If by Iraqis you mean Americans

An article bearing the headline:

Iraqis Optimistic on Constitution Deadline

begins thusly:

A sigh of relief could be heard around Washington, D.C. Monday as 12 Sunni Arabs (search) agreed to return to the negotiating table in Iraq[.]

and continues:

U.S. officials had maintained an optimist outlook that minority Muslim faction would meet its goals despite last week’s violence against constitution drafters and a boycott of talks by Sunnis demanding increased protection[.]

meanwhile, back in Washington:

State Department officials have echoed the confidence of Iraqi parliamentarians on the executive committee drafting the constitution. Those parliamentarians say the document is progressing on the timetable put forward by the interim constitution and should be ready by Aug. 1.

“It’s scheduled to be completed in the timeline established,” State Department spokesman Edgar Vasquez told FOXNews.com.

More reaction from Iraqis:

U.S. government officials say that approval of the constitution will embolden a fledgling state devastated by ongoing insurgent attacks and will serve as another step towards an eventual pullout by American and coalition forces.

Still, Iraqis are optimistic:

Iraqi women are already protesting provisions found in an alleged updated draft circulating in Baghdad that would invoke religious law and tradition in matters of divorce, marriage and inheritance, the New York Times reported last week. For Iraqi women, this would mean a rollback of decades of women’s liberties enshrined in the Iraqi legal code.

Why wouldn’t they be?

More than 8,300 Iraqi civilians, police and military have been killed since January, and more than 12,000 have been wounded as a result of the terrorist insurgency, according to recent estimates by Iraqi officials. Some counter-terrorist officials suggest that violence could spike ahead of the constitution’s completion and threaten a timely vote.

Throw a few more quotes from an AEI Scholar, and you are done! Good job everybody!


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The funny thing is, this draft Constitution looks like Jerry Falwell’s wet dream- repression of women, no separation of church and state, etc.


Also, I’m sure they’ll have strict rules on the use of imminent domain, unlike our government, which can show up in the night to take away our property 😉


Also, I’m sure they’ll have strict rules on the use of emminent domain, unlike our government, which can show up in the night to take away our property 😉


D’oh, I pulled a Marie Jon’ in that second comment…


no, it was ok the first time. when will your property become the domain of the government? it is imminent.

when will marie jon’ accuse you of more evil? it is imminent.


It’s alright, Brad. We all know how much you immerge yourself from your writing.


“It’s scheduled to be completed in the timeline established,”Brilliant


I think about writin’ the Iraqi Constitution every day. It’s hard work, making burqas mandatory, n’ stuff.


You’re not clapping hard enough.

Clap harder, dammit!


Maybe it’d just be better to send in the punk kittens and their mosh pit. The can clap harder that I can.


Nothing says success more then creating a society even more repressive then a totalitarian dictatorship. Yay!


Every day we are forced to listen to ever more nauseating diatribe coming from the far left. It is high time these Americans stop their blather and get real. Little regard is shown for America’s safety when the far left uses inflammatory words to relentlessly attack every action of the president of the United States.

This is not healthy political discourse that we are hearing. The ridiculous rhetoric not only demoralizes our heroic men and women in the military who are fighting to protect the rest of us, but it also serves to rally those seek the destruction of our nation. It has got to stop for the good of all America.

Where is the American spirit that is so crucial to overcoming the real and inescapable problem of Islamic terrorism? It still shines in the hearts of Americans who love their country. But all too often, it is being overshadowed by the dismal predictions and accusations of those who seek their own personal gains at the expense of America?s success in the terror war.

The need is now greater than ever for ordinary American citizens remain united a patriotic partisanship. The total lack of self-control and restraint being displayed by Democrats in Congress, as well as many others in key positions across this land, hold the potential to become prophetic words for those who cling to the hope of our nation?s eventual destruction! By continually speaking them, liberals are serving a cause which can reap destruction on themselves as well.

Those far-left bomb throwers in all venues of the media certainly do not escape guilt. The ?Air America? radio network is not merely a bunch self-absorbed talk show hosts who daily misrepresent the truth and use filthy obscenities as part of their vocabulary. Practically assuming the role of ?insurgents,? they use words instead of explosives. But by working so diligently against American success, they increase likelihood of American people once again suffering attacks right here in our own streets.

By their incendiary dialog, these verbal bomb throwers continually attempt to distract attention from the real dangers at hand, while at the same time breeding a lack of respect for our fellow countrymen and leaders who are seeking the security of our homeland. Are they truly unaware of how much more difficult they are making the job of those who are giving their ?all? to win the War on Terror?

We all had just better wise up a people! It is no exaggeration to warn that America may well be attacked once again. London, Madrid, and the countless other sites of terror attacks throughout the world prove that no land, no city, and no individual is completely immune to such a fate. The terrorists have been successful in that no absolutely safe ?haven? exists anywhere in which people can completely let down their guard and pursue their daily interests with complete indifference to the possibility of sudden death and destruction.

The unceasing efforts of liberals to drag the Bush administration into a mire of criticism can only make the job of the terrorists that much easier. Thus it feeds the enemies within our gates. If the far left in this country continues in this degrading disrespect for our president and our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, all of America may well reap the bad seeds it sows.

By continuing this fight, the far left gives aid and comfort to terrorist cells here in America, every bit as much as the insurgents in Iraq and anyplace else they call home! The left has shown where its ?loyalties? lie, and has essentially assumed the role of America?s homegrown enemy.

Fatwas are inspired and stimulated by liberal American big mouths speaking seditious lies! Terrorism is all of America’s problem, and that includes those who seem to believe they can somehow play games with the proper American response to it without endangering themselves and their families. Wake up, those of you on the left. It also is your own future, your own security, and your nation that is at stake!

Sadly YES– And shame on you!


It would be free verse poetry if only the lines were a bit shorter.


Is it time to deliver to Marie a cease & desist crayoned onto a cow?
She’s totally stalking your blog, guys. Plus I think she called you traitors. Harsh response, for teaching her to use spellcheck.


Marie, I know for a fact that Seb is the most patriotic person out there.

And I like how in your rant about healthy political discourse you call everyone on the left, and every democrat an unpatriotic, treasonous, “bomb-thrower.” Way to bring up the level of discourse.


I’m trying not to say anything just yet. This is indeed a perfect moment.


Hm, by Marie’s reasoning I can also assume that my alarm clock is responsible for the sun coming up everyday! Never a day goes by that the sun is not up when my alarm clock goes off!

She’s brilliant, I tell ya! Brilliant!


Jeebus, Marie–drone-on much?


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