alicublog Comes Up With Another Brilliant Anti-Terror Program

Let’s say terrorists nuke an American city. What’s the best way to respond? I think alicublog’s got the right idea:

Global Toby Keith Network — U.S. jams all radio signals worldwide, forces planet to listen to jingoistic new country tunes (such as “Grandma’s Glowin’, So I’m Goin’ to War,” “Kiss My Radiation-Damaged Ass,” etc.) commissioned by the National Endowment for the Arts.


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Well, at least then we’d have an answer to the question, “why do they hate America?”


No, sorry, Toby Keith is why I hate America.

Muslim Killers International will have to find their own justification for their irrational hatred.

Isn’t hating freedom enough for these guys?


I prefer Tom Lehrer’s “So Long, Mom.”


I like “We Will All Go Together When We Go”, Uncle Mike. Much cheerier.
Is Toby Keith really an *irrational* hatred?


Every Hottentot and every Eskimo?


Does anyone remember that SNL fake commercial with Dennis Quaid singing the ‘patriotic’ country songs like Toby Keith’s stuff.

Of course, the funny thing is that Toby Keith doesn’t even believe that anymore, but he likes the money it brings in.


Correction: Toby Keith has said he doesn’t believe that stuff anymore…


I recall one of the Dixie Chicks wearing a t-shirt that said “F U T K” on it, which her manager claimed stood for “Freedom Understanding Truth Kindness”, and that anyone interpreting it as “Fuck U, Toby Keith” was just plain mistaken! Good stuff.


Marie- who’s “Jeff?”


I know who Brad R. is, but who are Brad and Jeff?

who am I?

and Sadly, Yes. the other blog links to your forums.

is that in the terms of use?

Sadly, No.


ps. I’m not anyone. neither are you.


You miserable bunch of Anti American low life. You sit and complain and joke! I have Sadly No respect for you or your bankrupt socialistic party of losers who are near seditious in behavior and words. Now you have just heard the WORD! ” The world loves it’s own.” There is no spirit here in this bog other than sheer contempt for God and the USA!
Sadly Yes is a feed link to an another’s blog


“….There is no spirit here in this bog other than sheer contempt for God and the USA!” Wow, I knew it was damp in here but I didn’t realize we were in a BOG! Hey, I like our new troll! She’s really funny….


no, no, MJ has a point. That picture of the cat driving a VW is CLEARLY designed to help the terrorists destroy our freedom…..


Where am I? Where am I now?


And how did you get a picture of my Moms?


This blog is completly retarded. Why don’t you learn how to take a joke. Get an enema to remove th stick from your ass quick.


That’s the little known 25th amendment, isn’t it? “No citizen of the United States shall sit down and devise, utter or convey any joke, gag, witticism, aphorism, epigram or ditty without the express written permission of the president and Major League Baseball.”


That’s “express written consent of Major League Baseball.” And said jokes, gags, witticisms, etc. may indeed be “devised”, but they may not, on pain of jo-jo, be “disseminated”.

MLB, bitches.


This world confuses me so. I seek peace and respit from the endless mental anguish I experience as all the worlds opinions struggling for supremacy in my mind, and as such seek surcease from this battle and the damage it does unto myself by finding what information I can to bring this conflict to a timely, if uncomfortable end. And yet, everywhere I go to find information, opinion, one argument pitted against another to be resolved in the open nature of debate for all the world to know the truth, I only find pictures of fat women which are supposed to be funny. My pain torments me so.


Walter Sobchak-That’s “express written consent of Major League Baseball.” And said jokes, gags, witticisms, etc. may indeed be “devised”, but they may not, on pain of jo-jo, be “disseminated”
…or “disassembled.”.


I hear that this is the place to sit and complain and joke — and that sounds like a pretty good way to pass some time. May I join your bankrupt socialistic party of losers?

Hysterical Woman

Wait, all of Sadly Yes comments link to the same place. What a lazy parody!

Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

A very lazy parody indeed. And not funny, either. To call FosamaxRushDrudge “real” websites demonstrates the dimness of whomever’s cat coughed up the hairball containing this so-called blog.


Yeah, lazy.


We really have to work harder on the sedition, i think we may only have achieved blasphemy to date.

we can do better.


Posted on Sadly, Yes:

Hmm…a picture from the Jon”’s Family website? Is that…Uncle Joe…with the dog. Dammit! We knew sometin was odd about that feller…him talkin’ to the dog and touchin’ the girls and all….


Marie, I need your address so I send you back this fifteen pound butt plug you left at my house. You fucking pig. Geez, you could have at least taken it with you.


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