A nighty-night Malkin moment

Here’s some art that doesn’t offend Malkin.



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Remember- racism had nothing to do with the internment of the Japanese- it was all because of the MAGIC codes!!!


Orcinus was just talking about this after having seen “Liberal Hunting License” bumper stickers.



John Dower’s book “War Without Mercy” is a great reference for US and Japanese images and stereotypes of the “other” in the Pacific War. A must read for anyone interested in this topic.


I just heard on NPR about a museum of racist art that is somewhere in the south- but it is curated by a black dude whose basic mission is that we never forget that this kind of thing existed. It makes my skin crawl . . . but I do agree that it is important that we never forget how ugly we can be.


It’s amazing how common this kind of thing was. Even Superman used to be racist, apparently. http://www.superdickery.com/propaganda/1.html


Meri- Ever see that WW II-era Bugs Bunny cartoon where he was fighting the Japanese version of Elmer Fudd? It’s simultaneously horrifying and hilarious.


Mebbe someone could Photoshop Malkin’s puffy mug into a mail-order bride catalog…?


Even in the 60s Gilligan’s Island had a stereotypical Japanese soldier (doing the “didn’t know the war was over” bit) with thick glasses, squinty eyes, and buck teeth. I wonder if that one shows up on TVLand these days.


Brad- Never seen that one, and I doubt it’s ever going to be shown as rerun.


Brad- Never seen that one, and I doubt it’s ever going to be shown as rerun.

It won’t be. Trust me. Here’s some info about it.


Haven’t seen that particular Bugs Bunny cartoon. But what about the Porky one where he kills the indian and takes his land?

I’ve seen that one one TV.

Hysterical Woman

Why does the sterotypical Japanese solider wear glasses? Were Japanese known for bad eyesight, or is it because they’re “eggheads”?

The Dark Avenger

I remember seeing some WWII Popeye cartoons on TV when I was a kid 35 years ago, before the invention of political correctness.

The refrain from one sticks in my mind:

“You’re a sap, sap, sap, Mr. Jap!”


there’s an extensive and frightening collection of such images on the rotten library.


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