed about gay people, you must be one due to fear.

To end this, i hope this website will be brought down and hopefully never see such thing again on the net.

To Email me: feel free to send your ideas at : lezard111@hotmail.com

P.S. ( PLease do not come to canada, here we are opened to evvery culture and people. hopefully one day the united stats will stop with their prejudice. that day, we will all live in a better earth. )

Jean-charles M.


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Jean-Charles, not only are you posting utterly unproven verbage, you are also posting your message to the wrong site! This site posted the article in question in order to expose it for the fucked-up travesty of pseudo-scientific dreck that it is!
As for visiting Canada, I already have, and I thankfully didn’t see there the same tendency that I see in you toward making idiotic mistakes.

You must be some conservative posing as a liberal in order to make us look like fools. Or else you are just naturallly stupid.


dude your fucked up, discourage individuality? If I knew where you lived I would beat the shit out of you. I don’t really like gays but fuck man your evil. Your like pure evil. If I ever find out where you live, I’m gonna kick your ass.


Oh, by the way I hate you, your the fucking fag, If someone tries this hard to cover up gayness, it’s often a sign that they are gay themselves so kill yourself before I do it for you.


my three year old keeps reppeting he wants to be a girl like me not a boy like his dad what do i do


i was very offended by this ..belive it or not most people that are”gay” dont want to be. i hate myself right now because i realized im bi maybe a lesbian. every day i consder suicide cause it hurts so much that your kids pick pn peole like me.its not their fault its yours.you tell your kids not to talk to the “fags”im only 16 but i already know..its not my fault guys cant get me off they totally suck at oral.like every day i hear at least 20 times a day”well thats gay’ it gets really annoying why do people have to be so judgemental. for all you ass holes out there just leave gay guys alone.its one thing if they hit on you to freak out but to pick on him just because is getting really sad on your part.but the gay


but the gay people cant help your iggornance.leave the gay people alone if its not your ass their fuckin why do you care so much? i dont get that .the reason i even found this sight was because i wanted to see if i can be changed i cant so fuck all of you .this makes me so sad no wonder there are so many school shootings…keep telling you kids its ok to say shit like this to gay people ..i hope they get what they deserve..


most of u guys are full of shit.. in this changing world u gotta accept stuff like the fact that ppl wanna be gay, and as for fuckin canadian fag massive jean-charles m. go fuck urself. “born gay” my arse. it’s not cos ur canadian, (i am actually, altho more brit, thankfully) it’s cos ur full of shite, fuckin twins have been seperated at birth, raised in different manners, and ended up with totally opposite sexualities… hmmm, where’s the science in that? i think the science lies with the way they learn, understand, and develop from that when building social and sexual bonds with other. pshhhh


fuck u ignorant undercover homos


what the fuck does it matter? im gay, and i dont really give a shit wether i was born or “raised” gay, its just a fundamental part of who i am.

im 18, and i recently “discoverd” that i was gay. it wasnt a choise, it was something i realized that i was repressing. that really fucked up my life in highschool: couldnt interact with the girls, because my mind was thinking like i was straight, but that didnt agree with my urges (coulnt bring myself to go beyond friendships, i hurt a girl or two with that), and couldnt interact with the boys, because well, i had unexplained and unwanted feeling that make things awkard.

its this kind of bullshit that perpetuates problem after problem. and it wasnt my parents (they wouldnt care if i was straight or gay), it was a side effect of society and mixed signals in my youth. to many people are still uneducated on this.

luckally for me, my friends are amazing. they’re cool with it, and actually werent supprised πŸ˜› (im not a flaming homo through). im glad that homosexuality is more openly discussed and understood. i remeber one distant conversation with my friends: what if one of us turned out gay, what would be different… really, we couldnt think of anything.

yeah, im rambling, sorry. but this is utter bullshit. im ashamed to be christian.


can u send me whether gayness can be cured in boys of age 20 years, if so please send me the details of the treatment and cost
as early as possible


can u send me whether gayness can be cured in boys of age 20 years, if so please send me the details of the treatment and cost
as early as possible


You know, with people like this, you honestly have to wonder if they’re gay themselves.
After all, what better way to convince everyone that you’re not something than to make it clear that you hate that something with all the passion that your miniscule brain can muster?


