Bill O’Reilly IS the Sexual Revolution

This is certainly disturbing:

O’REILLY: Well, you were in the sense that you said that Boston was a hotbed of this sexual revolution. And, indeed, it was. I was in college in Boston.

“I love that dirty falafel… oh, Boston you’re my home!”


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Down by the river/Down by the banks of the river Charles/That’s where you’ll find me/along with lovers, FALAFELS, and thieves/oh yeah, but they’re good people/Frustrated women/yeah, Andrea Mackris she’s so frustrated baby/have to be in by 12 O’Clock and no falafel/


Funny thing.

In Noston it’s illegal to sell a used mattress, due to a colonial era louse law.

with all those mattresses just laying around, what else are we supposed to do? We tried storing them in the churches, but that was a disaster.


Yeah, Noston, Just across the river from Tambridge.


mdhatter–I’ve diagnosed your problem! You have somehow wound up in Smirky McFlightsuit’s fantasy version of the USA! Where everything really is bigger in Texas, and al-Qaeda is in cahoots with the Evil Demcratic Party (of Traitors?! ). Where deficits are a good thing, and where you have total freedom of speech… as long as it’s speech unquestioningly supporting the Preznit in every thing he says or does. The effect of this ‘Murikan Wunderland might wear off in about three-and-a-half years. Or not….


I better medicate… in the mean time.


Thanks for the Standell’s reference…

“Cuz sometimes good guys don’t wear white…”


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