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Has anyone ever seen a live-action Japanese kids’ show from the sixties called Gimme Gimme Octopus? I only mention it because it stands alongside the Great Wall of China, the Sistine Chapel and the Great Pyramid as one of humanity’s finest achievements.

The show revolves around a red octopus and his sidekick, a giant peanut:


The show is called “Gimme Gimme Octopus” because the two main characters spend most of their time trying to steal food from the other characters. Of course, the octopus and peanut are rather inept thieves- most of the time, they end up getting jabbed with swords and knives, or in one episode, fucking bayonets:


Even when they do manage to steal food, something goes horribly wrong- one time, the octopus steals a loaf of bread from a dragon, only to discover that the goddamn thing is rigged with explosives.

I found the show’s official homepage and had Google translate it into English, but surprisingly it made even less sense than before. For instance, Spatula Spatula, one of the show’s monsters, is described as “always the spatula spatula having laughed, the feeling which it comes out lovelily seems.”

Adding to the weirdness, the show’s theme song sounds like “Dreidel, Dreidel” recorded backward in Japanese and implanted with Satanic messages. There’s also some bizarre love triangle going on between the octopus, the peanut, and a pink walrus. At any rate, it’s one of the greatest TV shows ever produced and will totally kick your ass’ face.


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I love this site!! I totaly love how the octopus looks like a sambo cartoon as well


Apparently DVDs of questionable legality exist: http://www.5minutesonline.com/1D/GEMMEOCTOPUS.htm


I’ll trust the Google translator as soon as it takes a crap in my bathroom and remembers to flush and light a match.


It looks like Mr. Peanut might have fathered a few bastards during his globe-crossing, peanut-promoting tours.


Opening that page in multiple browsers will definitely fuck your shit up…


I don’t know about the show, but the google translations are sheer brilliance.


“Cheap this at all you cannot say does not accumulate!”When did Pastor Swank start working for Google?


Having, it scatters the various liquids according to need

I have a bad habit of doing this as well.


“Always the spatula spatula having laughed,
The feeling which it comes out lovelily seems”

Ok then. Draw your own conclusions….


But will mexico put the Octopus on a stamp as well??


I totally remember that show! Last time it came on was right after 3 Brazilian hookers played “Pinko Churrascuria” fueled by about 12 gallons of Caiparihnas and a kilo of Hugo Chavez’s finest. That was a good episode.


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