A Sadly, No! Challenge!

Without using Google, who can guess what, or who, is being discussed here:

Though [they] provide amusement for a few minutes, their repertoire is severely limited. And aside from the activity of […] in their fecally-laced […], [they] spend most of their time just standing around.

Richard Perle and David Frum are not the answer!


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Why, that’s Sadly, No, isn’t it?


i know! i know! singing shit trees, right?


I couldn’t resist Googling it. NO ONE will be able to guess what they’re talking about (but it’s really, really funny).


Someone talking about a tribute/cover band .. there’s some dim memory here … okay, I tried. Now can I google it?


Kaye Grogan and Yosef!


I hope this doesn’t count as a spoiler, but …

Unfortunately, penguin sex is a pretty drab affair.

When I start my blo .. um, on-line magazine .. I’m gonna call it Unforunately, Penguin Sex!


It’s a description of Jonah Goldberg and Virgin Ben on their first trip the the local bathhouse.


This is somewhat like a MadLib. Perhaps Sadly, No Mad Libs could be an addition to your repetoire?


Though [noun-plural] provide amusement for a few minutes, their repertoire is severely limited. And aside from the activity of [gerund] in their fecally-laced [noun], [noun-plural] spend most of their time just standing around.


You are notified. Mad Libs making fun of conservatives are against the law.


Shouldn’t that be The E.I.E.I.O. Law Firm’?


Did you read the 2nd part of that article (for those of you who, like me, cheated)? Where he lists all the things animals do that humans find distasteful or disdainful?

Almost every single one of them are things that humans do as well. In trying to prove that humans are not like animals, or that we shouldn’t emulate them, he shows that, with even the strongest of society’s disapproval for certain activities, humans are, well…animals.


Personally, I’d find the whole article a lot more credible if they could have at least gotten basic facts like the name of The Daily Show correct.


South Park Replublicans?



[spoiler alert]

(They’re prac-tic-ca-lly chickens, y’know)


I think that’s the rest of the paragraph that, having been edited out, resulted in the one-line review of Spinal Tap’s album “Shark Sandwich.”


It’s about how penguins are so not-gay. the author appears to be a fecophiliac.


Uh, Jenna and Barbara at camp?


Britney Spears’ fanatics?


I cheated, but I won’t spoil.

Let’s just say these are people who are abnormally fixated on the words “feces” and “fecal.” In fact, they seem to be the third most common words in the article, after “the” and “and.”


The people who actually lined up to have Karen Hughes sign a copy of her book?


I am not unfamiliar with the fun-tastic work of the FRI, but this takes it to a whole new level. And I certainly did not know that penguins only have one hole. And I truely and sincerely wish it could have stayed that way.


would this be the wrong time to mention that it looked suspiciously like danny devito forgot to wipe in many scenes of batman returns? i always thought the..uh, shading was a camel toe thing. now i know the truth.


So much Right Wing Shit and not enough toilet paper!


I got it! I got it! I got it! It’s that Disney movie about the mother and daughter who switch places – y’know, Fecal Friday!


Haha. I saw this on alicublog. Pretty hilarious stuff, I must say.


Oh, you meanie commenters, dropping your hints like penguin feces! Even without Googling, I am absolutely certain that I know of what is spoken here. Phooey.


Well, it’s either the NRO crowd or the new swine flu bugs, staph suis? Something suis.


I think y’all found the wrong article on Google about this. I found something about French-Canadians living in Germany.


No Yoseph, you got it right.


I Googled, so I know that those in question also:

? Kill and eat some of their offspring ? that is, they commit cannibalistic infanticide;

? Compete with other males for the opportunity to have sex with a particular female, often killing or debilitating the rival;

? Fight with and exile or kill the ?owner’ of a ?harem,’ kill his ?children,’ and then raise other children with the females in the harem (the females show no ?loyalty’ to their former ?husband’ and blithely have sex with the new guy).

? Discriminate against and kill ?aliens’ to their particular territory or tribe;

? Often have sex with some of their offspring;

? Often have sex with relatives and near-relatives (from a human perspective, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandparents, etc.) ? in other words, they commit incest;

? Let the males just about always get their way (e.g., eat first, win any spats),

? Often allow large groups of males to have sex with a female, even leaving her near-dead or even dead ? that is, they engage in ?gang rape;’ and

? Often allow one male to hog all the females in a given area, driving away his ?sons’ and his ?friends’ who would like a little sexual ?pleasure’ with the ?girls.’

In other words, they are clearly me, my three buddies from college, our local chapter of the Young Republicans, and Al From, last weekend in Tijuana.

What do I win?


Ok, I read it. The writer must have had a REALLY bad experience with toilet training, he is obsessed with poop!


The Bloodhound Gang ?


Uh oh. It looks you have incurred the full internet wrath of the People Political juggernaut. They even replaced the hate mail bage link just to show you who’s boss. It’s like being Punk’d, except instead of Ashton Kutcher doing it it’s that big guy from Goonies.



Can they lick their own balls?


Rick Santorum whispered that exact phrase in my ear when we got stuck on an elevator together.


Ha! The new post higher up the b(l)og confirms that I was right about what this is about. Um, not that there’s any way of proving that….

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

Before this, I wasn’t aware that penguins, like chickens, have cloacas–the “all-purpose” orifice. Think of that next time some winger starts bloviating on the wholesome joys of country life, and the seductive charm of farm fowl.


Sounds like they’re talking about bloggers. Especially warbloggers.

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin


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