Like Brad, only Snyder?

The name seemed fake enough, the column billowed a dizzying stink, and we thought we’d spotted an entry in our contest to submit bonk-headed wingnut screeds to American Daily.

But no, Brad Snyder is actually real.

Meet Brad Snyder, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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What, you expect us to read unparsed wingnut?


I’m with you, Yosef.

[whine]Eww, I don’t want to have to go read the wingnuts. They make my stomach hurt! Can’t you just go read them and then tell us what they say, only make it funny?[/whine]


Let the majority rule instead of the consensus of a few arrogant judges, who answer to no one. Instead of having abortion forced down our throats, let?s vote!

Er, throats? Is this the new Lieberal program to make us eat aborted fetuses? Those dirty Democrats!

I like how this guy has no notion of balancing mob rule with minority rights. I guess he thinks it’d be ok to bring back slavery if we got 51% to vote for it?


That last one was me.

My other favorite part is his unsupported assertion that tax rates are more oppressive now than in the colonies. Because he SAYS so!

Can we tattoo something onto this guy’s forehead that deprives him of any government services (including paved roads) since he seems to think he doesn’t owe anybody anything?


Wow. That was *quite* a find, G…


I wasn’t brave enough to read the column but I went to his homepage and on the bottom there is this row of icons: a bible with light on it, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy flag, a “these colors don’t run” emblem, and a blind/peeking lady liberty with scales that are never balanced.

I can understand his other three value sets, but what the hell is he trying to say about liberty/justice? Sigh, another neuron wasted.


“stur-lizin’s too good fer ‘im!”


Okay. I read his, uh, essay, and visited his home page, and can I just say yikes?

Someone’s got some anger management issues.


Wow. That page is pink. Seriously pink.

It’s like a pink cat in a pink coat during a pink snowstorm.

Not that I’m saying that Brad Snyder is a repressed manlovin’ swordswallower. Not at all.



Gotta learn to close my judygarland tags.


If you click through to any of his other pages, they’re all pastels. It’s kind of sweet.


I’m not surprised. All the best pages are on


I was most impressed with his list of pretend friends. With tiny pictures of them even.


I like this bit the best:

When I was in college, and VERY broke, I decided my goal in life would be to earn enough dough to be able to afford to eat Pizza whenever I wanted. Well? I have achieved that goal…

What noble and lofty humanitarian goals. What a guy!


Wow. Sometimes the best parody of something is the thing itself, huh?

The Dark Avenger

He seems to carry the grammar of some non-human language, like R’lyehian or Bolian, into English.

Always Confused

I just love it when they glibly say things like Clinton was worse than George III. Their tether to reality is very tenuous.


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