OK lemme just say this you are all abuncha f***tards if you think you can make ur kid into something there not being gay or lesbian is perfectly NORMAL! There I said it….what’s not normal is a parent’s drive to twist, alter, and even try some form of early mind manipulating brainwash to mold their kid into what they wish they were…..I AM A MALE, I AM NOT GAY, and lemme just say that i thought this thing was a JOKE because it is possibly quite the dumbest thing I have ever had the pleasure to read….and I’ve read short stoies by mentally handicapped children…HA! Zing~!

P.S. Lesbians are cool…..how could I not say it?

sephiroth thats all u need to know

you all are a bunch of idiotic facist fool who i hope rot in hell all that will do is lead the children into depression and think that their familys dont love them and lead to their suicied i just told my mom tonight how i was and feeling that i hide it for 9 fucking years thiunking it was wrong that they whould hate me i was going to kill myself till i got it out it went fine and i feel great u are whats wrong with this planet and i hope u die fucking nazi asswipe wanna bes wants wrong with being who u are so burn in hell fuckers


I have a brother that is gay, you know how sad it was for him and all of us trying to cope with it.. he attempted sucide on a daily basis,he turned demontic toward his peers and hatefull to us his family.. It was and still is a very depressing issue .. i know God did not create man to be with man or woman to be with woman, but God did give us the knowledge to show compassion and be mercifull toward these issues,people and so on.Why do all of you hate Gay people? i never seen a gay person go on a terrorist rampage or go killing spree just because they have un balancement in thier hormones.. why don’t you turn your hate toward the master that created all this chaos, Hate SIN not the people,Hate Satan not his creation of confusion in people, If you wish to talk more about copeing with gay issues please feel free to contact me on yahoo > my user name is butterflykisses29fusa


good gracious! thanks for this informative information.keep it up,goahead.


YOR ALL TERRIBLE PEOPLE AT FIRST I THOUGHT THAT PEOPLE WITH NO COMPASSION DIDENT EXIST BUT NOW OMG YOUR A TERRIBLE PERSON WHOEVER PUT THIS UP just let him or her go through the stage and if its not a stage than you have special child dont spend your life trying to make him or her what there not THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GAY BI OR LESBIAN this website should be destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m gay it is a compleatly normal thing you are the one who should see a shrink, and yes when I was younger I did dress like a girl and play with barbies.my mother was alway excepting I am thanking Jesus that I don’t have a mother like u. I no some straight guys that don’t like sports you idiot. Not only that but gay people like myself are fun to be around. I am not transgender but I stand up for transgender people they are compleatly normal , imagin having an arm coming out of your chest that’s how it feels if you were born a boy but want to be a girl. Gay people make great parents to I can’t wait for me and my life partner to adopt. A life lesson you should learn is not to hate on people. Interracial dating is okay too love is love. It doesn’t matter if you black and white or a male and a male or a women and a women. By making your child feel badly about who they really are is sick you are going to give them mental problems. I am going to pray for you that you will learn to accept people and work out your issues. When your child comes out to you rember they are the same person that you loved. Stay strong all LGBT people out there πŸ™‚


This is a bunch of James Dobson, gay hating BULLSHIT!!! People, WAKE UP! It’s made up bible propaganda. Your ” little boys” don’t choose to be effeminate or “gay”!!!! It sucks big time when you realize you’re gay and especially when you realize that it won’t go away no matter how hard you pray to be “changed”! It’s just like being white in Harlem and praying to god that he will change you to black so that you’ll fit in and be normal! Doesn’t EVER work, but all you Caucasian suburbanites wouldn’t understand that anyway. SAD


Is it bad that I actually found this hilarious? Like I was cracking up over here. Just from the stupidity of this James Dobson. Total asshole. “Seek professional help if the gayness starts to overwhelm them.” He makes it sound like we’re possessed by the ‘Gay Spirit.’

and @Jason Dean: at first your comment sounded good and supportive, then it turned to “it sucks to be gay, like being white in a black neighborhood” Like woah, what? I mean of course there are those some guys that don’t like being gay? But most people love being gay, I mean it’s not like they’ve ever experienced sex with the opposite gender by the time they decide that they’re gay, so It’s not like they know the difference.

So basically no it does NOT suck big time (you may suck some other big things) to be gay, you’re just as bad as James Dobson.

Oh and just to finish off this massive comment, the writer of this article was making a satire of this guy’s work. The author of this specific article doesn’t hate gays, they’re making fun of James Dobson. Jeez.


my son is gay

Some random person

Omg I don’t think I have ever read a more retarded, ignorant, horrible story! You must be very daft to think the way you do. If you really love your son, you love them for who they are, you don’t try to stamp out their inner personality!! I think you need to go visit a psychologist. You are in serious need of help.

