Today’s deep thought, by Justin Darr

These, needless to say, come from the same article:

The essence of modern liberalism is laziness. […] The Left’s thinking is based on their love for the over simplification of complex problems[.]

They don’t call him the hottest new conservative writer on the web for nothing. Oh, wait.


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See, that’s why he should have stayed in s.z.’s contest!


Yeah, but look at the competition he was facing- Debbie “We Can’t Criticize George Bush Because He was Appointed by God” Daniel, Kaye Grogan and Pastor Swank. Personally, I would’ve preferred to see Schlussel get the ax first, but after that, he doesn’t have a prayer…


I thought our thing was Nuance. ???


Hey, Brad or Gavin or Seb or anyone, hate to beg but I need a little help.

Drop by my blog. You’ll see what I’m talking about.


Blah! So i was beat to the punch anyway. Thanks all the same, Brad.



You gotta get up very early in the morning to beat World O’ Crap. (Literally, she posts pretty early in the morning). One day, she stole every single wingnut I was gonna mock…


I sent him a suggestion for a column called “Too scared to fight the War on Terror” about the Yellow Elephants. Think he’ll write it?


Oh, the LEFT loves oversimplifying complex problems?

Do Republican parents purposely wring any sense of irony out of their spawn?



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