La lucha continua

“Hey Brad!”

“What? I’m working on this Renew America thing with the…”

“The plan is a failure — we’re not getting any traffic from the attack on Skippy, and the cats are all in an uproar. We need help! Where’s Seb?”

“…Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux! Car ton bras sait porter l’?p?e…”


cat driving car.jpg
“Rrowrr! Brad said no pickles, and I hope he doesn’t notice I had to pick them off. I wish they’d get an order right one of these… Wha? Oh no! Hfspth! I must report this immediately!”


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That’s not what I look like, FYI…


True, but I used authentic photos for all the rest, including the talking cat you sent out to Burger King an hour ago.


Toonces! You can’t really drive!!!!!!


“Ah, Toonces, you crashed the car AND got hair on my Whopper. Jeez. And I can still taste the pickle juice. C’mon, Toonces, can you give me a break for once, I gotta work on this post.”


Seb’s outfit is pretty gay (not to mention French… same thing, anyway…).


Seb, I hope you end up with the yellow jersey, but it might class with your cape.


Don’t pick on Seb! At least he doesn’t have chronic acne like me and Brad!


Hey! The only place I get acne is my nads!

Wait, I didn’t mean to say that…


Brad’s got herpes, herpes herpes herpes! (That possibly the best disease name ever, btw).
Curses- the offensive was ineffective…
There must be a spy amonst our number!


Seb’s sexier than I ever could have imagined!

Oh, and Brad: Yes, I had to stop using Nad’s, too, ‘cos of the pimple problem…Good luck with that!


Guys, this is ridiculous. Seriously, just plain stupid.

There’s no way a cat would drive an old Bug.


It would if it were trying to stay hidden from our marsupial enemies whilst performing errends or delivering lunch to the Sadly, No! secret bunker complex.

We must stay the course against these marsupial killers global and those who give them comfort.

We shall prevail…


Hmm, aparently the sadly, yes links lead to Sadly,No’s forums…

that’s got to be fraudulent.


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