The government of New London, CT is just like Saddam Hussein’s was

So sayeth Star “Not Jones” Parker:

Now I fear that our family’s legacy is not secure. The government can show up in the night _ in a fashion not all that different from the world of Saddam Hussein that our American troops have fought and died to depose _ to take away our property.

Which is exactly what happened in Connecticut. Exactly.


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I think Star is breaking new ground in wingnut grammer by replacing dashes with underscores _ and I for one applaud this development.


I agree with Hemlock. Star is the James Joyce of wingnuttery.


Shorter Star Parker:

I already had my five abortions, screw the rest of you.


Whipped Jesus in a brown butter sauce, she doesn’t even get the name of the case right. “Kelso”?


I’ve been in that neighborhood

the police are afraid to got there at night.


“In a liberal world, we live forever in a social experiment and our reality is the result of whatever thinking happens to be in vogue among the social engineers.”

_besides the obvious strawman she’s building here_did she just use the word “vogue” and “engineers” in the same sentence?!


I don’t know what to think about the New London decision. On the one hand, the place really needs some economic developent. On the other, the people that actually live in New London aren’t gonna get the good jobs at the new office park and the place is kind of corrupt, so I imagine that somehow connected individuals are making money. If only the Soviets were to come back to power, there’d be work at Electric Boat again, making nuclear subs.

Ah well. So long as the Dutch Tavern remains intact.


the new london decision is a really bad decision.

this ruling is about an instance in which the government wanted to seize the property of disenfranchised minorities and hand it over to wealthy companies.

and that’s just the specific case this ruling was about.

this ruling could be used by the state government of alabama to seize the state branch of the aclu and hand it over to a megachurch saying that the megachurch’s indoor starbucks, mall and movie theater will “improve” the communities economy.

this was a horrendous ruling.


I was wondering does anyone know if the Marriot is going through or not?

I was hoping for some clarification. Many thanks.


This is italics…


Another kind….


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