When we left…

…our SadNo staff and their dread cat minions, they were being attacked by Skippy the Bush Kangaroo in a battle-mech suit.

best robot kangaroo.jpg
“ha ha! i am going to give you a million hits…in your pants!”

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Gah!!! Tell Seb to put on some pants!!!


Hey, I thought the Sadly, No team didn’t have balls between their legs. The Seb picture clearly shows balls and oh so much more; if you know what I mean, and I think that you do.


I think Seb looks kind of hot. Not that I am gay or anything….


That robotic battle-cat is my new Lord and Savior. I am totally starting a new religion based on that picture.


I thought maybe y’all had given up on this like ‘Assfull’.


I totally have an episode of that half-finished. I thought people were getting kind of tired of it.


It’s not like we’re paying for subscriptions here. Who cares what we’re tired of?


Wait, you’re not paying? They’re charging me an assload to come here!


Thanks for the picture of the robotic cat. I didn’t realize there was a market for props from Battlefield Earth, but you’ve proved me wrong.


Tired of “Assful”? Feck no! If you are tired of writing it, that’s one thing. But I think I speak for everyone here who is me when I say that I would like to see the sordid story continue. This twat snorkler thanks you.


Well, Yosef, you know. Ladies snicker free and all.


I cannot stand cute cats at Eschaton. I like the rest of the stuff, but then I must come here for an antidote, to appeciate cats in all their dangerous grandeur.

You there be a book version? IMHO, you could make an e-book and sell for actual dollars.


Atrios’ cats aren’t “cute”; they’re fat and evil and lazy and probably gay.


rp, you shouldn’t be equating fat, lazy and evil and gay- did you mean straight? Atrios’ cats are merely dead. He wears them as mufflers when it gets cold, when he is out J. Edgar Hooverin’.

I want this series to never end. I just want to see the cat in the VW over an over again. And diaper guy.


I wasn’t equating anything, I was merely listing 4 attributes that I believe apply to Atrios’ cats. There is no neccessary relationship between those attributes.


the best laugh I’ve had all night. (And at work I have to deal with Battle Mech suits all day!)


The picture is actually a giant “Mecha-Dog”. Its got a little rat in the head controlling it. I had the link a while back on how the guy designed it etc..it was pretty cool.


Here’s the link to the guy’s site.

I was wrong, its actually a cockroach in the pilot suit. I think a rat would’ve been more apropriate. But who am I to criticize 8 million hours of work?


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