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Thanks to Gavin M. (scroll down or click here,) we discover Brad Snyder, which in turns leads us to click on the link to Marie Jon’ (well, she’s cute, and we already know Frank Salvato,) which takes us to PeoplePolitical.Org, whose motto is “Where it’s ok to be right.” Greeting us there is this rather interesting image:


So, among those issues “that your [sic] change your world,” we have terrorist attacks on the eve of the Olympic announcement (Sadly, No!), and the 12 bad people of the Supreme Court. (12 Angry Justices?)

Gentlemen, start your wingnuts!


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The stupidty is simply overwhelming sometimes.



Honestly, that’s all. Wow.


Gee, that seems like an awful lot of supreme court justices. In my opinion, they really should limit the number of supreme court justices to some smaller amount, say around nine or so.

But you know what they say: when you’re right, you’re right! (or should that be your?)


Jexter, I believe it should be “Your when your right…”


What Jexter Said. Only an unrepentant Liberal would suggest that the Supreme Court should have more than nine justices.

Or someone who can see the three Shadows in the picture. As Stephen Colbert observed, Chief Justice Karl Rove…


Oh yeah, I forgot that three extra seats on the Supreme Court on reserved for members of the Illuminati…


How ’bout a bill limiting the SC to seven justices for the next few years? (It’s been done before.)


So…Planned Parenthood is covering up interracial babyfights?


So are some of the Justices filling multiple seats, or is that just “Fat Tony” Scalia?

Is a “triple Souter” three Supreme Court justices or a figure-skating move?

(Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)


Coverup at Planned Parenthood indeed!
The black baby and the one white baby are punching each other, and the other one has no legs!


Why don’t they put the baby’s in supreme court robees with london inn the background
and have the ultimate wingnut diatribe


How can you all be so dense? The three babies in the middle picture are all new Supreme Court Justices, bringing the total to 12.

By appointing them this young, the GOP can indoctrinate them as they age, and they’ll be on the court for a good 70 years!


Why don’t they put the baby’s in supreme court robees with london inn the background
and have the ultimate wingnut diatribe

Only if the baby has been partially-birthed and is about to be “aborted” by a knife-weilding married lesbian!


I love this so much.


How can you all be so dense? The three babies in the middle picture are all new Supreme Court Justices, bringing the total to 12.

Remember the poster for Justice Sunday, with the kid looking confusedly at the (tiny) gavel in one hand and the (also tiny) Bible in the other? The caption was “he shouldn’t have to choose.” So, in other words, they’ve done the kid = judge thing before.


I can take pure wingnuttery in small doses, so I decided to actually visit the site and see what “the real danger”. It’s not even an article per se; it’s just a transcript from a call someone made to Planned Parenthood. I think we’re supposed to be shocked (shocked!) to learn that they distribute birth control and don’t require parental consent for abortions, which I thought was general knowledge anyway. I mean, I’ve been debating it for months, so it probably wasn’t a secret.

I also read the Supreme Court thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t mention the number of justices again. All that was there was a rehash of talking points from several months, including a petition and several mailing lists on topics such as the Boy Scouts, the traditional family, pornography, evolution, and that great old standby, judicial tyranny. Personally, I don’t think that anyone who thinks that there are 12 justices should be allowed to preach to others about politics. I’m sure that all 150 senators would agree with me.


It’s Marie Jon’. Someone should suffer badly for that kind of punctuation abuse. But I really, really love their slogan: “We Pray and We Get Political Things Done”. It sounds so sinister, yet vague. “You better watch yourself, liberal. We can get things done.” “Yeah. Political things.”


Wow-12 Supremes (though I count only the current nine in the pic)! That would be an excellent expansion. Since they’d be an even number, there could be ties on crucial votes. And since Presidente el ShrubbyChimp would get to name something like five Justices, he could put in four loopy-loo wingnuts and get Inquisitor General Gonzales in as the bone thrown to the “moderates!” Everybody wins under that scenario!


Are we sure, absolutely sure, completely positive, that this is not satire?

