P.S.: Wah!

This certainly demands a link.

Not to mention Retardo’s encyclopedaic 2005 Wingnut All-Star Team.

Have we been blind? How did we miss these? We’re worthless!


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sz is insulting you guys. bring on the ugly cats. if I hit my refresh button a couple of million times, will that help? not that I would, but it’s the thought that counts.


We totally heart the crap out of you, remember to read ep 1 first, boys!


Thanks for the link.

Any suggestions for more teams/players to add? I’m sort of stuck.

So far I’ve got:

Denver Dickheads: Nixon apologists like Stein, Liddy, and Buchanan

Hartford Hypocrites: Busted fuckos like Limbaugh and Bill Bennett.

Transylvania Trustfunders: The unholy spawn of wingnuts; the beneficiaries of nepotism. J-Pod, Michael Reagan, Bill Kristol

Nashville Nitwits: wingnut celebrities like Charlie Daniels, Ron Silver, Toby Keith, etc

Phoenix Phalangists: hard-right catholic wingnuts. buckley, k-lo.

Baltimore Blunder Twins: Janeceks and Brothers Judd

Sacramento Sell-outs: black and brown wingnuts, the Uncle Toms. Dinesh D’Dipshit, Sowell, Williams

Roswell Resident Aliens: all foriegn wingnuts not from Canadia or Britain. There’s one French nutjob whose name i forget, and Dr. Kraphammer. I need help with this one.

Las Vegas Lysenkoists: I need some wingnuts who concentrate on global warming, anti-environmentalism, etc. Do I have to read Tech Central Station to find them?


Retardo – Put Pat Sajak in there somewhere. He definitely needs to be in some list somewhere.


Retardo, You forgot the sports guys ‘n gals. I am definitely NOT the expert on this (Brad, help me out), but didn’t one of the pitchers from the 2004 World Series come out for Bush after the Series? I’m sure there’s more Bushies. A lot of black pro football players were pro-Bush last year because they thought it would mean less taxes that they’d have to pay. (I remember reading an article in the Dallas Morning Snooze about that…Ok, I admit that I just skimmed it, but I seem to remember part of a quote: “Bush is a Republican and aren’t Republicans against taxes?”)
So far, I’ve listed only sports guys. I don’t recall any wingnut sports gals, except for Debbie Schussel (MENSA member) who, although she herself does not deign to participate in sports, seems obsessed with the sexuality and femininity of female race car drivers and WNBA players.
I’m too lazy to google any of this sports stuff, but it should be a category, too.


Yeah, Cynthia. How about that idiot Tom Brady – Bush’s boy at the State of the Union speech. C’mon Brad, try and defend Brady.


Now you’re recommending link to racists? How far the “progressive” community has fallen…


Scare quotes. Very tired, that.


How about that idiot Tom Brady – Bush’s boy at the State of the Union speech. C’mon Brad, try and defend Brady.

He’s an athlete. You don’t expect professional athletes, generally speaking, to be politically progressive (honorable exception to the great left-hander/winger Bill Lee, who pitched for the Sox in the ’70s). The best you can hope for is that they’re not neo-fascists like Mike Ditka.


Plus, he’s won three Superbowls in four years. Were it Peyton “Waaaaaah, I’m supposed to wi-hi-hi-in, it’s not fay-yer!” Manning, I wouldn’t be so forgiving.


Scare? No, not scare, faux is a much better term. Aside from the obvious consideration that there’s nothing progressive about the vulgarity with which Retardo introduces the 2005 Wingnut All-Stars, there’s also nothing progressive about racism.

The quotes are a useful shorthand means of identifying erroneous labels. “Progressive” is an erroneous label for anybody who approvingly links to Retardo’s list.


ooh, please tell me how I’m a racist!! is it for calling dinesh d’souza, who wrote the ultimate racist tract of the last decade, a sell-out?

or is it something else? im dying to know.


