Ladies and gentlemen, we have a timetable!

President rejects timetable for withdrawal, saying the struggle ‘is worth it’

Meanwhile, back in the jungle…

LONDON, July 10 — The United States and Britain are drawing up plans to withdraw the majority of their troops from Iraq by the middle of next year, according to a secret memo written for British Prime Minister Tony Blair by Defense Secretary John Reid.


In other news, the President’s pants burst into flames during a public appearance at the G-8 Summit.


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i heart you. šŸ™‚


He should have paid attention to that August 6th memo entitled “Al Qaida Determined to Attack President’s Pants with Fire.” But alas given its non-specificity I can understand why the truth terrorists were able to complete their dastardly deed.


Nobody suspected that they’d use the President’s pants as a weapon….


“…according to a secret memo written for British Prime Minister Tony Blair…”

Holy shit. I think the British administration should just broadcast all meetings to the public these days. They can’t keep anything secret ever since the DSM.


Yeah, they’re leaking something fierce. You have to wonder whether Tony is like, “Ooh, leak this one! This one will prick him in the arse.”


Never trust what you read in those British memos. I hear they’re very hard to translate into English.


That would be awesome if Blair is secretly trying to screw over Bush by authorizing the leaking of memos. Of course, if that were true, we probably would have heard about the memo it’s in.


Wow, just in time for the ’06 elections.

What a coincidence!


The memo is clearly a fake. I have reviewed it thoroughly and it is full of misspellings; for example: “favor” is spelled as “favour”, “program” as “programme.” Clearly this is not the work of the British Government but more likely a amateuristic fake planted by the leftists. You would think that they would be smart enought to a least spell check their forgeries but that would be giving them too much credit.


He should have paid attention to that August 6th memo entitled “Al Qaida Determined to Attack President’s Pants with Fire.”

Condi sez: “That was an historical document!!”

Parenthetically, using “an” before “historical”, while correct, is also profoundly prickish.


…and that last comment would be from me.


Right, introduce the new “product” (i.e., troop withdrawl) just in time for elections. These people might be morally vacuous, intellectually bankrupt, and all around ghoulish, but god DAMN do they have the principles of marketing down pat.

No wonder my old ad-exec boss was a Bush fanatic.


Not to be overly geeky, but I think a better description of Republican tactics would be a strict adherance to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition…


Rumblelizard has this one. Remember just 1-2 weeks ago when it was floated out there that Rumsy has met with the insurgents? It was BS, just like this report is.

Folks, repeat after me…we have no exit plan because we don’t intend to leave. With the Saudis unable to increase their oil production, it becomes imperative to the oil & gas folks that we have our hand on the Iraqi oil spigot.


Okay, to be overly fair, my father is a retired military senior officer.

Basically, they plan for thigs they have no intention of doing, just in case. I guarantee they also have ‘plans’ to reinstate a miltary draft, or leave iraq entirely via syria (though not probaly through Iran).

I don’t think this is news at all, and certainly doesn’t prove a contradictory set of statements from the administration.

there are PLENTY of those,

this ain’t on of ’em.

Pure. Red. Herring.


Greg H., marry me.


Also, as to why I think Britain is sucha source of leaks.

Perhaps they are in fact trying to be a moderating force to our policy. If they decide to fight this battle like the dignified Brisih, rather than the angry Americans, their first lesson to us is, of course:

There is no fucking way to occupy Iraq.

except they would say bloomin’ way… or somesuch.

Gordon Brown for President in ’08!


mdhatter: I would believe that we had a plan but no actual intent for getting out of Iraq; but for the fact that the getting in had no discernable plan.


I’m getting interested in this ‘leaking’ phenomenon more than what’s in the individual leaks. Cui bono, y’know?


Withdrawal by the middle of next year…isn’t that right before midterm elections?
So much for not playing politics with people’s lives.


You stupid lefties! Our Dear Leader puts himself in physical danger–not like that wimp Kerry!–testing alternative power sources so we can end our dependence on foreign oil and nuke the evil terrorists once and for all, and all you can say is “Bush lied!”

Of COURSE he lied! It’s part of the Sustainable Engery Through Spontaneous Trouser Combustion program. How else can America realize her goal of a local, inexhaustable energy source that can maintain her rightful, dominant place in the global ass-kicker competition. Cheney and Rove and Condi are also heavily involved in this program. The more they lie, the closer we are to winning the war on terror once and for all!

Sen. Santorum and his supporters, Randall Terry and James Dobson, are also doing their part by participating in an energy program that uses human generated hyperthermal airflow to spin turbines and create electricity. You might already be familiar with Blowhard, Inc., the wind-based electricity producer who works in cooperation with Fox News.

If you liberals weren’t such irrational, knee-jerk Bush haters, you would see that you owe our Leader gratitude. It’s not every politician who has the moral strength to lie to his people on such important matters.


Dorothy- you gave yourself away as a Liberal faking being a conservative with this line: “How else can America realize her goal…”

There’s no way a true conservative would call such a kick-ass macho manly nation like America “her”.

And don’t give me any grammatical excuses. That’s what libs always do.


The memo is clearly a fake. I have reviewed it thoroughly and it is full of misspellings

I wholeheartedly agree, ‘Defense Secretary’ should be Defence Secretary.

You can’t beat the old Anglo-American spelling arguments!

Let’s call the whole thing off.

I think this is just a thought piece, running an idea up the flagpole to see who salutes it. Classic spin really. Turns out the Iraqis arn’t too keen though. Tcheck it out:


mdhatter: it would be “…no fookin’ way”, or perhaps “…no feckin’ way”. Cheers!

Also, remember when they early reports said everyone was running around the WH with their hair on fire? I think they really meant pants…..


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