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WorldNetDaily is on a roll today:

The theory of evolution and how it should be taught in the nation’s schools ? a crucial debate now erupting in divisive controversy in state after state ? is the topic of the groundbreaking August edition of WND’s monthly Whistleblower magazine. […]

Controversy over the exclusive teaching of evolution to the nation’s students has reaching a boiling point, with President Bush now coming out publicly in favor of teaching intelligent design side by side with evolution, “so people can understand what the debate is about.”

Yes, Bush really did advocate teaching Intelligent Design. And yes, I’m continually amazed by the creative effort he puts into embarrassing this country.

Most Americans have been led to believe the evolution debate is a tug of war between science and religion ? a view that originated with the Scopes “monkey trial,” immortalized by the mega-hit movie “Inherit the Wind.”

Right, because Intelligent Design is really scientific and has nothing to do with God, right? Let’s if Whistleblower magazine can clear this up for us:


*sigh* So much “Sadly, No!” so little time…


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Where does Marie stand on this?


She stands with me. Back off.


Knave! Mind your distance from my fair lady.


Y’know, wha?, she is pretty damn hot, but what’s up with her 70’s ‘do? Is she Canadian or something?


Bush endorses Intelligent Design creationism

It's only a small fillip on the vast rococo monument to incompetence, anti-science, and lies that the Republican party has erected over our country, but I take it personally. George W. Bush has endorsed Intelligent Design creationism's pl…


I don’t know – I’ve only seen that one picture from peoplepoli, and judging from some of the other pictures they have on that site (Ed Daley, I’m looking at you), I’m not sure that they’re really accurate. If it is accurate, it’s kind of a Brooke Sheilds meets ‘Judy’ (Julie?) from “The Love Boat”.

Is she trapped in the 80’s?


Good point, and that’s actually part of my hypothesis that Pee-poo is actually a fake site.


Yes, I had a pet theory along those lines as well. It’s all too good to be true.

BTW: If one were to go through the hassel of registering for a username and pword at newsbull, you can comment to Marie’s site. The link is by her name at the peepo masthead.

Won’t someone go and bring her back to us? (No, I dare not tread there using my work IP address, not even for my beloved Marie).


I love how that Whistleblower is 100% pulling what Gavin talked about the other day- the 180 degree whatever thingy. The only “explosive memo” in the ID-evolution “debate” is the Discovery Inst. memo showing them to be the cynical lying bastards that they are- “the Wedge” memo, about how they can use ID as a Wedge to get creationism in the door.

On that note, is Pee-poo going the Landover Baptist route? That could be totally genius! What better way to insinuate wingnut cred than taking on Sadly, No!


Should bush and intelligent appear in the same sentence?


I did register on her site and mention Sadly,No. No response so far.


I didn’t see any comments on her latest column (over a week old – “Britain, don’t let liberals screw up your revenge” or something like that). Maybe newsbull doesn’t let you see the comments unless you’re registered, but it does have a ‘comment’ button, like a normal blog-type deal.

Did you go to the ‘website’ link by her picture in the masthead?


I love how any thread, no matter what the topic of the post, turns into a discussion about Marie Jon’. She’s really put a spell on y’all 😉


70 biologists support Inteligent Design. It seems to me that there are a lot of biologists out there. My university has at least 100 biologists — with Ph. D. and a tenure/tenure track position. I guess with postdocs it would be several hundreds. That would be departments of biology and “biochemisty and molecular biology”. But there is also school of agriculture and the medical school. I guess a big university has ca. 1k biologists.

Proportionally, universities alone should have tens of thousands of biologists if not 100k. Then there is NIH, bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry. 100k research biologists in USA seems to be a ballpark figure. One percent of the population suffers from severe mental conditions — that would make ca. 1k mentally unstable biologists in the country. Of the latter number, a small minority supports ID.

Talking about mental conditions, somewhere I read about a study proving that psychopaths and sociopaths are significantly over-represented among politicians — while they seem to be under-represented among biologists.


Clearly anyone who wants to win Marie’s affection needs to go into the PP comments and leave a message in Secret Prophecy Code. It’s like the sword in the stone!