You’re certainly not saying that wingnuttery is genetic? I’m not getting the ‘racism’ accusation here.


“He’s an athlete. You don’t expect professional athletes, generally speaking, to be politically progressive…”

Why not? They’ve got access to the same information the rest of us do. They live in the same world.

Face it, Brady is a trophy for Bush. And he sucks and so does his team. They’re going to go downhill this year!

Okay, so I’m really not even trying to make a political argument here. I just hate New England as a football team. Not as much as Philadelphia, but still pretty bad.


Whew! I was worried bikerdad was talking about me for criticizing Pat Sajak and Tom Brady…


Yosef, you’re just racist against gameshow hosts and Superbowl MVPs 😉


BTW, Gavin, here’s the permalink:


I know it was easy to miss, like Canada, all tucked away down there.


Got it; changed the link. Thanks!


You’re welcome, you racist fellow-traveller!

Some “progreassive” you are!


D’Souza? Where’d you call him a sell-out? oh, yeah, somewhere in the part of your rant that you’ve blasted into cyberoblivion in order to cover your tracks. Frankly, it wasn’t D’Souza that caught my eye, it was Sowell and Williams. Calling them sell-outs. Sell-outs to what? Blacks? Only a racist considers race something that demands allegiance.

As for Brady? I gotta go with Brad. He’s an athlete, and unless you’re going to go after every athlete who ever goes to the White House or entertainer who plays Kennedy Center, I think Yosef is getting just a wee bit moonbatty there. Not surprising given the guano carpeting y’all have here.



I repeat from earlier: “Okay, so I’m really not even trying to make a political argument here. I just hate New England as a football team. Not as much as Philadelphia, but still pretty bad.”

Nice try at reading comprehension though! You’ll get it one day, I’m sure.


Wait, Bikerdad’s still here.

I just posted a message at that SpatulaCity site looking for a new troll, thinking he was only going to pop in every few days or so.

Sorry about that, Bikerdad.



Even with the power of the backspace and delete keys at your command, you still have the chutzpah to take a couple of cheap political shots at Bush and Brady, and then go on to claim you don’t want to start a political argument. That makes as much sense as stepping into a Hell’s Angels bar, yelling out “Mongols rule!”, then saying “but I don’t want to start a fight.” Gee, if you don’t want to make a political argument, then don’t make a political argument, especially in a thread devoted to bashing folks based on their political perspectives. Simple, eh?

As for whether New England (or Philly, or the Packers, or …) “sucks”, well, the Lombardi Trophy in their lobby tells us otherwise. They may be toads, schmucks, nebishes, troglodytes, trolls, or even … right wing Republicans gasp!, but they don’t, by any objective measure, “suck.”

In the interests of full disclosure, I’m not a fan of New England. The extent of my emotional attachments with football teams is a deep and abiding detestation for the Raiders. In the interests of comity though, I will grant that in ways that are deeply meaningful to you, the New England Patriots suck. Like a Hoover.

or maybe like Barney Frank.


I’ll be around on occasion. All the ultrasonic twittering here helps to clean the blood of those I stomp on while oppressing the masses from the soles of my shoes.


Yosef and Cynthia: I found a good link to Ditka, so I can use him. There’s probably something out there on the vile Al Leiter and annoying Curt Schilling, too, so there’s enough for a jock rightwinger entry. Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll use it.

Leatherdad — Yes, D’Souza, too. And Sowell was an easy choice. If you could be a pal and get me a site that has transcripts of Michael Reagan’s TV show, I’ll gladly demonstrate Sowell’s self-loathing. He’s not just about Free Kidney Trade, you know.


Bikerdad- What were the political cheapshots I took? When I said that Brady was at the SOTU? If that was a cheapshot, then I’m sorry. Okay, Tom Brady was never the Bush’s guest at the SOTU.

Jesus. In the words of a wise man: “Lighten up.”


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