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…Because there’s simply never enough thread around here!


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Shhh! Don’t tell anyone that all these messages are really from me.

I’m trying to make it look busy around here for when Atrios and Wolcott and those guys stop by.


A horse is a horse,


Of course, of course,


And no one can talk to,


A horse, of course,


That is, of course,


Unless you have sexual intercourse,


With the famous Mr. Ed!




People yakkity yak a streak and waste your time of day,

But Mr. Ed will never speak unless he has something to say. (Hey!)


[Everybody now!]

“I Am Mr. Ed!”


G- This open threat is wack (gawd I’m at a party and I’m writing at S,N!… I am totally lame…) 🙂


So start a conversation or something. I’m totally doing all the work here myself.


Hey, I like this thread! It’s so quick and easy to read.

Tommy the Troll

Hi, I’m a troll.
You liberals are traitors.

Larry the liberal

Screw you troll. You’re a dumb hateful person.


No! Don’t scare off the troll! I’ve missed having trolls ever since Sondra K took off! 😉


You people are totally nuts! But, I still love you…




Dang, just missed it


I got “told off” by some tone-deaf priss at yesterday’s jazz concert at Confederation Park in Ottawa for “whispering too loud.” I like jazz, but hate jazz aficionados for precisely that reason.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share.


“We’re not going to win against the insurgency.”

Rummy moves the goalposts.


The Force is The Force, of course, of course,
And no one can talk to The Force, of course,
That is, of course, unless The Force
Is the famous Obi-Wan!

Go right to the source and ask The Force;
He’ll tell you your daddy is dead, of course;
His careful words will stay your course,
Talk to Obi-Wan!

Father Anakin wasn’t slew,
He turned to the Dark Side;
But from a certain point of view,
It’s not true that Obi had lied!

The Force is The Force, of course, of course,
And this one will die so Luke sees[2], of course;
You’ve never heard of a talking Force?
Well, listen to this:
Run, Luke, Run!




Dang! BillyD beat me to it.

Mars, Bitches!


Hey now, were you really just whispering at the jazz concert? I’m open-minded, but had to put one squirrelly girl in her place ’cause she was so into her own damn conversation with a friend. So much so, even he was embarassed by her prattling. so really, were you out of place? If that woman really was an offensive snob, however, I would agree with you.


hmmm, was the woman Sondra K? Now that would be so kewl…

And what has happened to Mars anyway, bitches?


Today on Yosef’s obsession with the weather:

It’s overcast with a few raindrops starting to fall. Very comfortable temperature though. Hopefully it will clear up in time for Pops in the Park this afternoon – it’s the last one of the year and the theme is music from the Cinema. It sux though, because Albert-George isn’t conducting today.

Helen Thomas rules!


hmmm, was the woman Sondra K? Now that would be so kewl…

Hum…you know, I think it was. All snitty, with a pinched and pained expression that would be a perfect face for a poster marketing inchoate anger.

My cousin was actually performing at the time, and if, as per him, you’re a real jazz lover, take a toke now and then and mellow out, ferchrisssakes.


Hey what happened in the kitten wars? Did the Editors finally back down?


“And what has happened to Mars anyway, bitches?”

heydave, you want some good trivia? I was the very first person to ever write “Mars, Bitches!” in the comments over at Atrios. Since then, it’s made me want to vomit.


I didn’t know that. Yosef, you’re going to have to let me bear your children. I’ve never stopped laughing about “Mars, Bitches.”


So, Yosef..

You want a medal, or a chest to pin it on?

..just kidding!


That depends, Jeff. Whose chest?


Ha ha. Nice job guys.


Well, since this name is in the news, how about Mary Carey?


Oh, my God, was that the real Atrios? I’m not dressed, and that comment of mine was really not the best I can do and…oh…swo…swoo…

…no, I’m ok.


Mal- I think that was the “Not Really Atrios”


Someone is pretending he’s me? Why, that makes me mad. I’m only linking to the Poor Man from now on.


Hey Brad, stop pretending you’re Atrios.


Sure, I see your motivation – give us enough thread and maybe we’ll hang ourselves with it.


“…give us enough thread and maybe we’ll hang ourselves with it.”

That’s the whole problem though. There’s never enough thread.


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