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Hey! No solidarity with Britons! Malkin says we’re pro-terror, remember? 😉


Unlike Malkin and 98% of her crew of babblers, I knew people who got blown up on 9/11, and I have a sister living in London who it seems very likely is fine, but I havent heard from her yet.

So if I may make it official, Malkin is (and I use this word, today, in the British sense) a sputtering cunt who would serve America better as nitrogen in our soil, than as a citizen.


I won’t disagree with you. Hope you hear from your sister soon.


The Union Jack is heisted from Pandagon, btw. If anyone wants to heist it from us, credit Jesse for the idea.


Hey Gavin, hope you hear from your sister soon. I have a lot of friends in Madrid and I remember what it felt like to not be able to get in touch with them immediately after the bombings there.


She’s fine, but I learned with what you’d have to call ‘terror’ that she was supposed to be at one of those bus stops, but stayed home sick from work.

So there’s a bit of smoke coming out of my ears today, still. Want to do a post, and I’ll post it? Or if Yosef doesn’t want to, anyone else?


I’m pretty burned out right now. Yosef, if you want to write something, you know where to send it 🙂


I might try to get something to you in a little bit.


Bleh. I wrote something but I didn’t like it. You know how us thycwotis are temperamental about our work. Maybe I’ll try something else. Soon.

The one thing I didn’t mind that I’ll say here is how so far I appreciate how the British are handling this. Sure there’s grief, but they’re going about their lives. Blair went back to the G-8, the British Open is still on, and Londoners are back on the Tube. When you say that the terrorists can’t win because they can’t change our lives, that’s how you have to do it. Sometimes it seems like here in the States, we’ve completely overhauled our way of life because of the terrorists.

Glad your sister’s safe. The trains that blew up in Spain were the ones I rode on when I was there.


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