Some random person

And you even suggest that a child raised by you would be one of the heartless, cruel bullies that roam the elementary schools, torturing innocent victims who happen to be “different”. And also telling parents to give their kids guns and teach them to kill things! That is the beginning of a possible serial killer right there. Shame on you!


I thank you for proving that illiterate morons have a problem with homosexuality.


Hey, where’d “anonomys” go?


Amazingly ignorant. Slapping your child for trying on slippers is probably more likely for them to wear slippers, and more likely to resent you and thus like dressing like women as well as other things that piss you off.

All of the girls that I know that end up dating and/or marrying black men had very racist parents and consciously or subconsciously hated their parents.

Btw, sexual orientation is genetic. Stupid hillbillies.


Being gay isn’t a choice you are or you are not. And being straight isn’t “normal” it is just common. And you can’t treat “being gay” like it’s a disease or something. And why the hell should it matter what your child is or not.


Debra got it bang on – being gay is not a choice.

If you think it is, and you’re a man, for example, why don’t you do a little experiment and try to make yourself gay.

Just give me a heads up when all the sudden you are really turned on by a mans hairy butt.

Being gay is as much a choice as being heterosexual – and I don’t really remember making a choice about that.

And finally – the feminizing of today’s young men is probably all of our faults combined – do some reading on synthetic hormones (particularly estrogen) in the environment. Essentially, all of us are on a hormone regimen – at levels much higher than that needed to see an effect on a fetus.


you people are all idiots to think “homosexuality can be prevented”


You’re missing the point. The article above is a dismantling of the awful James Dobson’s group. They are being made fun of. Homosexuality is A-OK to the author and virtually all of the commenters, myself included.


LMFAO OMG I’m bi it’s not a choice, when I thank about it as long as I can remember I have always looked at guys more ensted of girls (I like girls but not as much as guys) and not known y an till like 2 years ago I’m 17 now, so I realized I have always liked guys


It absolutely pains me to say that my dad bookmarked this page


wats wrong with u theres nothing wrong with bieng GAY


Welp, Fuck you. There is nothing wrong with being Homosexual. If he wears a pink or rainbow shirt, he feels comfortable in it. This website is probably for abusive parents.


(????)?*:???*:??? IM A PROUD FAG


(????)?*:???*:??? IM A PROUD FAG


This is the worst thing I have ever read. I am not homosexual, but I belive truly in equal rights. Even after being raised in a Catholic home against homosexuals and bisexuals, or anything other than heterosexuality, I found that deep down inside I knew what was right. It’s not OK to mock ones sexuality. I also grew up with many of these traits. I never wanted to roughhouse, I would cry often, I hated sports and I would often play with girls more than boys. I was often teased by my fellow classmates A LOT but I’m not gay. I like girls. This is really the worst thing I have ever read. There is nothing wrong with Homosexuals. Being gay is less of a choice than being black, or asian. So please, I ask you, rethink your hole approach. Because if you are going into life with fists flying against anything that isn’t you, then you better get off this earth.

Hurd you like da cock

Was looking for twink porn and found this shit. Hope this article is a joke because all these claims are funny as shit


Well this dude is nuts. I am all man. And I am also gay.
1) everybody feels different, because we all are.
2) I was not prone to cry easily. I am am outdoors man, always have been.
3) Never played anything but a masculine role in games.
4) 95% of my friends are heterosexual men, my only female friends are their wives.
5) I was always way bigger than the other boys, currently I am 6’8″ nobody ever dared pick on me.
6) I never have been at all effeminate
7) I love being a man loved being a boy, never was the slightest bit interested in being a girl.

Yet I am queer as three dollar bill, queer as a football bat. I don’t know.


Dude, what the fuck? Being gay isn’t just “developed” and it sure as he’ll isn’t a curable illlness! If you think your kids are homosexual, accept them, not send them to fucking counseling! It’s not like it’s their fault, they got their genetics from you. And kids who go to conversion therapy or “gay camps” have higher suicide rates. I bet you’d rather have a homosexual son then a dead one with the blood on your hands, no? Don’t fucking make arrivals like this, don’t even make jokes like this! It isn’t a sickness, it’s something you should accept, and if you dont; you need to get your fatass homophobic self to an adoption clinic so someone WORTHY of children who will accept them will take care of them. You people are so fucking insensitive!

