Oh no! They updated it!

Those rassin’-frass, frick-a-frack, flap-jabbin’… Ooooh! (The burn, the burn!)



[more here in a bit. honestly though, how dare they assume we’re not gay? also, you have to admit: they’re getting better at the inflammatory Nat’l Lampoon humor-thing.]


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And I thought the last post was scarring.


Where’d they get that picture of Santorum with the dog?


Comrade, I’ll speak in our secret code so the enemy can’t understand. “Les commentaires sont calmes a reli? votre site web.” Bon Chance!


Mais, ces fucktards apprennent, n’est pas? Cette page, c’est si meilleure que la pr?c?dente….



Seb, help!


Better? Non! Meaner? Oui!!!


My, my, my it appears that Marie Jon’ has a new column up too, in which she alludes to Sadly, No being the great Satan. She’s been a very busy little beaverette!


Well, they certainly seem to be putting more effort into it than before.

You can’t not praise that, right?


Oh wait, we’re Satan?
This just keeps getting better and better every day…


Gavin M!

You were on MASH!?!?!



Dudes, is Marie Jon’ a great big PLAGIRIZING stupid Doody head? Compare her latest “column” at http://www.peoplepolitical.org/html/marie2.html

to this


Now I suppose that she could have written both…….


What made me suspicious? Usually a quick scan of a Marie Jon’ “column” reveal several errors; whereas, the writing in this column seemed much tighter. Still filled with wingnutty goodness but better writing.


Sorry for the numerous misspellings and grammar errors. I was excited.


MDHatter, it took me forever to get your MASH reference but once I did it gave me a good chuckle.


“The Voice of Prophecy”, which is where Marie Jon’ stole the material for her column from, is a Seventh-Day Adventist site. If you listen to the audio version it’s clear the author of the piece is the site’s host, Pastor Lonnie Melashenko. So if Seb is Satan, that only puts him in the same category as the Pope and those who go to church on the false Sunday Sabbath.


Yeah, i should have gone with

“Gavin, you’re trying for a Section Eight??”


You have GOT to look at the archive over there

lazy lazy sloppy.

c’mon guys! A real parody is TIGHT!

Do you thin your fighting a war overseas or something??? I don’t want to hear the excuses.

tighten it up. very very sloppy work.


those guys are the douchiest douches that ever douched. I have always heard that the GayKK was secretly a bunch of bloggers, and by bloggers I mean flaming (homer voice). I don’t know which ones are the hacks and which ones are the parody and which ones are satire. My head is spinning.


Oh, wow…that’s not even an “accidental plagiarism”…she copied her latest column there wholescale.

And that other column is copyrighted,which makes Marie Jon’ a thief.

And, despite her unwholesome obsession with crossdressing, it’s the crime of theft which makes it into the list of Jehovah’s Top Ten No-Nos. Why is it that the best Christians always have the hardest time observing the Ten Commandments?

Not only that, but a plagiarizing troll is just not a very interesting troll. What a sad end to such a stirring beginning.

Ah, well…better luck next time.

Say….if she’s a Seventh Day Adventist, shouldn’t she be eschewing web design on Saturdays?


From “her” latest column:

Marie attends nursing school in her state. She loves people of all ages, ethnicity, religions, creeds or color. She is a born again Christian that shares her faith openly. Her writing style is down to earth. Marie’s family comes from a long line of Democrats. Most all have joined Marie in changing their Party hats to the Republican Party. Marie is Founder of People Political Website.

She has also won the Nobel Peace Prize, and has a doctorate in maths and another in astrophysics. In addition, she suffers the little children to come unto Him her.


Marie Jon’ is stalking your bog!!! OMGWTF!?!

Das ist echt cool.


I just like that now we’re gay Klan members.


What a fucking cretin. Holy shit, this woman needs, well, something. Perhaps frontal lobes.


So, now, wait. It’s the columnists on *her* site that are demanding all the evil swarthy people be rounded up and deported in the name of the Global War On Vague Concepts, and *you* guys are the Klan members?


