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They changed that graphic again at


And it looks Like Marie Jon’ (that’s how she spells it) has written a column and sent it out to old Edward Daley at the Daley Times-Post. It looks like someone, perhaps Ed, has helped edit it, because the punctuation and spelling is at a solid 8th-grade level.


It is time some Americans get off their blather and get real. Every day we here ad nauseam coming from the far left. Instead I am personally calling it for what it is, hate speech.

We’ve also been helping Jon’ a lot lately with her grammar and diction — and maybe I’m just some guy sitting on his blather, in this chair, but if I can just light a candle against the darkness here:

“It is time [that] some Americans get off their [rumpy-dumps] and get real. Every day[,] we here [at] [h]ad nausea[.] [C]oming from the far left[,] [i]nstead[,] I am personally calling it for what it is, hate speech.

This is not healthy political discourse that we are hearing. The radical ridiculous rhetoric has [r]ot to [r]op for the [r]ood of [r]all [R]a[r]erica.

[R]it is [r]ime for these verbal far[-]left bomb[-]throwers in all venues of the [r]edia to stop! Air America radio stations, for example, have their self[-]absorbed [cum guzzling ass-fuck monster twats] who not only misspeak, but also use filthy obscenities as part of their vocabulary.

We all just better wise up a people. We will[-a] be attacked[-a] again, just[-a] like in[na] London an[-na] Madrid.

If the far[-]left in this country continues in this degrading disrespect for our [P]resident[,] [Ass-cum Monster Fuck,] and our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, we will reap the [Nick Cave and the] bad seeds it sows.

The left will eventually become America’s problem and America’s home[-]grown[-smoking] enemies. There is very real [r]uth to the [r]adage[,] “loose [ass-fuck monster twats] sink ships.” Terrorists and terrorism is[-a] the [dick-whacking, poo-gobblers’] problem also! [R]atwas are[-a] [r]imulated by American [pee-gargling, monster ass-fuck dick-waving twat-snorkelers] speaking [r]editious [r]ies and using[-a] vulgar[-a] language while[-a] [r]oing [r]o!

Ralso, Rarl Rove reserves a redal.


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MAke it stop! Make it stop!!

Holy shit that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in ages!

Most Exhaulted Ned Limpopo

I here a lot of ad nauseam, but I’m staying on my blather.

Actually, I think that the editor was Pastor Swank. Reaping bad seeds sown seems kind of Swankish (Swanky?). Perhaps if he can only edit, the glossilia is contained and cannot reach the heights of the true Swank.


I must have music in my head because, for some reason, when I see “Marie Jon'”, I think I’m seeing something about Bonjovi.
And, apologies to Dave Barry, but wouldn’t Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds be a good name for a rock group?


Holy Crap! The Poor Man has posted about Kaye with ugly kitten photo included!!! We have a condition Red!!!!


I wish I was a fatwa



I prefer to have my fatwa stimulated by a missionary.

Know what I’m sayin? Eh? Eh?


I am glad to see I wasn’t the only one who saw the juvenile sex innuendo in that headline . . .


You’ve got a lot of nerve correcting someone else’s grammar/punctuation, Gavin ??”cum-guzzling” is supposed to be hyphenated when used as a compound modifier, ass-twat!

And apologies to Dave Barry and Cynthia, but wouldn’t Cum-Guzzling Ass-Fuck Monster Twats be a good name for a rock group?


I’ve managed to keep my American big mouth away from all that sown seed lately, so I’m a lot less fatwa. Of course, the ad nauseum has helped.

(I know, but let’s just consider the shame my own punishment, shall we?)


Great way to end my day at work! Thanks for the giggles, poo gobbling twat snorklers. I bet you’re great fun at parties and monster fuck rallies, Gavin, despite your fatwa.


monster fuck rallies


15 bucks a seat, but you’ll ONLY NEED THE EDGE!


God, I hope they have sitemeters there.


Filthy obscenities? That’s a little harshly rough.


Thanks for the giggle. I *heart* Sadly, No!


Remember, [r]only [r]ou can take a [muff-splitting fistula-sized] bite [r]outta crime. Ruff!


While looking for Marie Jon’ who is all over the Internet I came upon your site. Your site that only was given any recognition because of a very gorgeous looking and talented Marie. A mere blog on the Internet! You have balls and they are not between your legs! If nothing she is doing thing that jerks as you have no understanding of.


Sadly Yes! I visited People Political. I’m not sure why but for some reason you forgot to mention the response to the e-mail you sent to Marie Jon’. I think your readers will find it quite enlightening. Simply visit and click on the Hate Mailbag link on the main page.


I think Marie rocks with intelligence. What is the matter over here? She is to bright for you libs? I do not see the mistakes she makes. She nails it on the head. That is what gets you leftists. Marie has plenty of time to grow grammatically perfect.

To think she really appeals to the masses without showing a thigh. What a little woman and what a a peal of ” great price.”
James Abernathy


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