No, YOU forged documents

Thousands of kids are left staring thirstily at their juice boxes as right-wingers grab straws re: the fake-ass, titty-‘fro, not-even-trying American Center against for Voting Rights report on the suckiness of the Democrat Party voting irregularities in the 2004 elections.

Quod Roger Ailes:

The Lunde Hop

Mr. Ed goes down with the ship.

In an effort to backfill and fend off the “trolls” who have boarded his dinghy, Mister Ed [of Captain’s Quarters] cites Brian Lunde as proof that the American Center for Voting Rights isn’t the creation of Bushlicking shills. You see, Lunde once worked for the Kentucky Democratic Party (in the Carter era) and for the DNC.

But Mister Ed’s spyglass doesn’t work so well. His Google search apparently didn’t turn up “Brian Lunde, National Executive Director of ‘Democrats for Bush.'”

sinking ship.jpg

From comments at Captain’s Quarters:

I came to this site courtesy of a link from . It appears you have mixed up your Brian Lundes and should give your whole post a serious re-write. Let me know when your basic premise is corrected and maybe Roger Ailes will post it on his blog. You wouldn’t want to leave a very misleading post on your blog, would you? Nah.
Posted by: buma at August 4, 2005 07:46 AM

Buma. That “rogerailes” site is a FAKE!

Not that you can’t get a domain name. But your site doesn’t relate to the Ailes in Murdoch’s arena. Jerk.
Posted by: Carol_Herman at August 4, 2005 02:35 PM


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Someone noted this on Captains Douchery- but I remembered this from way back- Bradblog has ALL the goods on these turfmunchers.


You mean that’s not FoxNews’ Roger Ailes? Jeez, next you’ll be telling me that guy from the Family Research Council didn’t appear in Psycho!

Heh, old jokes, dontcha love ’em.


So if someone else with the name Yosef starts a blog, I can tell everyone it’s fake because it’s not me. Sweet!


That makes me think, the website you have recently been making fun of is also a fake website.

Mr. P. Political, Jr.


Huh. A fake name.


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