There he goes again!

Over at Clown Hall, David Limbaugh is all making like…what’s something between a fool and a monkey? A ‘baffoon.’ Making like a baffoon about…

“Reeow! Hsfpth! Is it time to attack Skippy yet?”

Ha ha. Oh, you know how cats love to gossip. No, evil kittycat minion, there are no such plans.

“But I thought you were just saying…”

Justin Darr, what are you doing hanging out here? Scat! Scoot!

Um, yes, David Limbaugh. Where does he get off talking like that? And we’re also working on a Brad Snyder thing. So we’ll be back later exactly like normal. Yeah.


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Holy Christ, are you mating two of the most potent wrestlers humanity has ever seen on the same ticket? Are you MAD?! Death Kitty had a record of 13-2-?, and David (I AM NOT!)Limbaugh has just recently lost the WFBE InterContinental Belt to Shiek Mohammand Al-Ergy. To put two of the most fecund Titans in the ring and expect anything but genocide is MADNESS!! MADNESS!! I pray for your soul….


I think that is the ugliest cat you have posted on this website, take it back please.


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