Hold on a sec, Brad…

Our spies tell us that The Editors are all blustering about starting another kitten war.

You’d think he’d walk more softly after last time, when his site got destroyed and he had to get all new kittens because the old ones were eaten. Like, jeez.

PS: I found this great graphic on the internet. Now we can ask for donations!



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Too late! Our wrath has been unleashed.


Sadly, No! is kinda’ like Jacob Thorhauge; on first exposure I thought you both were retarded or something, so Jacob turned out to be the most important scientist Danmark has produced since Aage Bohr while S,N! publishes the awful truth about kittens. You disport, we deride.

The Dark Avenger

The graphic would be appropriate for Bill Hobbs, the beggar of Franklin County, TN.


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