But Marie, what would you do without us?

PeoplePolitical‘s ’email bage’ has been definitely resolved into not an ’email page,’ but an ’email bag.’ Thanks again to you-know-who.


Meanwhile, Marie Jon’ writes publicly to Jeff-Perado:

Please feel free to write us back, but next time use a much darker crayon.

Even as she simultaneously writes privately to Jeff-Perado:

Do not show up in my mail again you self absorbed small time twit!

We’d be like, “Snur-hur-hur! Leave it to Marie Jon’ to misspell ‘twat,'” but that wouldn’t be nice.


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I love how her traffic spikes when we link to her.


Hey, we beat the People’s Truth Forum too…


That’s a nice graph and all, and on first glance you would think that it proves your point. But if you remember her next sentence in the private email, she moved from NY to LA. That is some serious Big-time shit there. Only the biggest of the big move from NY to LA.

Not so smug now are ya’?


Outstanding reasoning there, Yosef. I hear Renew America’s looking for new columnists 😉


Well, it does sound like that’s what she was trying to say. She’s pretty incomprehensible, so I thought I’d take a shot out at helping her. Seriously, her writing is worse than Kerry Marsala’s.

BTW, I finally clicked over to the site for the first time. What’s with the constant automatic refreshing going on there (or is it just me?)

One more thing – I was just wondering if Mr. Smith has written anything new lately.


In that context “self-absorbed” should take a hyphen.


Not so smug now are ya’?


And born in New York! Only the very biggest of the big-timers are born in New York!


Wait, who’s Mr. Smith? Did I forget something again?


He was some crazed nut over at The Rant (I believe) that Brad had a couple of posts on. I think it was back when you had lost your password.


Oh, this guy?

There’s a new Darr and a new Hagin there, but the mysterious Mr. Smith seems to be hiding out lately. I’ll try searching the site — he’s a guaranteed must-read.

I think Brad might be over at S.Z.’s place, where that other doppelganger Yosef was just making fun of us.


I wouldn’t trust that Yosef. He’s not a good guy.


Looks like she took my emailed suggestion to her. She changed “open minded” to include a hyphen…but then she went and capitalized it! And enclosed it in quotes! Damn.


Jeez, you suggested that? So she’s totally relying on us as her proofreaders, but doesn’t acknowledge it?


“Small-time” should take a hyphen too.


So she’s totally relying on us as her proofreaders, but doesn’t acknowledge it?

Exactly! We do the work for her. But, please, do not use even the tiniest little bit of snark, or she’ll call you a moron (even though she is the one with the grammar deficiency)…


I hear Renew America’s looking for new columnists

Surely, as the hottest young conservative writer on the internets, Yosef is not only already writing for Renew America under some pen name, but many other wingnut outlets as well. Right, Yosef?


maybe if she tried some AbsorbShun ™ she’d be a happier person….


Viv- Ineither admit nor deny that I am really George Will or Pastor Swank.


Oh, here I was thinking you were Alan Keyes.


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