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This. It’s not exactly news to those who read the blogs (or attend to Hersh), and neither is the coverup — although the violation of the court order is less than a day old.

But a tiny little corner of irony that intrudes into the affair, unheralded, is that John A. of Americablog is gay — and that this item comes directly amidst a time in which gay, male Americans are being slandered by the right as ‘pedophiles,’ and by extension, rapists.

Insert smiley, safely-ironic emoticon for “bashing Republicans’ brains out with a log.”

And a shot of Maker’s Mark for John, who also gets the next jukebox pick. (Our last was Donnie Iris’s “Ah, Leah” — fer which no comment aesthetically.)


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Were you aware that Donny Iris was previously Donny Ierace of The Jaggerz, famous for their one hit, “The Rapper?”

Well – were you?


John A — he is no doubt one of America’s greats today. Which is why I’m surprised that he didn’t make it into the top 100 of Bernie Goldberg’s list of Americans who are destroying America (Yet Rush’s drug-induced blatherings are good for America)


As keeper of All Uselesss Pop-Culture Trivia,I knew that, Rod. I kinda like both records, but not as much as “Love Is Like A Rock”.


It’s funny how groups of bigots almost always seem to engage in some hard-core Freudian style projection. I’m not some huge Freud disciple or anything, but it seems that the explanation which most neatly accounts for all the facts is that bigotry of a certain stripe arises from a deeply internalized sexual anxiety.

I just finished watching “Birth of a Nation” for a class I’m taking. If you’re not familiar with the film, it’s a D.W. Griffith production of 1915 which basically brought about the rebirth of the KKK in America. It’s a civil war/reconstruction drama with the standard line about how happy all the slaves were down on the plantation, but the real driving narrative of the film is that “Negroes want our white women”. And any white person who worked for the emancipation of Americans of color only did so because of their “unnatural lust” for interracial sex.

What makes it ironic is that in just about every slave narrative dealing with a female slave I’ve ever read, mention is made of how some white man, usually her owner, forced her to have sex with him. Such rapes are always justified on the part of the men with talk of how their slaves “wanted it”, or were animals with no real capacity to say no, anyway.

So, while the proslavery forces were accusing African Americans and their white supporters of being crazed, lust-filled animals, the men of the proslavery forces themselves were acting like crazed, lust-filled animals.

I think of this often when I hear (putatively) straight men talking about how gay men want to do nothing so much as rape little boys. I think it becomes even more relevant when you look at the crime stats that show that almost all men convicted of child sexual abuse are self-identified heterosexuals.

Homophobic men scare me, and for reasons beyond just the obvious.


Well said, Jillian.


No kidding. Thanks for the insights, Jillian.
I’m not a huge Freud fan, either, but lately it has seemed to me that more and more of what “liberals” get accused of is transference.
I note it most clearly among fundamentalist evangelicals who seem sincerely to believe that by not having a set of ten commandments to follow, non-Christians must be immoral criminals: “If there’s no hell, there’s no reason not to murder or rape or steal.”
Sometimes this is followed by a comment that the religious person in question *would* do X, if they knew there was no (religious) reason not to.
It’s an odd assertion, seeming to completely overlook the notion that if it’s okay to go around stealing from people because there’s no (again, religious) law against it, then it’s okay for people to steal stuff from you.

Suddenly morality is about what you can get away with rather than doing unto others, patriotism is about yellow magnets instead of not endangering those we rely on for information, and sexual deviance is about *anything* but consent.


Merely the stuff of fraternity initiations — the type of fraternity that would have Rush and Sean for members.


I note it most clearly among fundamentalist evangelicals who seem sincerely to believe that by not having a set of ten commandments to follow, non-Christians must be immoral criminals: “If there’s no hell, there’s no reason not to murder or rape or steal.”

Indeed. I’m an atheist, and folks are constantly using this one on me, not seeming to grasp that I have absolutely no desire to engage in any of these activities, and that I find their reluctance to do so merely because of their big bad skybuddy’s say-so to be much scarier than my lack of belief in said skybuddy.

And the run-on-sentence-of-the-year award goes to…


Earlier this evening this message went to Mr. Americablog:
Dear John,
HAHAHAHAHA!- Sorry, as a straight male I never pictured myself writing that line!!! But seriously, love ya dude! Keep up the good work and all the best to


At the risk of making a joke about something that really is not funny–yeah, I know, but what the hell, I’m used to it…

Those boys were just askin’ to be violated with chemical light sticks–did you see the way that they were dressed?


Yes, I’m a bad, bad person. But at least when they line me up against a wall to shoot me, I’ll be able to crack-wise about it….


D.Sidhe, could you explain what you mean about transference in the case of liberals? I know about transference and am intrigued, but what this means is not gelling for me. thanks,Lucy.


Oh, man. Sorry, Lucy. Rereading, I expect I meant “projection”. I know I was spending more time on the other half of that sentence, since I didn’t really mean liberals as in people who hold a certain ideology, but more people who the extended family of the right wing (the fundamentalists, the family values people, the supply-side economics folks, the war-cheerleaders, the Bush-pushers, etc), notorious for this sort of behavior, like to demonize.
So I was trying to find a word that didn’t sound stupid, and actually never accomplished that either.
Sorry for the confusion, you’re right, that was completely a weird word to use.
In my own defense, I had some surgery done last week and am still on painkillers. On the other hand, only an idiot would be trying to be coherent while drugged up, so, uh, just feel free to point and laugh.
D. “Rush” Sidhe


Oh, D.Sidhe, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was a mistake. Don’t you worry about misspeaking, and I hope you feel better soon. Don’t forget to write lots while you’re still on painkillers, though, because I’m sure you will come up with some interesting and hilarious stuff.




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