Just saying.

Mr. Stealing-Stuff-From-Us Poorman is almost back in business again after our wave of evil kittens blew up his site.

Warning: We have more.



giant cat.jpg



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Yeah, tomorrow.


I’ve actually seen a Maine Coon cat the size of that one in the third pic. Gentlest cat I ever met. Nearly crushed my legs when he laid across me, like a furry linebacker. He was able to stretch up the door and pull down on the latch handle to open it. Damnedest thing.


Oh, for the love of god, man… You should warn people about that first pic! Not just let it pop up outta nowhere. My heavens, I’ve never seen such a sight. Durn near made me blow Coke again.


Oh- if you’re blowing the coke, I think you’re doing it wrong.


Daaaamn!! I told Snoop something was wrong with this shit.


Whoa dude – that THING in the first pic! That’s just WRONG.

Hey, tried the link, but it didn’t work? Whazzup?

Y’know I’m a cat lover from WAY back, but between these pics and that LOVELY photo of Yosef’s ‘thing’ I’m having second thoughts. There might indeed be an evil side to kitties.

Maybe we could send this mutant bunch after Dr. Frist? Just a thought…


“…LOVELY photo of Yosef’s ‘thing’…”

Shhhh!! You weren’t supposed to say anything about that photo!


What’s Salacious Crumb doing up there ? (last pic)


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya’ tomorrow…


I see your cats and raise you a Pancake Bunny.


Andrew, the house has declined to accept your bet, seeing as you can’t put a 403 Forbidden error response into the pot.


Andrew, I couldn’t stand it. I did an image search for “Pancake Bunny”. Oh the humanity!


That last one was a normal cat before it spent a week with Kaye Grogan.


Jeez! this site is really Fristing!


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