Well, Well, Well… What Have We Here…

So The Editors have recruited Hilzoy from Obsidian Wings to post at their site. Very interesting.

Here is Obsidian Wings’ official logo:


Why… it’s a kitten… holding a sniper rifle!

Very, very clever, Mr. Editors and Ms. Hilzoy, but your sneak attack won’t go unpunished. While I lack Hilzoy’s PhD in philosophy, I’ve got a couple things going for me:

1.) I know the history of psychiatry.

2.) I’ve got an army of deformed mutant death cats.

Attack, yon kitties, attack!!!





And now, Col. Yosef… launch the Kitten of Mass Destruction!!!!



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Although I have never seen Brad, I feel quite confident in stating that he is a FUCKING STUD whose blog ROCKS MY WORLD.


I see Kaye dyed her hair.



What will we tell the children?


I see that you are not as wise as your colleague Norbizness. I hope you realize, this means war.


And I thought my eight legged kitten was bad. I think it’s safe to say that last picture has been so deeply seared into my brain that it will haunt the dreams of both me and my descendents.

I can't go on. I must go on...

Now, when I see a kitty, I will think of your sniper photo and giggle.


Yeah…that last picture just undid tens of thousands of dollars of therapy. Evil of that magnitude impresses me.



Think we could send a batallion of furries to hang out outside Rick Santorum’s office? I would pay cash money to see that.

Cash money.


Sometimes, you have to step back and understand that kitten war is one of the most horrible of all the plagues visited upon mankind. But you know, it’s your job to prosecute the war and to win a total victory at all costs. Hilzoy, I am sorry for you, but you must be defeated.

Poorman delendum est.


It’s a kitten, but with a rifle, thus making it both a cute fuzzball and an evil bringer of death. You have therefore rejected the proffered olive branch of compromise. I no longer hold out any hope for peace between the two parties.


I see that Hilzoy is taking evasive action by not letting people comment on Obsidian Wings. For the record, I for one feel that Hilzoy’s kittens are a shameless attempt to dissuade S,N! from further attacks. They are much too cute to be effective, therefore they must be “kitten shields”. I’m sorry Hilzoy, but no kitten will be spared.


As for the last ‘kitty’, repeated photos of Kay in her tiger outfit has prepared my psyche for even this latest horror.
I fear the kitten sniper is a provocation that cannot be ignored by SN’s feral feline army. Please stop this madness, before “Cry, ‘Havoc’, and let slip the cats of war.” is heard thoughout the internets.


I don’t know if there are enough evil kitties out there to fight a two-front kitten war, especially against such a large opponent:


Dick Durata – why do you hate the kittens, you anti-kitten hippie? Why do you want the kittens to fail?


Let us not forget who our true enemies are.


I ain’t messin’ with Atrios unless he posts sickeningly cute snuggly kittens like the Editors.


Uh, that kitty wouldn’t happen to be aiming at Dealey Plaza, would it?


Hey Yosef, fuck you and your mother Kay Grogan. I’ve got a ‘Support the Kittens’ ribbon on my Hummer, and American flags in kitty shapes flying from my house, my office and my wife. But I hate you gangsta’ kitten killers, pretending to be patriotic while your cracked out kittens claw for YOUR turf.


Brad R.- Atrios is clearly someone you would need to deal with diplomatically. I agree. He’s like the North Korea of cute kittens.

Dick- “Please stop this madness, before “Cry, ‘Havoc’, and let slip the cats of war.” is heard thoughout the internets.”

Sounds to me like your against the kitten war you silly kitten lib. That means you hate the kittens. Look, these kittens are out there risking there lives to protect us from the cute kittens, and I think we should support them. Now, naturally, if I had any kittens they wouldn’t go to war because all the ugly kittens are getting the best spots, but I’ll pray for the kittens. Meanwhile you keep saying “…stop this madness….” I bet next you start comparing them to Hitler’s kittens. There is no room for that anti-kitten rhetoric in our society.


God, you’re right, Yosef, and I’m man enough to admit it. There’s a new litter in this house, and those little scamps are enlisting just as soon as they open their eyes. I hate to say it in French, but “Allons enfants de la patrie!”


Well, Dick, I will pray for your kittens. As I said, mine would never go to war because one day they might become very important kittens, but i appreciate what your kittens will be doing. Even if they have no kitten armor.


Just between you and me, Y, I’d just as soon get the mewing little bastards out of the house, ASAP. Talk about win-win.


I wouldn’t worry about Atrios’ “kittens”. They’re “kittens” the way the 38 year old guys on gay.com chatrooms with names like AbercrombiBoi2298 are actually “bois”. They’re fat and old, and they’re asleep in every picture. They may, in fact, be persistently vegitative and depending solely on a feeding tube.


res, I’ve had some of them old fat geezers here at he farm, and if you ever saw what they do to a gopher or a rat the size of your forearm that could eat these kombat kittens for tea, you’d think twice about givin’ em lip. 21-22 hours sleep per day is balanced out with the kind of mayhem Freddy and Jason would doft their hats or masks to. A word to the wise.


And Atrios’s “kittens” are often found snuggling, grooming, and cuddling each other.

They’re both males.

We all know what that means.


Yeah, it means that they ARE those guys I run across in the gay.com chatrooms!


“Worst kitten ever.”

Ok, that SERIOUSLY damaged my brain.


You know you’re starting to use Fark cliches, right?

More dead kittens


God, you’re right. Atrios’s cats are non-ambulatory lumps that are kept alive by feeding tubes.

He clearly shifts their limp, furry bodies from the couch, to the floor, to a chair with each new set of photos, to make it seem like they’re moving around. These new pix make it look like they don’t even have bones!

You know, it used to seem cute when he showed them all snuggled up together. I’d always think, “Wow, my cats don’t do that. Atrios’s cats must be better than my cats.” But now — now it seems creepy.


You’d almost think God loved that kitten just a smidgen more than all the others, giving it two of almost everything the rest just get one of.


Looks like one of those Siamese cats that you keep hearing about.


Do you think Atrios wears his cats as muffler when it gets cold? Is one of them for casual wear and the other for dress up?


I’ve heard a rumor that Atrios is engaged in a much more grandiose plan: He is in the process of cloning his cats, until he has enough to make a kitty-fur covering for that brand new flak jacket he’s sending to George T as a farewell gift for his stint as an Army infantryman in Iraq.


Gasp! You don’t suppose the poor thing’s big given…drugs? It looks as though he might have had a nip of the ‘nip! Makes normally sane ones go temporarily insane. Of course that may be the defense.


That sniper cat is Lee Harvey Whiskers, and he ain’t nobody’s patsy!


VKW, I’m certain you actually meant pasty, right?


Hey, you said you were bald…..is that kitty brushing her teeth with shaving creme……..we smell a rat……..come visit my new blog at http://www.ChurchoftheFrontPorch@blogspot.com, we have lots of kitties there. We are going to start Friday Cat Flogging. Jeff and Tigris will be flogging ME!


Hey, Brad-Rising Hegemon has a Mutant Killer Kannibal Kitty that just needs to be recruited to Evil Kitten Brigade- Gaah-it’s hideous!


Marq- actually, that one’s a dog. It won the Ugliest Dog Contest.


dus ny1 wnt cocaine? i tried it and it made me look lyk the dude in that picture, but the side-effects were groooooovy!


donkdean- a handsome gry gelding, if u wanna buy him visit reality.org


can we attack france?


God kills a whole litter of kittens every day because of me. ;>


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