Exactly as I predicted…

except, well, you figure it out. Newsmax has an important message for all of us:

Those who followed my timely advice on Dragon Gold just witnessed one of the easiest doubles of all-time. I TOLD YOU that near-term developments would send the DRGO share-price substantially higher – and that is precisely what occurred.

Yes, I am talking about a share-price gain of 125% in just 12 trading days!

ACTION ALERT: Do not beat yourself up if you missed Dragon Gold’s dramatic triple-digit rise. The NEXT near-term profit window on DRGO shares is fast approaching and will be even more profitable than the last.

The stock went up, for one day, in March. Unless you happened to sell you shares on that exact day, you’re pretty much fucked:


Thanks Newsmax!


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Did ya read the fine print? It’s lovely:

This stock profile should be viewed as an advertisement. In order to enhance public awareness of Dragon Gold and its securities through the distribution of this report, Anglo-Asian Resources provided a budget in the amount of $105,000. The Natural Contrarian applied this budget to cover costs associated with printing and distribution of this report and will retain any excess funds as profit.


NewsMax certainly understands their audience, their intelligence and how savvy they are. (eyes roll).


what’s up with gold always being advertised on the fringes of wingnut media, anyway?


They actually show that? And it works? Goddamn.


what’s up with gold always being advertised on the fringes of wingnut media, anyway?

It keeps the government/alien mind-control rays away *much* better than aluminum foil. It’s these little details that separate the complete nutjobs from the paranoia hobbyists.


It’s because, while money is backed by the government, and thus vulnerable to collapse from communist mishandling, or manipulation from the Jew– er, UN/NWO conspiracy, gold is gold, and thus more secure.

When the black helicopters come, and we’re all forced to take the mark of the beast just so we can stand in breadlines, these guys will be sitting pretty on all of their gold.


I remember in the early days of the Iraqi War 2.0 that U.S. soldiers would raid people’s homes, finding and taking all their gold, thinking that they were onto a den of terrorist supporters and not realizing that many Iraqis took their life’s savings of cash and bought gold because it would be easier (in their previous war experiences) to use it to trade for food and other necessities in the chaos and aftermath of war. The U.S. soldiers, used to a “credit card” society, had never seen so much gold.
The irony of this is that wingnuts think the same way about the “safety” of gold in uncertain times.


Just put Little Smokies on the grill for our Festival of Meats! We honor Jesus’ signing the Declaration of the Holy Snowflake Indepence from Judicial Activism!

Join us lest your color be smited!


I mean, I get the part about modern currency really being a totally arbitrary abstraction of exchange value, but I still don’t get the wingnut obsession with gold. I mean, in the post-apocalyptic hellscape that is the American future they’re working for, GOLD would be no more valuable than paper money. What the fuck would you do with gold? Eat it? No one will need it. People would need, like, clean water and antibiotics. Stuff that could no longer be produced.


That is one spectacularly dodgy stock.

The gold thing with right-wingers goes back at least to 80s survivalism.

Yeah, but you’d think when you’re living in your survivalist compound after the commies invade, maybe you could barter for stuff, but gold would be pretty useless.


Brian –

The gold thing with the right-wingers goes back further than that. There’s this belief that if the economy collapses, their gold reserves will have them sitting pretty because gold is so “inherently” valuable.

I’ve always wondered if they understood that it would be the Mormons who would be sitting pretty. With their mandatory pantrys full of food and bottled water, any local Mormon household will be able to feed themselves while the gold guys are trying to figure out exactly what the nutritional content of a gold coin is anyway.

(And the economy has moved on. We may think our economy isn’t based on a commodity, but it is. Now its oil and energy in general [mostly oil, though] not gold. I doubt we’ll ever see a gold economy again, unless it turns out that gold is a vital element for cold fusion reactions or something.)


Small correction; if you look at the bar chart, they actually ended up slightly down on that day, so your window in which to sell was probably more like a couple of hours.


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