Marie gets us back like we’ve never been got before

It burns, it burns!


Added by Jeff Seb: We suspect this is the “closes” Marie Jon’? will ever get to making a funny.

[Update of a previous update — our picture-switching trick on Marie’s page has now been foiled. Foiled, I say!]


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Holy shit! That’s awesome! Now I’ve got to change my whole opinion of her. I was looking at that and thinking the whole time “Why didn’t I think of this?”

I wonder if Seb realizes that Brad, Gavin, and jeff(not JEFF)-perado started this blog?


I wonder if Seb realizes that Brad, Gavin, and jeff(not JEFF)-perado started this blog?

I did not know that, that is wild, wild stuff!


Yeah, the whole time I thought it was you!


Grr, close italics, slut!


BTW: Not to spoil any more of the fun than is necessary, but those pictures of ‘Seb,’ ‘Brad,’ and ‘Gavin’ in our rollicking tale of cat minions and robots are…well, suffice to say that we really do live in a house filled with talking cats, but there’s areason why ‘Brad’ and ‘Gavin’ are always depicted with the same photo.


Wow, that is some high-level reparte on her part.



Wow, that is some high-level reparte on her part

To be fair, we’re not that much better πŸ˜‰


I guess after the appropriate people refused to take action, she was had to think of a new plan.


To be fair, we’re not that much better πŸ˜‰

Posted by Brad R. at July 28, 2005 07:47 PM

Yeah, but at least you guys are funny.

She just comes off like the kid at the playground who says something like “You . . . you poop on your floor and you eat your own poop and you like to smell your poop. Poophead.”


My goodness, someone REALLY needs a good rogering.


Hmm. Maybe it’s time to bust out that pic you have where you’re wearing a dress.


Hmm. Maybe it’s time to bust out that pic you have where you’re wearing a dress.

Hm, no, I actually value my future employment prospects πŸ˜‰


C’mon, Brad – there’s a bright future in the exciting field of Female Impersonation waiting for you!


It’s actually quite an attractive photo, aside from the ‘man wearing a dress’ aspect.


Wait, is this really the work of Marie Jon’? Good for her! I think it’s really cute of her.Exemplifying this is not why I wrote what I just did (that was my true reaction to the spoof site), but Marie, notice how liberals are willing to entertain humorous ideas and alternative viewpoints depending on the merit of those ideas and viewpoints . . . whereas right-wingers attack whatever comes out of the mouth of a liberal, regardless? I don’t feel any particular way about the spoof site depending on who wrote it; if George W. Bush wrote it, I would be pleasantly surprised and would still laugh. I don’t feel the need to get angry because someone with a different political viewpoint wrote it and then throw scurrilous accusations to discredit them. I’m not perfect, but I know the difference between an actual argument and childish “it must be bad because a liberal [or conservative] wrote it” denials.


Oh, and then Marie goes and spoils it all for me by posting that story about Stephen Bochco. Right, Marie, war couldn’t possibly be hell, because Stephen Bochco, who’s showing it as such on his new show, is a Democratic Party supporter. Sheesh. God forbid anyone should be upset by the idea of soldiers and little children having their limbs blown off and possibly come to understand the reality of what they’re supporting over there.


Tooshay, er..tooshey, er, 2shay, er..touchy…oh hell.
Marie, how do you spell touche?

And just for you, Oh Yeah?!


While I wouldn’t expect a baby to sprint the first time they walk, it is exciting to see them take their first steps.

The position and use of “closes” make it one of the funniest typos I’ve ever seen.


I like the Blogs that wouldn’t hire Brad R. but he would have love to work for.


Is having sex with you dog really that bad?

I think this should really be:

Is having sex with you, dog, really that bad?.

Either way, “Come here Fluffy!”


We could do so much better with this concept…
Say, who’s got some hosting space?


Psst! Quick, everybody reload the Sadly, Yes! page.

(This mught not work for long.)


Looks the same to me.


No, do it now…quick!


effin’ awesome!! This is the best blog war ever. Screw The Editors and their every-other-week guest bloggers. Marie rocks (and she’s purty.)


