Hillary will stop at nothing!

So say our friends at STOP Hillary PAC.com:

They’ll [Hillary Clinton’s political goons] stop at nothing to go straight to the top.

What has Hillary done? How far will she go? Better sit down: Hillary will go so far as to raise funds!

Your donation right now can help us make a truly impressive showing as the Federal Election Commission reporting deadline rapidly approaches. If you have already donated, please accept my thanks. But, if you haven’t, please understand that you have only a few hours left to act.

We don’t know how Hillary will manage, but we’re willing to bet that it will be better than her PAC friends:

Presented by the Federal Election Commission – 2003-2004 Cycle


Latest Cash On Hand: $80

SHPAC also included a helpful PS: in their email:

P.S. This Fourth of July weekend, show your patriotism and national pride by REFUSING to allow Hillary to become President. Support the StopHillaryPAC today.

Elections are coming early this year.


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Oh, that’s quite a find, Seb. I love how they trash Hillary for saying, “I’m sorry I don’t recall” at a House Investigating Committee. It was heroic when Reagan did it when we were selling arms to Iran, but when Hillary was being investigated for a phony real estate scandal? Fuhgetaboutit!


“STOP HILARY PAC”? Maybe they can buy another ‘L’ with that $80.


Wow! I didn’t even realize there was a presidential election this year and that Hilary[sic] was running.


So, who are the Republicans putting up against Hilary [sic]? Maybe Laurra [sic]?


Another classic:

Back in 1992, most Republican insiders never thought that then-President George H.W. Bush could possibly lose to a draft-dodging, pot-smoking newcomer named Bill Clinton. So they took Clinton lightly and never even attacked his atrocious record!

There’s so much “Sadly, No!” here that I’m worried it’ll crash the site!


…”A thousand points of light. Stay the course.”


Is it just me? I think those pictures of her they have up are pretty cute, especially the one where she’s wearing a gold bead necklace.
You know, I’m no cheerleader for Hillary, but it drives me crazy that every time her name comes up my mom starts talking about how she and Bill did nothing but lie, lie, lie, coverup, “what the definition of ‘is’ is,” blah blah, Arkansas state troopers, etc. No one could possibly be as bad as she thinks Hillary is. My mom doesn’t surf the web, but she does have some right-wing fanatic friends who usually drive her crazy. Maybe in this case they got through to her. Is there some kind of Hillary debunking site I can go to to refute the allegations?


Shouldn’t there be a line-item in the disbursement details showing where the $21,930 went? Plus, the detail of the individual donations only total $2780, not the $22,010 indicated. Oh, there’s something rotten here. Rotten indeed! This is probably some money laundering apparatus for the tri-lateral commission. I’m calling off my weekend plans to chase this down.


Lucy, it’s like trying to punch the wind. My parents are the same way–I try to counter their beliefs with the truth, and they just discount it. “I know what I know,” kind of thing.

People believe what they want to believe. And even though the country was in a kajillion times better shape when the Clintons left the White House, my parents believe they were “horrible.” Whatever.


Uncle Mike, you’ve got a point. At least I got her not to vote for Bush (ugh, the second time, that is). Her state still went to him, but the upside is I still love my mother.


I think that they are so used to seeing it spelled ‘hitlery’ that they forget that it actually has 2 L’s. They just take out the T and think their job is done.


Only $80? You can’t get even an Arkansas lawyer whacked for that kind of cheddar — even if you save money by hiding the corpse and gun in your lesbian lover’s foggy bottom apartment.

Maybe StopHillary needs to stop using NRO’s fundraising “professionals.”


And umpty-thousands in dispersements?!

Maybe this is some kind of con-artist scheme.


BTW, Franklin Graham has said that his dad was NOT endorsing a Hillary Presidential campaign, and that there’s no way that Bill Clinton could ever be an evangelist because he’s not called by God.


Yosef: Is that like how Terri Schiavo said “I want to live” when she moaned “AAAAHWAAAAAA?”

I’m so glad we have Franklin Graham to translate his father’s words! On their face, one might think Billy Graham was, y’know, not being a hack.


Hmmmmm. Lessee…a draft-dodging, pot-smoking newcomer or a draft-dodging, ex-lush turned bible-thumper? Golly, that’s a tough one.

Hello, pot…kettle.


Viv- that’s exactly what I was thinking. If you want to know what Billy Graham meant, fucking ask Billy Graham!



You left out “coke-snorting.”


Well they have me convinced. This Fourth of July, I refuse to allow Hillary to become president.

As soon as the fifth comes, however, she’s back on the ballot for me.


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