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SullyWatch and John Kusch comment on Sullivan’s incessant, spite-driven bashing of Angels in America (AIA.) Kusch is especially on target given Sullivan’s claim that 4.2 million viewers indicates that AIA is, well, crap:

Comparing Angels’ 4.2 million viewers to the 13 million who watched the Trista and Ryan’s Wedding is like comparing ratings for competitive men’s curling versus the Superbowl. …

While you go read the rest we’ll add a couple of things here: first, that the potential viewership for such work aired on paid cable is necessarily limited. According to HBO and Nielsen:

That made the first half of the six-hour drama, an AIDS-era epic adapted from the stage by Tony Kushner, the most-watched made-for-cable movie of the year, HBO said.

TV writers with knowledge of the industry (as opposed to grumpy, bitter and overpaid masters of copy and paste who only got cable a few days ago) had different views:

The numbers were down 30 percent from the Dec. 7 debut airing of the first part ? which pulled in a solid cable audience of 4.2 million.

As well as:

Over on the premium cable side, the second part of HBO’s ambitious “Angels in America” slumped to only 2.93 million viewers, ranking second for the week behind a screening of “Two Weeks Notice.”

Second for the week — will the gigantic failure never end? Since Sullivan appreciates idiotic comparisons, let us offer this one: 2.93 million viewers for the second half of Angels in America is more than the total number of unique monthly visitors to the Daily Dish for all of 2002.

And while it is unrelated, we can’t help but point out that for Thursday and Friday (as we write this) the total output of the $75,000/year man consists of:

Quotes from emails: 279 words.
Quotes from whatever-award nominees: 527 words.
Entries of no consequence whatsoever (InstaPundit length links to other blogs:) 101 words.
Original material (2 entries:) 521 words.

So next time you’re in New York City, please be sure to drop by the “offices” of to say hello and congratulations for the hard work. Strangely enough, they are located here:


Chelsea is now home to Manhattan?s most extraordinary new luxury apartment rentals. The Westminster, in a neighborhood already home to many of New York City?s finest art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants. The Westminster offers discerning New Yorkers the style and sophistication of an elegant pre-war building along with the luxurious finishes, services, and amenities of a 21st century luxury apartment, brilliantly conceived and designed by world-renowned architect Robert A. M. Stern. The Westminster is in a class by itself ? not just in Chelsea, but in the entire New York City portfolio of Related Rentals.

When we grow up, we want the editorial offices of Sadly, No! at the Trump Plaza. So please do fork over way over $75,000/year to help us, ok? Merci.



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