Did you change that there or here? Because it’s changed here, too.


hey, the pussy gavin will get closes to changed into a real woman!


Wha’ hoppen? I reloaded–what’d I miss?


[That’s a photo of Marie. How long will it take her to notice…?]


Very, very good, G… she’s gonna be FURIOUS.


It’s not working for me.


You might have to hit ‘refresh’…


try reloading a bunch of times in quick succession.


Have y’all noticed that the comments links on the spoof site bring up the comments from actual S,N! entries? Makes for some interesting cognitive dissonance, reading comments from a real S,N! post in connection with a spoof post.

But also, doesn’t that mean she’s driving traffic to the real site? Score!


Oop, she changed it. O well. Fun while it lasted, etc.


Still shows up in my browser.


Marie Jon’ made a funny and so did her mommy’!


Check again. Now she’s making fun of the differently-fatted.


Yeah, Gavin, she found that picture of us wearing bras and panties. Oh, and we’ve somehow gained 500 or so pounds.


Is that really you? I guess they were right about the no ball between your legs.


I *do* think it’s cool that we’ve gotten her to go against her faith by using a bunch of naught words, though. There’s hope for her yet!


BTW, boys, is the tag below the title “Sadly, No” (Your lascivious filthy web blog is in big trouble) on the home page yours, or did Marie do that, too? Calling the site by the redundant “web blog” could either be a Marie Jon’ spelling or a joke (or both, I guess).


NaughtY words (just as our filthy mouths are influencing her, her crappy spelling is influencing me).


500 lbs, sadly that’s what’ll happen after a few months dining on Amber Pawlik’s recipes.


Who the hell is Jeff?


We seem to be driving this proper young Christian lady straight over the edge. Her site now has a prominent link to pix of fat girls in bikinis.


Vladi- I think she means jeff-perado, who by the way is NOT jeff.


“PeoplePolitical: We Pray and We Post Pictures of Fat Chicks in Bikinis.”


Is it jeff-perado like Victor/Victoria or something?


Hey, I finally swallowed my gorge enough to actually look at Marie Jon’ ‘s site (that’s how you do it!), and I took a quick look at some of the wingnuts she has writing columns. This guy’s bio is longer than his column!


They’re still too lazy to make up their own fake comments (comments appear to be linked to Sadly, No comments pages) so why doesn’t someone with administrative rights, like Jeff for instance, let us have a little fun with that.


My comment-editing thinger has been broken for a couple of days, but that’s a brilliant idea.


Be careful with that. You would change the comments over here, too. Although, Marie left a pretty long comment the other day…


Eek! very unworksafe right now! Yikes.

Marie needs to get a new hobby. Like skeet shooting.


Surely duplicate sets of our comments are archived at the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, Fort Knox, etc for posterities sake.


Look’s like Marie Jon’s abandoned that whole “appropriate” thing. You boys done turned her out.


Is having sex with you, dog, really that bad?.

That sounds like something Randy would say to Simon.


See, what I don’t understand is that we’re already posting fake pix of ourselves as pantsless loonies. Overweight women in bikinis is like another ethos entirely: It wouldn’t ever have occured that ‘woman’ + ‘overweight’ + ‘bikini’ = a flamingly dire insult.


Awww. You guys have so much fun while I’m gone. I admit I actually do have a certain grudging admiration for Marie for that one, but I’ve always appreciated foul-mouthed perverts.
Welcome to our side, Marie, we promise not to tell Pastor Swank on you.


Hmm… I wonder if the people who run the “website who belongs to God first” remember that part about not bearing false witness.

Bonus fun link at the bottom of their page:

“Unholy Alliance”
with David Horowitz



While I laughed my ass off at S’Y! it really is just the same old touching little boys jokes and references to mom. I give the parody a 7 for funny but a 1 for originality.

I mean, fat chicks? What’s next? Are they going to call you retards or something?


I mean, fat chicks? What’s next? Are they going to call you retards or something?