Not a stupid christian

youre a stupid christian
and should feel bad
fucking let a gay person
be themselves.


People are ALLOWED to be themselves, just accept that. And there is no way a FICTIONAL character like ‘god’, can disapprove, when they aren’t even real.


Im sorry but any parent on here shorldnt be parents- this is a disgusting article, i came scross this when i was looking for a way i can support my friend who has just come out to a select group of people, dont try and force your children to be something their not, they will just hate you for it, my friend dad wouldnt understand him if he knew his son was gay, shouldnt you love your child no matter what? If you are trying to change them you obviously dont!


It strikes me sad that a lot of people here didn’t realize that this was a satirical article.


There is nothing wrong with a child being gay it is their chose to make not owers I’m gay and I’m prod of it you probably are to and just wont admit it


Being gay is a nightmare and people should avoid any of their children being gay.It is not only a psychological disease but also immoral.


No offense bu I think your fucking idiot redne k who doesn’t have a life I am not going to spend some good fucking money on a shitty shot gun and force my son to shoot animals and I think that forcing my son to watch what ever movie that he will give me an answer by prom and NO I DO NOT SUPPORT BEING GAY you assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes you DO support being gay. Good for you!


do you realize that you said nothing about a child being gay you explained gender identity disorder or transgender which is something I am and proud to be do you realize that if any of you morons dare listen to this article your child will likely kill them self by age 13 years old or younger this is why parents loose their kids I have heard time after time that trans kids killed them self because no one listened yo them and I’m sick of it a child from my job cause I am a councler left me a note before he hung him self in his room I was the first to find him dead not his parents and I took them to court and now they are both serving 5 to 10 years for man slaughter. heed my worning or be the next person to bury your child because you just didn’t understand who they were they are still your child and the price we pay as parents is learning to except who ever they are for the better or worse not condem them for something they can’t help feeling . please I beg you love your kids no matter what or see another child in a casket another mother crying in a funeral paler and another father turned in an alcoholic cause he can’t believe his kid is gone cause of what he might have said .


Seriously, folks – RTFP! The post is saying what you are, but with HUMOR. And proper spelling and grammar.


It’s also over 8 (eight!) years old.


This, is sick. Homophobes are honestly the worst type of person I have ever met. Really? Stamp out who they are make them something they’re not? Heh, you are, person who posted this a twisted psychological bastard. You really need to learn to respect other people. That’s all I’m going to say about this.


This thread will live forever on the basis of well-meaning people not being able to read.


This thread will live forever on the basis of well-meaning people not being able to read.

Maybe not beyond 144 characters.


fuck you all bro im gay and im trying to be a christian but its not easy when fuck heads like you try to change us this is the most sickest twisted writing i have ever read i swear if my parents did this to me i would leave and never go home again i swear you think you can change us fuck off how bout we try change you to be gay it wouldn’t happen would it because you don’t want to be gay you don’t have a love for the same sex we we do and we are as likely to change straight as you are to change gay

you know i thought Christians were supposed to love people unconditionally no matter what like Jesus did i forgot you guys were a bunch of judging fuck heads that cant let us be


You pepole are assholes FUCK YOU ALL

PS there is NO GOD


I can disprove everything you just said and I do mean everything…


My son is now 12 he has been busted watching gay porn several times, he walks like a girl, makes physical motions like a girl but yet comments that girls are hot and has had a few girlfriends. He is very particular about his looks and things being perfect and not out of place. Suggestions on what should I do. If he is he is I just want to help him deal with what he could go through in this wicked world.


I don’t think the closing wording “Is there anyone who will back me up on this?” Maybe “support.”


This whole page is pure abuse. How dare you tell people to strike a child for playing with his moms shoes or saying just because a boy doesn’t like to rough house means he’s gay. There are many straight men out there who are sensitive people who don’t like sports who don’t like to rough house people are people with their own personalities. This ideal of Big tough strong men being the supporter to do the dirty work and all of that was established when we still lived like cavemen because that’s how the world worked the men were the hunters. The world is different now and we don’t need gender roles. I am a straight female who strongly believes you should accept people for who they are and don’t try to change them you only control yourself, all you should be concerned about as a parent is giving your child love teaching them mutual respect being there for them and give them some boundaries so you can guide them into a successful adult, and you can be a successful adult no matter what your interests are. I don’t care who you are whether you believe in a higher power or not just love people and give them a fighting chance in the world there’s enough chaos to be worrying about who they want to share their heart no matter what you do or say it is their decision


I’d also like to see you proof of a study that shows being gay is a disease? -_-


Is this a joke? Whoever wrote this is a dumb ass that has no insight on this subject


“And definitely before he buys his first Cher album.” is this a joke there r so much suff like that, im gay and im also a hacker, say goodby to ur site


This so called “doctor” is a complete idiot, I’m straight but when I was younger I used to play with my mum’s shoes. I ended up skipping half of what was said because it is such CRAP so I probably missed something saying that men shouldn’t be chefs, which is what I’m training to be and what my dad is.


