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Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but Sadly, Yes! is hacked again. (Click ‘n’ scroll.)

How long it’ll stay like that is anyone’s guess. But we can also change the text super-easily, so if you have something good, lay it down yo!


Open thread. OK then, I’ll bite.

North San Diego County?

Sunday, August 7th
3:30pm – 6:30pm
Felicita Park
Picnic Area 6
Felicita Road in Escondido ($2 parking fee)
Come and enjoy good food, fun and live music by 50s and 60s band Gianini’s Ghost
as we raise money for progressive candidates and causes!

Snark is good and fun but please come out and support Francine Busby against the corrupt and evil Duke Cunningham. Francine is all that the Duke isn’t: a populist, former local school board member, an exceptional human being.

Her campaign is worth the time and effort.

But back to the topic at hand. That Debbie is a hottie, eh? I’d do her.


Doop doop doop, leaving a comment so it’ll look like people are talking. Yoop-doop-doop.


Well, my gal is red hot,
Your gal ain’t doodley-squat,
My gal is red hot,
Your gal ain’t doodley-squat,
Got a sotta fotta mot, and a ricky-dicky dot,
My gal is…

Just attractin’ people who should be inter-sted. Lotta talking going on here! Talk-talk!

(see first post above)


MY GOD! It’s 2am, I just got back from the bars, and I am looking at sadlyno for the 12th time today. Am I officially a loser?


Am I officially a loser?

Of course not. It’s not like you’re checking out Up With People Political for the twelfth time today or something.


Um, I take the fifth….

New hacked text up on ‘Sadly Yes,’ btw.
If we’re lucky we can keep posting messages there all weekend…


1:40 in my neck of the woods…
watching the History Channel- the intellectual masturbation of an open thread inspired me briebly to consider the real thing, but decided against it- too tired, bored.
Green Day was right- the bastards.


Gaah! The way Sadly, Yes autorefreshes every few seconds is goddamned maddening! Too bad MJ’ didn’t post more pix so there’d be more to alter. I know, I know… you’re looking for textual suggestions. Thinkin’ about it….


The people who come to the Sadly, No! web blog are people that make?the universe what she is today: populated.? In spite of? the extreamly evasive (or perhaps I meant “invasive” — I really don’t know) wingnuttery being?pushed upon them from inside and outside and backside of America, they see hope in making fun of stupid people.

Sadly, No! readers take?the time to get involved in all of the aspects of our society (bake sales, potato farming, pie eating contests, snake handling, world domination, cat juggling, etc.). They?attend?their Seinfield re-runs from which true wisdom comes.?They take an interest in their children’s education, frequently asking, “Is our children learning?” ?They don’t believe?that a big government is the answer to every given situation, only situations like WMDs, Janet Jackson boobie baring, and Terri Schiavos.

Sadly, No! people lead the way as an example?for others to lead, follow, or get out of the way. They are people who are gifted with snark and apply that gift to every facet of their lives, even if you pay them not to.?They are people who aren’t afraid to admit when they are wrong, except that they are never wrong. They have a Seb to answer to.

They are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts and/or uncles, cousins, in-laws, outlaws, clones, and frozen embryos. They are people who care enough about their fellow man? or woman to parody his or her work, because it would make God happy.?

They are freedom loving patriots who make the United States what it is, the greatest country in the history of the entire space/time continuum.

Thank you for? visiting Sadly, No! Please come back and bring food.


I’m puzzled as to why Pastor Swank has his knickers in a twist over all the practicing homosexuals.

You’d think he’d be getting the vapors over the ones who’re so good they don’t need to practice anymore.


The way Sadly, Yes autorefreshes every few seconds is goddamned maddening!All Marie’s sites seem to do that. Guess her coding skills are every bit as shitty as her spelling and grammar skills.


Holy shit, we actually have a successful open thread goin’!


SZ, that’s a pretty good summary, but you forgot that we pray and we get political things done.

Pazuzu's Petals

Shh! Don’t tell John Ashcroft about getting head from really old men.

Apropos of zip, but cool.


Too subtle for the wingnuts. How about “Marie Jon’ is a big doody head.” That’ll get them!


No! Wait! I have an even better one: “Marie Jon’ is a big stupid doody head!”


Two more. I is genius!

“I know you are but what am I? Love Gavin, Brad and Seb-Jeff.”

“If you love God so much why don’t you just marry Him?”


The guys at 3bulls were saying that no one was visting their site, so I put up an ad over at Marie’s place.

Hey Greg, which one’s your fave?


I think the 3bulls ad is excellent. Especially since the photo intro on the SY site states: “Put me back in the womb, I’m not done yet!”


where can I buy a purple male bage like seb’s? tr?s sexy!


I’m quivering with anticipation, now that the great DeLay smear machine will be turned loose on Frist, what will they dig up?

And who will win the Frist vs. Delay Googlefight?


So all these people just started showing up with cases of Nat Light wondering where the white women and party at. Care to explain, busters? What will my mom say (Mrs. Punko) when she gets back from her Carnival Cruise??? She made me promise not to have visitors. She even vacuumed a pattern in the living room carpet so she could tell if anyone walked on it! I’m so f*cked!


Thats no fair, melior. DeLay is an actual word.


I need a date. Any handsome – or even semi-handsome – gay men out in the Fairfax/DC area?


I admit I’m mystified by the Sadly, Yes! site’s existence. How did this come about? Did Marie Jon’Benet make it or did you? Who’s controlling what’s on it? Where’s my Captain’s Wafers?


Oh, you know it has to be Marie Jon’Benet- or Marie Jon’LeKeisha- she is afraid of her secret sister name, so she must apostrophise, which leads her to apostrophise, as if she knows what that means! I think you should accuse her of inappropriate ejaculation!


She seems to have gotten Fiveshock Design to make it for her. It’s not clear whether she wrote the entries or not: She denied it, but we’ve caught her in a ton of fibs and whoppers already, so it’s really anyone’s guess what to believe.


I have never been able to connect to this alleged s,y! site…any chance interesting stuff from there could be mirrored?


LACJ, check out a few threads above here. There’s a Sadly, Yes! picture of… “Gavin.”


…and his “famine pulchritude”.


Hey, Amber and I haven’t been discussing Seb’s DPO at all in here. That was false advertisement in the last comments.


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