Things that make you go hmm…

You have to read Den Beste today.
When you do, you will slap your forehead and wonder why no one’s said this already.
Then you’ll remember that Den Beste is a genius. link

This praise for a SDB post that trots out his favorite mythical beast, transnational progressivism. We never know whether we should laugh or cry reading about conservatives convinced that they are at the forefront of a great battle against the forces of world government. Oh well, at least there’s this entry in the Wingnut Debate Dictionary:

den Beste ex machina – The creation of a fake political movement, such as Transnational Progressivism, that has virtually no basis in reality in order to disparage ideological opponents

We would link to the Den Beste post, but they’re all essentially the same. Indeed, one of D-Squared’s very first Shorter Steven Den Beste can be adapted for any post:

My dislike of the French is independent of any facts about the world.

Just replace French with whatever he’s whining about, and voil


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I’m timing out when I go from that link to Den Beste.
If there are no transnational progressives, why has our genius been silenced? Explain that!


I suppose SDB just thinks “Transnational Progressivism” sounds like a fitting opponent for Star Fleet.


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