Ex.: Marie-Jon, min? rakastan sinua!

Or is this too fun for me? I’ll stop.



You’re right. This childish cock-blocking has to come to an end. I’ll acquiesce. Yosef- you have a clear shot. I wish you good luck – you’ll need it, what with Seb having the double-penis and all, it will be hard to get her attention.


Very mature of you, wha? Bros b4 hos!


It’s obvious that these idiots are trying to retain even the most infintesimal chance that their beloved Daddy Gawd is still possible, even though they try to dress their obsession up in science to make it seem serious.

But if the Christian version of Gawd is a vision of a loving, kind-hearted father figure taken to the nth degree, who’s to say the “Intelligent Designer” couldn’t be a divine version of a mathematical genius; cold, distant, lost in an abstract world inside his own head? I believe Hume even suggested something along these lines – maybe our world was just one of his many practice worlds, discarded without even a second thought for his next project. Would that somehow make these fucktards feel better than the thought of there being no Gawd and no afterlife?

The unspoken assumption seems to be that if only they can create enough doubt about a strict Darwinist version of events, their primitive little mythology wins by default, as if those are the only two possibilities out there.


crucial if you wish you had been at the Scopes trial.


piotr: Also if you look at areas of background for those 70 biologists, very few of them do research in evolution (aside from evolution being the glue that ties together all of the areas of biology, of course).

The last major biologist in an area related to evolution, as far as I know, was Louis Agassiz. And that was a hell of a long time ago.


One percent of the population suffers from severe mental conditions

Rats. I like to think of myself as one in a million, and it turns out I’m just one in a hundred.

Personally, I suspect Bush is too dumb to understand the actual differences between evolution and ID and creationism–I have an uncle like him who thinks God created the world and maybe some germs and everything else happened after that, because he doesn’t see where the ideological lines are being drawn, which is kind of funny to me. It’s almost coming up on the right side of the question by doing your homework all wrong.

I suspect Bush is a lot like that, when they tell him that these people believe this, and those people believe that, he doesn’t understand why it’s worth fighting over. ‘Cause, you know, it’s all in the past, so what does it matter? (And, honestly, I wouldn’t be particularly amazed if he didn’t actually regard the whole “prehistory” thing as fiction to begin with, he seems that detached from reality.)

So why’s he supporting ID in schools? My guess is because Karl sat him down and explained that all those whackjobs who voted for him feel really strongly that he isn’t being reactionary enough, or publicly pious enough, and that Roberts just isn’t crazy enough to suit them, so he’d better, as the saying goes, come to Jesus.
Teaching ID in schools is probably the cheapest bone Bush can throw the nuts right now.

It’ll be interesting to see how long it keeps them occupied before they start demanding shit he’ll have a much harder time trying to accomplish now he’s spent his capital: Social Security reform, anti-gay amendments, overturning Roe, cloning Scalia…


I think it’s just another cunning move in the Republican agenda to undermine support for public education. If my state begins supporting ID in its schools, I’d be mightily tempted to either home school or go private. Bastards.


I think Marie Jon’ would be proud of you for that, Yagi.


Look, the problem is that skools is teachin’ our chillins to be too smart! That edumacashion stuff, y’know, like turns our children into GAY LIBERAL ABORTIONISTS! So we’uns needs ta get them thare SCIENTISTS out of our skools and put the BIBLE back in thare, or all our chilluns is gonna be GAY and VOTE DEMOCRAT!

– Bubba the Suthern Penguin


Look, the problem is that skools is teachin’ our chillins to be too smart! That edumacashion stuff, y’know, like turns our children into GAY LIBERAL ABORTIONISTS!

Damnit! Why, oh why did I drop out of Abortionist Skool? Whyyyyyy?

Chris Moorehead

On the brighter side, my Canadian-educated, US/CDN dual citizen children will be competing for jobs with the end product of ID-mandated schools. Should I order my new yacht now, or wait a few years?


I am a very intelligently designed gay liberal abortionist. Even MJ would want to suckle at my pec.


Oops, that last post was supposed to be a symbol. It looked like it was gonna display OK, but when posted-poof-a question mark. Feh.


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