Oh no!

Blue Bug.jpg
[Erk! Putt-putt-putt…]

“Is that you, cat minion?”

“Mrowwr! Brad, they put pickles on it, and I asked them not to. But they did it anyway! And there’s another thing too!”

“Oh, my! Oh, my!”

“I hope they didn’t give you french fries instead of onion rings.”

[Thplth!] “I would’ve gotten you something at Nathan’s.”

“Nah, hot dogs are great for baseball games, but sometimes you just want a burger. Gah, can you believe this new Judie Brown column? What a fucktard.”

“O-wow, oh-no! I got the onion rings and the BBQ sauce too, but there’s something else. If you look out the window, you’ll see…”

“My God, It’s Skippy!”

best robot kangaroo.jpg
“ha ha! in this advanced battle armor i will wipe them from blogtopia (ywctf!)”


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Brad doesn’t really look like that, BTW.


Yeah yeah, he only has acne on his nads, yada yada. I mean that’s what I heard.

Why don’t you guys have crap to buy? I would buy the entire line of sweat pants (great for wiping cheeto on) of “Is that you, cat minion?”



That’s not Skippy, that’s the robot created by his future son, sent back in time to kill all of us!

Wait, no. I’m thinking about Terminator. My bad.


Ha ha. That last picture is classic. Our suburbs, infiltrated by cheaply constructed killbots! Noooo!


Brad doesn’t really look like that, BTW.

Of course that’s not a real picture of Brad. To imagine what a real picture of him might look like, replace the hoodie with a black dress (but a tasteful one, much like Laura Bush might wear; not the slutty kind like Ben Shapiro’s mother wears), the bottle of coke with a kiwi rum slurpie, and the desk and computer with Carey Roberts wearing a diaper and covered with vasoline. That would be what Brad (&etc) really looks like.


He might look like me if he dropped 70 pounds…


Incidentally, this is getting pretty damn funny. And yes, I read that Julie Brown column about the rise of the Mega Apes, and it really was one of the stupidest things I’ve read since, well, yesterday…


The article about super apes and embryos-are-babies is retarded, but the worst thing on that site is that they have an add promoting a boycott of Salma Hayek! I’m sorry, but that’s just evil.


Could you -please- tell me where you found that last picture? It looks… disturbingly familiar. In a ‘I think I know that guy’ kind of way…


His name is Kevin Kelm, and he’s done a bunch of other projects including this yellow-ribbon thingy:



OH NO! Skippy’s reached a million!

(We’ll work on getting you one million, too….cuz we’re into sharing and all….besides, how can we resist the mustachioed kitty?)


I used to have the identical car! (then skippy borrowed it to create an evil robot or some such thing …)

like jill says, we’ll send people your way. you deserve that million!


Oh,I know what you’re up to,devious Skippy Pushers. No matter what tantilizing tidbits you dangle in front of me, I will never click on Skippy’s link.

Even though I’m drawn almost irresitably to the social and political debauchery that is said to be served up at that kangaroo ghetto, if I click on the link, the Roos win!

I will not be a part of that! Never! No matter what occurs!!!


not to put a damper on anyone’s fun, but that robot looks more like wiley e. coyote to me…



Sadly Yes Blog… Oh Sadly No!
Marie 🙂


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