I mean, come on. Their “Support our troops” link list doesn’t even show you where to go if you’d like to enlist! Surely these are not real conservatives, who, I am given to understand, are brave, patriotic, true Americans, who understand the importance of a strong military, and who yearn to show those evil Islamacists that These Colors Don’t Run.
Right? I mean, right?


You’re not going to believe this (or hopefully you will based on past experiences with wingnuts), but I sent a couple of comments to this website; and in an email response, I got this:

“Our Webmaster just updated the Website a few days ago. His wife just died. In fact the services were today. I pointed these mistakes to him already Democrat.
Thank you,
Why I’m A Republican[link deleted] Marie”

While I certainly feel sorry for the webmaster whose wife died, but seriously, what does this have to do with making gross mistakes in the wording of the website?

I mean really? 12 SC Justices… can one pawn that off on grief?? If my spouse died and as a result I became negligent on my job, I would be fired.

Oh, and I guess that pointing out factual errors makes on a Democrat as well. Since Democrats rely on facts and reality, and Republicans rely on innuendo and fantasy….


Not that such speculations come without a certain fair ambivalence, but do you think the webmaster’s wife really died, or that the site owner is a loony-tune?


Jeff, that is a hysterical response.

Drew, a friend of mine also checked out the PP stuff on the site, and apparently it’s referring to this classic “pro-life” chestnut: Call Planned Parenthood pretending to be a 14-year-old girl in need of pregnancy tests/care. When the office gives no indication that they’re going to call the police because a statutory rape has occurred, then OMG THEY’VE FAILED TO REPORT A CRIME THAT HASN’T ACTUALLY HAPPENED BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT A 14-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN NEED OF PREGNANCY CARE!!!!1!


P.S. So I don’t look quite so heartless, the hysterical part of the response is not the part about the wife dying.


After consultation with my WWJD jewelry, I’m pretty sure Jesus would have given the guy whose wife just died the week off, instead of making him update the web page while he was clearly and understandably distracted.

It actually seems kinda likely Jesus would have done the page Himself, rather than ignoring the whole thing for a few days, and then finally getting around to instructing the guy who just came from his wife’s funeral to fix those mistakes before the mean ol’ democrats (and, hey, everybody else on the web with a contrarian nature–these guys are lucky “Something Awful” didn’t get there first) made any more fun of them.

All in all, kind of an uncharitible way to treat a grieving human being. It’s not like he’s an air traffic controller or, you know, an undercover CIA agent or anything that he absolutely *must* do his job immediately and alone, even while making funeral arrangements for his wife.


Apart from the Planned parenthood “shocker” and the 12… er, 9 Supreme Court judges (why am I reminded of the pitch for “Supreme Folk” at the end of “A Might Wind”?) I just had to point out this one:

Isn’t the “Eve” of an event usually on the day/night before said event? Christmas Eve, Halloween, New Year’s Eve?

OK, now my blood is boiling. Not only are the terrorists evil bastards, but they’re bloody procrastinators, too!


Anne: Is THAT what’s supposed to shock me? Because there’s absolutely no indication that the “girl’s” boyfriend is over 18. Now, in all fairness, underage girls (particularly those under 15) are statistically more likely to have been impregnated by older men. But I don’t see why I (or Planned Parenthood) was supposed to assume that the boyfriend was over 18 instead of, say, 16. I guess part of being a wingnut is assuming the worst.


I think in some states it’s always statutory rape if either of the people involved are under the age of consent for the state, but I’m not sure.


I couldn’t be that funny if I tried. Brilliant link.


The people political are oppossed total to the murderers global.


This site astonishing promises to provide unsuspecting many gems comic….



Recent visit to the site: now they 12 justices are replaced (seriously, shouldn’t we havw one Justice for each of the Tribes of Israel?) with the warning that Democrats want the Rove’s hide whatever the evidence say.

Curiously, a poll is attached: “Is Rove a spawn of Satan”. Pretending to be an agnostic, I voted “not sure” and the results were: 25% yes, 50% no, 25% not sure. Mind you, some godless liberals visiting the site are perhaps honest and vote “no”. Perhaps a better question would be: “If you were Satan, would you spawn Karl Rove?”


ok, all this swank-speak is really out freaking (me). Damn, now I’m infected!


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