What, the fact that we’re retards is a problem?


wouldn’t the opposite of “Sadly, No” be “Happily, Yes”????


“Look’s” like I should have used the preview button.


Woodrowfan: beat me to it!


“I mean, fat chicks? What’s next? Are they going to call you retards or something?”

“What, the fact that we’re retards is a problem?”

I think the guy from Elementropy has that one covered…


You are notified. Making fun of Retardo is illegal.


I’m shocked, shocked at a nice Christian girl linking to a blog with fat chicks in bikinis!


This guy’s bio is longer than his column

I read his name as being Lt. Col Gordon Cthulhu.


I, too, am very offended by that nice christian website linking to such filth. I may just have to write a letter to the hate mail bage.


I wonder if MJ ever read the following verse, I mean, given that she created an entire site to fling childish inbsults your way…

“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist one who is evil. But if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also; and if any one would sue you and take your coat, let him have your cloak as well; and if any one forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles. Give to him who begs from you, and do not refuse him who would borrow from you. You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” (Matthew 5:38:45 RSV)


Righteous, brother Woodrowfan…


Didn’t you read the part where Jesus punk’d the Phillistines by killing their first-born sons?
Sure, it’s been done- but Jesus was an arch traditionalist like Marie’.


I am offended. I never wear bikinis. Obvious photoshop!


Oh, and stop making Jesus look like a pussy, Woodrow- we all know that ‘Sermon on the Mount’, “Blessed are the peacemakers” business is liberal propoganda.


I wasn’t going to point it out because I didn’t want to embarrass MJ, but does she know she asked how many dorks it takes to build a website? And dork is slang for penis?

What I’m wondering is, has anyone ever actually verified that MJ is actually a real person? Because the way this stuff looks and the way “she” has posted some pretty stupid comments, it’s probably just some college guy who’s just getting into the world of conservativism and can’t take the real world of posting comments on the internet without mummy and daddy to activate the filters that keep out the liberal garbage. That’s just me talking, though.


Wait, change that to read “college-age guy” I think suggesting that whoever is pretending to be someone called Marie would have the brains to get into a college is pushing it.


“I read his name as being Lt. Col Gordon Cthulhu”

Me too. Just like I first read “MG Law Firm” as “MC Law Firm” and then had visions of
cease and desist threats arriving as chillin’ and illin’ mp3 files.

It’s not that much of a parody though. SN is lascivious and filthy but SY is just lascivious. Or should that be filthy? Ah, the times they are so confusing, no? Who is man and who is woman these days?

Here’s a pic which I think captures the unholy deathstruggle between SN and SY for the soul of the internets.


Can I get an Amen Brother Gavin! And I do believe that Jesus said belssed are the Greek, not the meek, and we all know how the Greeks are (wink wink nudge nudge)


Was that when He was riding into Jerusalem on his ass?


That’s when he got stoned off his ass, right?


and there were TWO asses were there not???????????????????

Good heavens, all this humor is making my faith weak!


Nono, prop up that faith, Brother Woodrowfan!

What was that parable? “Blessed is he who loafs and fishes?” That’s a good one to live by…


Oh God. I’m starting to remember some of my childhood bible jokes now. Like how Job had a potty mouth because he cursed the day he was born.


..Something about Jesus making killer martinis because he was standing on a mount of olives…?


whoa, that’s awesome (except not in the way Marie Jon’ intended it).


RE: Marie Jon: Well, Gentlemen, you know the old line about imitation and flattery…

Unfortunately, “Sadly Yes” can’t be nearly as intelligent…

It’s actually quite an attractive photo, aside from the ‘man wearing a dress’ aspect.

I do have to say… Red’s a good color on Brad.(Though I definitely prefer the red shirt you wore @ K’s wedding, amigo… Or at least I think you were wearing red… light was kind dim in the reception hall… )



Surely duplicate sets of our comments are archived at the Smithsonian, Library of Congress, Fort Knox, etc for posterities sake.

Don’t you mean for posterior’s sake?


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