I should also point out that my dad is happily married and I have rushes o girls n my year.


“This website is bad, and you should feel bad”!
It seems as though the bigots are becoming more verbal. We must press the gay agenda and make everyone gay! (<- obvious joke) But seriously, who are you to abuse your child for being who he/she is. Quite frankly, that's pretty offensive.


I copy my answer from my other posts, please read it.

I was gay myself, and I’m asking God great help for me to change.
Hi, I’m author of a book about how a child can become gay, you can check it at
There are many reasons why people can become gay.
1. They are not around with men, or not mostly with them, and the child don’t have people on his background talking a lot about women.
2. At age as young as 5 I’ve seen a young cute boy, holding a girl’s ass, and they are both stranger to each others, I look at the boy, and he just smiled at me. Because at young age, some child are already trained by their parents to love women. Even my nephew when he saw a woman riding on a motorcycle, he said, “wow, sexy.” Which I know he learned it from his uncle. But being far from father, not teaching his child to be strong, or things about girls, will make the child blank about women.
3. Being friend with men, and talking lots about sex, will make the men’s hormone more active, for me, and having practice it day by day, will make a man think of a woman always. But having no male friends, and less active, will make the mind not operate like the other normal man.
4. Having sex experience or sexually abused by heterosexual is worst thing, because it’s what happened to me that’s why I become gay. And I don’t have a father who tells me to be strong, nor about women, and no brothers to help, even though I have, and no male friends.

Actions to become straight:
1. It’s very hard to become straight, it’s a process, and here’s the process:
a. Religion is not just a BS,
b. Accepting God Christ is GREAT, but knowing and saying this to GOD as your prayer.
FATHER GOD, you are the creator of me, and you know who I am. Through the help of Jesus Christ our Lord, please help me change my gayness. Please bring me HOLY SPIRIT to change my eyes, my heart, my lust and my struggle with my gender.

What I did to help my self to stop from being gay.
1st. I quit looking at a boy, if there’s a boy, and you see great body, quickly blur your view, or look down, or look left, wherever you’ll avoid that person or that man.
Do that everyday, and you’ll see someday, you’ll ignore men when you see them walking by.
2nd. Satan can put a lot of work on your body, and tease you more about women, but asking from HOLY SPIRIT a great help, will make your heart stronger and will help you change. It happened to me.
3rd. Whenever you’re thinking of sex about man, quickly close the videos, quickly take off your sight from those magazines, and pray to God. Or do other things, but praying to God is best, or reading the Bible. Doing other things will make you practice that when you see hot men’s body, you quickly can ignore it, because you can quickly put your minds to other things. For example, if you see hot boy, on advertisement, don’t click it, or don’t look at it, minimize your browser, close it, or restore it or scroll down, just don’t pay attention to men, and you’ll help yourself with that. Until you practice yourself not paying attention or getting easily attracted to men.
4th. Mind set- Always think of man like, they have balls, so what, you have balls as well!!! You say, theirs are bigger than yours, that’s why you’re attracted, then say, fine, mine is small, who cares, this is what God has given to me, and i’ll just be contented with it.

There’s so many things about being gay that we can do, and here I wrote is not more than enough, but please do visit my website, and get my book, it’s full of stories about how a gay person can become gay. And don’t worry, it’s for free, unless you are very kind to donate.

Just read the book, and there’s so many things there that will discuss how such parents will avoid children from getting sexually abuse, or to turn to become a gay person.

My book is available at

AND TO ALL GAYS WHO WILL HATE ME with my post, telling gay is not bad, NO ONE ON EARTH IS MORE F****** GAY THAN I WAS! But being gay, serves you a lot of troubles, and it’s really hard being gay. Some parents will wonder why, some men who doesn’t like gay will laugh, but just read my book and you will understand why.

I wrote the book, because GOD told me to write it, so I can help people. Please do share it to your friends, on facebook, twitter, to your other social networking site. etc.
Sorry for my Grammar.


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