Sieg Kyle! = no longer a funny potential headline

From Salvage (in comments), we find this startling item, showing that…

Yeah yeah, John Roberts, Karl Rove. No, you don’t understand: Today was the day we learned that Wingnutosis, that dread bacillus in the body politic, that cruel leveler of mind and spirit — is curable. (Apparently even Supercalifragilistic Extra-Wingnutosis.) Check this from Kyle Williams’s blog. This is in addition to earlier revelations, below.

Yow. Clearly there’s a twistier, more challenging road of faith and reason ahead for Kyle than expected, after his having been home-schooled all his life and groomed as a conservative spokesman since the age of 13 or so. But there also seems to be a decent, principled guy under that bad haircut — and the haircut might even work in a slightly retro indie-rock kind of way, given the right wardrobe, one has to imagine. Or perhaps that’s generous. And maybe it (not the haircut) also has something to do with the evangelicals souring on the GOP after a particularly bait-and-switchy election season.

And yes, we know — John ‘the Dread Pirate’ Roberts. But the reaction to his nomination in Evangelical Wingnutistan is pretty blah so far, what with the rollingest of the rollers having, it seems, expected the prophet Jeremiah to be named to the bench, and the court forthwith to declare the Constitution unconstitutional, and Jesus’s picture to be on the dollar bill, and all that sort of thing.

But even so, the thing with Kyle makes one wonder what changed, what the pivotal moment might have been. Did Satan appear with a sulfurous bang, saying, “Behold: a Heritage Foundation fellowship. This kingdom, Kyle, is yours,” and was Kyle like, “Uh-oh — it’s Satan. This really says a bunch”…

Well, we won’t know until we ask him. Details as they, etc.


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I hear that the “Magic smoke” can ease some of the pain associated with Wingnutosisitis.


Plus it also helps ease some of my nausea when I’ve been exposed to those afflicted with wingnutosisitis.


Also, I’m not sure what the words “sufurous bang” mean. My english dictionary didn’t seemed to know either. It sounds vaguely like either a perverted act or a Dervish playing the drums.


Also, I’m not sure what the words “sufurous bang” mean. My english dictionary didn’t seemed to know either.

See, if you’d used smell check, it would’ve said…

Okay, seriously: When a guy spells ‘supercalifragilistic’ correctly from memory, it oughta grant a few points toward the occasional typo.


I think Kyle is ready for an intervention with David Brock. The cognitive dissonance frequency of reality vs. ideology is beginning to heat his brain to the melting point.


I have to admit I’m of two minds about this: on the one hand, it’s always heartening to see someone mature and become a responsible, thinking, caring, and consequently liberal adult.

On the other, given that two centuries of compounded successes by liberalism and failures by reactionary philosophies haven’t convinced the generic American conservative, maybe we should begin to wonder if being a George W. Bush Republican isn’t a choice, but rather some kind of genetic or developmental problem — a kind of neocon neoteny, if you will. If this is the case, then we, as liberals, should stop trying to “cure” them, but rather, embrace their diversity, and extend the hand of sympathy to this unlucky, disadvantaged group.

And also put public money into spaying & neutering them.


Maybe Kyle is more wily than we all suspected. Of course, my belief is that he’s a mole trying to get into our good graces.


Folks, there is hope. My husband talked to a client today, a staunch (former) Bush supporter. You see, the Scooter-Rove thing, has frightened this NRA member who sees it as a political maneuver, covered up by lies to protect a lie that has caused the death of many in the (red) heartland. He views it as treason and un-American. This is someone who formerly feared Democrats and viewed them in such terms. He’s also frightened by our debt and by China holding bonds on so much of our debt. He’s appalled at the waste of money and fraud that is coming to light in the Iraqi boondoggle. He’s come round in a Fox News-saturated, rural, red-state area, and he can’t be the only one. Eventually, reality gives everyone a severe whack on the forehead.
Ok, enough seriousness. Bring on the snark and the evil kitties!


Tellingly, my mother, a two-term Bush supporter, removed Bush and Laura’s photo from her fridge door. And when refering to Iraq last night, she put it as ‘the conf…*mumble* in Iraq’. In short, she couldn’t bring herself to say ‘the war in Iraq’ and could barely even mutter the word ‘Iraq’.

I believe that shame, long absent, is now slowly creeping into the minds of Republicans of conscience.


Sometimes young people get the notion in their heads to follow the truth wherever it leads, no matter the cost. Kyle may well be one of them.


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