Marie Jon’ Open Thread

Use this thread to duke it out for her affections. Here’s a PeoplePolitical Classic Thong to provide impetus:



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With the general queerification of the Republican party of late, poor MJ is going to have to end up dating one of you unwashed heathens, unless she’s prepared to go and look for one of those conservative Republican born again Christian butch dykes who pack.

I hear they’re not too common.


I’ll give you twice the price for a used one (used by M.J., dammit, not Brad R.!).


Is that Marie Jon”s own personal butt floss?


As I tried to say before:

So the bottom fell out of the thong market the same week Atkins went belly up?


Here’s a PeoplePolitical Classic Thong to provide impetus

I’ve never heard it called an impetus before.


Impteus, impotence, whatever it provides…


No! Can’t let Finnish thread overtake Marie Jon’ thread!


phew back in first!


“You’ are my obsession/my obsession/who do you’ want me to be to make you’ sleep with me/I will have you’/oh I will have you’/like a butterfly’/wild butterfly’/I will collect and capture you’/

And turn…and hair flip…thanks Animotion!!!!


Nice try, Pinko, but we all know it’s you 😉


I wish she would post something new on PeePo. I’m afraid we may have killed the goose that laid the golden egg with this exposure of plagarism, etc. Hell, she may never put pen to paper (or cut to paste) again.



Say, s.z. at World O’ Crap has been MIA for a couple of days now, too. I wonder…

…Naah, s.z. couldn’t write that poorly if she had a Swankonizer? to run her text through.


SZ takes days off every now and then (she deserves it too- that grrrl is tireless).


Well, wha? backed down, but I think I’m going to have to take a pass on Marie Jon’ (or as it kept coming up on Google earlier – “…Ana Marie, Jon Dough…” at

Sorry Marie! We could have made beautiful music. That is if either one of us knew how to sing or play instruments!



What is the bible verse you and yours are always quoting about all leaders being chosen by God? What are your feelings on God choosing a Democrat to have the OH-02 congressional seat? Is God changing parties, or just ambivilent about the Hamilton County area in particular and the Midwest in general?

Finally, and most importantly, do you wear the PeePo thong? May I see a picture as proof?


I’m innocent. If CT were really me, he would have done Human League- “You better change it (Sadly, Yes!) back or we will both be sorry! Don’t you’ want me baby’? Don’t you’ want me ohhhhhhhhhhhh??”

Every pronoun referring to Marie must be apostrophed, that way we know it is her!


Is that so, Yosef? I heard you played the skin flute.


No, CT. You’re thinking of Pinko Punko.




Here’s a PeoplePolitical Classic Thong to provide impetus

I’ve never heard it called an impetus before.

You’ve gotta wear ’em backwards for that.


Now it turns out that s.z. is sick, so I feel bad for accusing her of being Marie Jon’. Everybody head over to World O’Crap and post some get-well-soon wishes!


A poem, that would be by Henry Gibson, If I hadn’t thought of it first:

Oh, Marie Jon’
If there’s a cuter wingnut I don’
t know who she is; certainly not that bon’
y Ann, nor that Michelle, who’s clearly goin’
g cross-eyed. Nor Kaye, who reduces me to groan’
ing. Nor yet Deb Daniel, though she’s cute when she’s throwin’
g her little tantrums. Nor Deb Schlussel, whose non-blonde roots are showin’
g. No, for me there’s only Marie Jon’
I dream of seeing her in her little thon’
g; I dream of giving her a great big bon’
a fide expression of my affection(‘)


i gotta get me some of that!


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