We will continue doing what we’re not doing

Over at what is without a doubt one of America’s shittiest website, le doughy load du pantalon has some predictions for the future (the future, Conan?):

Iraq will continue to prosper (and the press will give Obama the credit), though fighting in the Kurdish north will grow more worrisome.

Meanwhile in the real world:

The Iraqi government, which gets 95 percent of its revenue from oil exports, has next year’s budget assuming an average oil price of $80 a barrel, almost double crude’s current value, according to ambassador Samir Sumaida’ie. …

For 2010, he said if oil prices stay low, Iraq won’t have enough money to pay the salaries of government workers, much less cover the costs for infrastructure projects.


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Jonah goes straight into anticipatory whining mode (no surprise there) and the Derb goes cryptic:

Conservatism: Seasoned observers will swear they detect some last twitching convulsions in the corpse of American conservatism. They will not be believed.


Fighting in the Kurdish north?

Haven’t those ingrates heard – THE WAR(S) IS OVER!!!


Hayward — “As was the case in 1982, a rebound in the stock market will precede a turnaround in the economy (if there is one). “

Talk about hedging your bet. Either way you interpret that hideous sentence…. gah!!

JoBerg Predicts!

Iraq will continue to prosper! CAN YOU PROVE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN???11?!


The vaunted Republican-Hispanic alliance will remain invisible, and Los Angeles and California’s anti-free market, union-dominated politics will continue to roll across the national landscape with growing Hispanic majorities.

This is from someone called Heather Mac Donald, I guess there is a heavy emphasis on the Donald bit. Heather Mac Donald
I shows that the reliable Conservobot themes will continue to get the threashing they so obviously can’t think of replacements for.
And K-lo gets all Delphic with “Obama will surprise everyone”. Woo hoo spooky, You know Uncle Eb was surprised when Obama turned out to be a Mothman.
I guess the shittiest website office party was a tad dispirited this year.


In California were pretty sure Iraq will save us from bankruptcy. Viva la Muslim born again free market mary kay cosmetic good people..


CONTINUE to prosper? Yeah Doughwad, if Iraq did prosper Obama would get all the credit becausehe would bethe one responsible. That or maybe the Iraqis or something. Imagine that!


To be fair, I see no reason to believe that gas will not go back up to $80 a barrel.

Any ‘prosperity’ in Iraq is directly contributed to Barrack Obama’s election, and the Iraqi people finally having hope that their situation will change for the better. Under 43, that simply wasn’t possible.

So I suppose you can, in a roundabout way, credit Bush for making Iraq a better place simply by leaving office.


Overrated hack prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s case against Rod Blagojevich will be aborted before it reaches convictions of Blagojevich. Fitzgerald, best known for botching the Plame investigation by ignoring the crimes of Joe Wilson, will halt his investigation due to a “lack of evidence”. But in all reality, Fitzgerald will halt his investigation as part of a secret deal with Obama. Investigating Blagogate would implicate Obama for numerous crimes, and Fitzgerald will decide to choose his job over justice.

The fact is that Patrick Fitzgerald has always been a total drama queen hack. He wasted 3 years on the case of “who outed Plame” only to find that Plame was outed by Aldrich Ames and Fitzgerald never indicted the person who “outed” the already-outed Plame.

It’s a shame that the Bush White House didn’t fire Fitzgerald when they had the chance. But then again, they lost their backbone on most matters after Katrina.


Okay, back to reality now. Thanks anyway, Gary.


I agree with Some Guy. Oil is low now because of the speculation that this economic crisis, as bad as it is and as bad as it will get, will completely cut off demand for oil.

Nonsense. Trucks and buses and boats still gotta run. Once the stockpiles that companies and countries have stored are depleted a little, the price of oil will get back up.

To $80 a bbl.? That’s the interesting question. I don’t think that high until we’re actually in 2010 (I called $150 a barrel earlier this year in 2007), but it could happen.

Now THAT’S a hedging statement! 😀


Ummm, wasn’t the pantload the genius who unilaterally claimed that it no longer should be called the Iraq War, but rather the Iraq Project, because it no longer was a war?
I think that lasted about two weeks and never seemed to catch on.
As a military/political/history analyst he makes a good janitor.


Iraq will continue to prosper…

Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe these loons.

