A twist in the tale…

Ruthless death kitties, have the remains of the criminal Skippy been recovered yet?

Rrowr, nein! Der Bushkangaroo ist alive, und has become ein Escapedbushkangaroo.

Oh no. Is Skippy planning something terrible?

Mroww! According to our analysis, he appears to be, as you say, planning something terrible. Growl, hssfthp!

Oh no. Oh, we simply didn’t do any post-invasion planning. This is FUBAR! It’s ROFLOL, WWJD FUBAR!

[+ thanks to marq for cat repair]


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Is that Hitler-cat for real?


I think we’ll be okay if we take a moment, rethink our situation, and relax to a tune from the house band. That fucking marsupial can’t be far.


Oh God, Hitler-cat.


G, I told you not to put Rumsfeld in charge of the cats. His work with postwar Iraq should’ve been warning enough…


If you look closely at the recent videotapes Skippy sent out to his terror network, you can tell he has had some kind of kidney failure. So I wouldn’t even worry about trying to find him now.

Or do you want to try to go into a region of land that no foreign kitten government has ever been able to take?

From the Moon Palace

That cat is photoshopped. Your mockery of the Divine Feline is tallied. Your evil ways and glee at feline torture is duly noted.

You should be afraid of Skippy, very afraid.

Now that he has surpassed the million-mark milestone he has undergone a metamorphosis and has changed from being the Great Skippy, Eater of Capitals to the Super Magnifique Skippy, the Grand Roo of Elation. Whereas you are only a cranky minor minion in the family of Periplaneta Americana Blattidae, and your co-blogger (Not Seb. Never Seb!) is a very minor minion in the family of Gromphadorhina Portentosa Blaberidae in the Kingdom of Blogotopia (Y! SCTP!).


And fiendishly, his minion Cookie Jill sends his faithful to read your site, raise your hits, and seduce you into reconciliation and mutual love!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!


That cat is photoshopped.
On the upper lip? Maybe. But if so, it was like that when I found’t.


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