Please give me all the credit for the Yes Blog. It is all me. Not Marie. Take it like menI Ok, take it like gay men! Pansies


James, no matter how many little favors you do for Maire Jon’ she ain’t going to give it up to you and if she does one day you’ll realize it wasn’t that great.


I just like that now we’re gay Klan members.
That’s gay dog-fucking Klan members, bucko.


Have you guys read PimplePolemical’s disclaimer? Here are some choice tidbits (though I am sure that others could do a much better job of fisking them):
Opinions and editorials expressed and presented on People Political Website remain the intellectual property of the contributing writers…
…or whomever we crib them from.
Opinions and editorials expressed and presented on People Political Website are derived from a variety of national and international sources…
…where “derived” = “copied wholesale.”
While the submitted opinion-editorials to People Political Website remain the intellectual property of the contributing writers all material published on People Political Website is protected by copyright.
Someone else’s copyright, but we won’t quibble….
As stated in the banner, People Political is a common sense news issues Website with an admittedly conservative slant. That being said, we will not accept any other point of view.
Well, at least that’s refreshingly honest. Unlike, say, plagiarism.
TheRant.us does not accept pieces with embedded HTML or pieces formatted in HTML.
We even stole our disclaimer from another site!


Please give me all the credit for the Yes Blog. It is all me. Not Marie. Take it like menI Ok, take it like gay men! Pansies

Wow, this is like a wingnut hall of mirrors.

So wait, if you did Sadly Yes, and Marie plagiarized her last column from a radio transcript, then who’s behind the “MG Law Firm?”


Political Book: Americans on Politics, Policy, and Pop Culture
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STOLE FROM HANNITY! You are shameless and not original at best!


Woo-hoo! Sadly, Yes v2.0! Ooh, and now you’re Klansmen, as well! Well, at least Gavin has given up the incessant masturbation. But this is why I could never be a writer for the main bog at Sadly, No!–other than my inferior writing skills–‘cos while I’m queerer than a 3-dollar bill, I refuse to cross-dress.
Or, um, join the Klan.

Or fuck my dog.
But other than those things, I’m practically qualified!


Seb stole the idea of a comments section from Sean Hannity?

Let me think about that one for a second.


Because this mysterious ‘Italian Babe’ just said something similar in the comments for the Salvato item.

Um. That reminds me of a little song, and it goes a little something like,


Help me out here. Marie Jon’ seems to be supporting America and God on her Web site. WTF? Is there some creepy cult out there that actually thinks America and God are GOOD things? Yuck! Maybe there’s a deeply ironic joke here, but I’m just not getting it.

America and God. Yeesh. Make-a da ganglia twitch.


Well done, GregH. Good find.

Note the irony of stealing a Christian sermon for her own glorification.


Irony has been brutally murdered, Hemlock, and these people are gleefully committing necrophilia with the corpse.


Jesus Christ. I only now just realised that the link I was following was to a phony Sadly No. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the hell was going on.

…remind me never to mix Tanqueray and my sister’s Midol again.


That wang is not the only thing of yours that’s rotted.


Laura told me to play on the internets for a while. How did I end up here?
I Gurgled Sad. Hussain. This isn’t a terrist site is it? I think it’s s’posed to be funny but I don’t get the jokes. But I dont get a lot of jokes. Uncle dick says it’s because i’m “refined” like a gallon of preemium gas. I like that. I snuck into the liquor room again. nobody reads this bog so I feel OK typing to no one. Typing is hard, isn;t it? Anyway…there was a bottle of Pernod and even thoough it’s french and doesn’t taste good. It made me feel like I was Roman emperor of the World. I was giggling like my daughters when they come home with they’re boyfreinds.Why do they giggle so much?
Secret service guys are coming. I better go. imho (That means ‘be back later”) Bye!!

Hysterical Woman

Hey, in the dog picture we can see your legs! You said this was only from the waist-up! Tease.


Um, is that a jar of peanut butter I see in the corner of that pic? Shame on you!

unknown to the world

my brain worms have melted!
what is that, that thing at the end ?!


Nice site you have!


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