This Can’t Be Serious… Can It?

Does WorldNetDaily have a sense of humor? They can’t really be serious with this can they?


Taco Bell has beef with U.N.?

Restaurant chain serves up slogan that seems to slam global body

Does Taco Bell have some kind of beef with the United Nations?

A franchise of the Mexican-style fast-food chain had some people wondering that this week, as the marquee sign in front of a Taco Bell on U.S. Highway 1 in Jensen Beach, Fla., proclaimed a slight twist to its “Think outside the bun” slogan.

The message read, “Think outside the UN.”

This seems stupid even by WND’s standards. I really hope they haven’t developed a sense of humor- it’d make trashing them so much less enjoyable.


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Oh my god, I think they ARE serious!

Prudence Goodwife

It’s officlal, wingnuts are retarded, literally. I don’t mean stupid, I mean developementally disabled. 4 year olds can fill in the blanks. These guys must have a hard time with Wheel of Fortune. Don’t even try to challenge them to a game of hangman.


It’s gotta be a joke. Even their mental giant hero, Terri Schiavo, can realize that the “B” had fallen off the sign; and she’s blind (and dead)!


Prudence, just imagine trying to play Scrabble with them..

Wingnut: “These letters don’t spell anything!”
Liberal: “Well try moving them around.”
Wingnut: [picks up rack of letter and walks into the kitchen.] “Nope, they still don’t spell anything in here either.”

source f/k/a anon.

Reminds me of the time I saw a sign at a VW dealership that said “_rivers wanted.” so I came back the next day with Joan Rivers hog-tied in my trunk demanding my reward. Boy, was I _ed. Rivers was pretty nonp_ussed too I might add.


Clearly this is wingnut “humor”.

“Hehaw, hehaw, the letter done falled off and spelled sumthing purty funnie, ya bet. Just think if it readed ‘gay’ or sumthing, hehaw, hehaw!”

Again this just proves the point that Conservatives are nothing but monkeys with car keys.


uh oh… It’s the revenge of Cletus the slack-jawed yokel!


They were also flummoxed as to why so many McDonald’s signs announced “I’m Lovi Nit”.


Sweet Jesus, reading these comments has made me shitteth my pants with laughter and, in an uncontrollable snort, cut off oxygen to my brain. With these credentials, I’ll be a Korner Kid in no time! Thanks, Sadly No!


Last year the Burger King on the way to work had “Try New Anus Burger” on their sign for several days.


A local KFC had a sign, “2 PC CHIX – $2.99.”
Pretty cheap price on PC chicks, no doubt.


Headline: “Taco Bell linked to Coulter Protest at the United Nations

The sign reads: “Thin Outside The un


Joesph Farah Blows oats.


Matt: Echoes of some local tagger/punk kids who upped the ante and took out the “g” in one of the glowy “Black Angus” signs.


Yea, it had to be deliberate. There was no space where the g would have been.


Gee, wonder how they would have reacted to the reader board at our local Burger King that read “Baked Pot”…


Conservatives are nothing but monkeys with car keys.

That would make a great bumper sticker!


Sorry, I thought that “Think outside the buns” was an anti-catholic slogan.


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