A recent estimate of Iraqi unemployment (from a fairly upbeat article in Stars and Stripes) put it at 40%-80%, “depending on where you are in the country”. Unemployment in the US at the height of the Great Depression was about 25%.


Jonah’s merely redefining the meaning of the word “prosper” to encompass death, misery, and failure. It’s a technique he refined with “fascism” to write his “book.”


Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod: K-Low (as in “bovine”) said this:

Joe the Plumber will make it back into the news. Perhaps as Newt’s sidekick, with running-mate speculation.

It may be America’s shittiest website, but it’s really great shit, Mrs. Presky!

Rusty Shackleford

Newt/Plumber ’12


Perhaps as Newt’s sidekick.

Or perhaps in a DUI report involving minor property damage.

And aren’t they the same thing, really?


As a military/political/history analyst he makes a good janitor.

I will steal this at some point.


Prosper = blow up.

Leon Trotsky, Exile-in-Mexico

I know I was surprised when Bill Richardson turned out to be el chupacabra.


For 2010, he said if oil prices stay low, Iraq won’t have enough money to pay the salaries of government workers, much less cover the costs for infrastructure projects.

They could always just go the US route and pay them with hypothetical money.

Happy International Hangover Day, everyone! I wish you all better luck in piecing together last night than I’ve had.


Dateline, January 29th, 2032. Jonah Goldberg:

Iraq is finally a success but President Bush will get no credit for it because the liberal press has deemed it to go to the liberal Democrat President Preston Grayson .


Prosper = blow up.

Another way of putting it is that when conservatives want you to prosper, you won’t live long.


Iraq won’t have enough money to pay the salaries of government workers, much less cover the costs for infrastructure projects.
The pundits will soon be heralding this as one of the defining signs of a successful modern post-industrial economy.

Xecklothxayyquou Gilchrist

Another way of putting it is that when conservatives want you to prosper, you won’t live long.

Maybe it’s because they never could get the hang of that weird Vulcan hand gesture.


If Iraq gets much more prosperous they’re going to wind up with 24/7 electricity & drinkable tap-water (c/o the same USA that took them away to begin with) … a squirrel in every pot & a goat in every backyard can’t be far behind now … but hey, don’t worry, they won’t be getting totally complacent: even years from now they’ll probably still have those market-bombings to keep it real.

Lulziest thing about that link? The phrase “Expert Opinion” right underneath “Symposium” (which apparently is what you kids call them nowadays) … any universe in which people like K-Lo or Der Pantload were actual “experts” would have instantaneously collapsed under the mass of its own stupidity.

For added jocularity, check out Jonah’s “The Squeegee Men of The New World Order” – best boffo:

After 9/11, the gloves were off. The far left beseeched the government to retaliate with, at most, a proportionate response, but no one cared. We toppled the Taliban as a warm-up act. Terrorists weren’t criminals anymore, they were enemy combatants, ineligible for the Geneva Conventions. But the war in Iraq and reports of American zeal in the war on terror have left a sour taste in our mouths.

Sure – Clinton was really giving Iraq the “kid-gloves treatment” with a decade of harsh sanctions that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths, nearly all of them children – I bet Americans are sure glad Bush wasn’t such a total pussy.

The Taliban will be surprised to learn of their toppled status, as they now openly rule an area right outside Kabul – just like they did right before the Soviets left. Oh, & I think that “sour taste” the “American zeal” left was vomit – funny how finding out your tax money is paying people to murder & torture innocents can do that to you.

But he must be right about America “defining deviancy down” – after all, in 2009 he’s still walking the streets & even his most deranged gibberish is being taken seriously by some actual adults – YOW!


What, no predictions about Governor Sarah Palin? Since NRO is too shy, how about, “Gov Impeached for Trooper Harassment”? Or “Huckabee Convicted in Alaska Gov Murder”? Or “Gingich/Palin Ticket for Illinois Senate Seat Rallies Remaining Republicans”?


Riddle me this: How the fuck can anyone say Iraq is prospering when the oil isn’t even being metered?


“Remaining Republicans”

I like the sound of that, Dr. BDH.


“The Iraqi government, which gets 95 percent of its revenue from oil exports…”

Hey, send Sarah Palin over to fix Iraq. She knows how to run a petro-welfare state.


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