Amber (hearts) Sadly, No!

Yes, it’s true! At last our love for the precocious Amber is rewarded: The Precious has mentioned your humble servants on her favorite Internet Amateur Intellectuals Bulletin Board:


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God, this is too much …

Interact with the management

Right back at you Amber — kiss kiss!

Note to Tom: Amber loves you too.


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Seb, I think this means you have truly arrived. I expect a Donald Luskin-Atrios smackdown fest sometime soon.


To her credit, I found this in Amber’s essay “Money is the _cure_ of all Evil”:

‘The theme among all of evil as been victimology, i.e. “I am depraved in some way through no fault of my own” and class warfare, i.e “I have identified the group of people responsible for my depravity and I am going to get revenge.”‘

I thought this was great, until I realized that she was NOT talking about Andrew Sullivan, and I gave up…


Amber’s posts at ‘Stand Your Ground’: 1579

The mind reels. And reels and reels.


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