Holy Shit This is Funny

This is why I love WorldNetDaily:

Now that the presidential fund-raiser is over, hard-core porn star Mary Carey doesn’t mind the public knowing about one of her secret desires ? having sex with the twin daughters of the president.

Mary Carey is awesome. Read the whole thing, as they say.


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this despite Carey’s appearance in such movies as “Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo” and “Everybody Loves Big Boobies.”

Something involving a ‘Bush Bangeroo’ — I haven’t really worked it out yet.


“Everybody Loves Jenna’s Bush?”


Ugh, I wouldn’t go near Jenna with someone else’s penis.

Now, NotJenna, on the other hand…


NotJenna may be a bit dykey, but Jenna is all woman: my friend’s cousin’s aunt’s poolboy relayed to me the details of a certain Foggy Bottom masquerade party in which Jenna (aka “Squinty”) simultaneously took two in the pink and one in the stink. What a capacious girl!


Mary Cheney must be hurt at not being the subject of Mary Carey’s sexual fantasies. Based on teh l4m3’s comment, maybe Jenna can star in “The Brown Bunny II.”


Where else but on WorldNetDaily can you hear all about girl-on-girl-on-girl action involving the American president’s nubile daughters? Fuck, that’s hot!; much hotter than oval-office hummers.


Whatever you do, make damn sure you don’t mention that Dick Cheney’s lesbian-loving lesbian daughter is a lesbian-loving lesbian.

Cause that would just be wrong.


I hear tell Cheney’s daughter is a SHE-lesbian! That’s the worst kind, right?

The Dark Avenger

Yeah, we male lesbians get to slip under the radar, and we want to sleep with straight women!


Mary Carey has a great voice, but I really can’t stand her songs. Especially that remake of “I’ll be there” for MTV Unplugged.

Seriously, this lady should do a movie based on “Glitter” and maybe one called “MTV Butt-plugged.” Capitalize on the name!!


Full disclosure [god, I hate that expression, and that’s why I’m using it]: Although my sister is a she-lesbian, I like the he-lesbians. What does that make me?
I’m not a very vulgar person, as vulgar persons go, but I think the title “Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo” is kind of sweet. It sounds like something some very perverted Boy Scouts would host ’round the campfire.


P.S. I totally agree with you, Yosef. Her choice of material is atrocious, but she sure is versatile!But seriously, folks, I am honestly angry that Preznit Holy Roller gets away with hosting the Big Boober in the People’s House, but Clinton is the one whose every move was mercilessly interpreted through the sleaze filter and presented to the American public as more evidence of his moral turpitude. I feel like screaming at this kind of crap.


Fuck, that’s hot!; much hotter than oval-office hummers.

Hey, at least with Clinton, there was SOME kind of job getting done in the Oval Office.


Vespa – *rim shot* LOL!

As far as I can see, Mary Carey has all the boobies-I guess Jenna and NotJenna will have to provide the ‘booty’ (and isn’t Jenna known for her prowess in that area anyway?)


…”Skanky, the Bush Bangeroo?”

Not quite there yet. Still working on it.


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