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Assrocket writes:

I called Senator Dick Durbin’s office this morning at (202) 224-2152 and, after being on hold for a while, laid out the reasons why I think Durbin should resign from the Senate.

Well, I’m sure that was effective:

“Hi, yes, this is Mr. Hindrocket of Powerline Blog, Time Magazine’s Blog of the Year. You may remember me as the guy who accused Jimmy Carter of treason and trashed Britain for not having the courage to face down Gandhi and his rabble back in the ’40s. Oh, and I also think your entire party is engaged in an effort that really is a betrayal of America. At any rate, I’m calling to let you know that I think your boss is a traitor and should resign his post in the Senate. The reason is… ooop! Sorry, I just shit my pants! Ha, ha, ha! Mind giving me a coupla minutes to wipe up? Thanks.”


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Liberal AND Proud

When the troop withdrawal timetable is announced in December, right wing heads will be exploding in a festival of hypocrisy.

Merry Christmas!


When the troop withdrawal timetable is announced, Republicans will explain that the President made a noise somewhere in some public speech a year or two ago that alluded to this, and that the troops would have come back a lot sooner if the Godless Liberals had not questioned George’s divine vision.


I agree with VKW. The only way republicans will turn on anything the administration does is if Bush announces a plan to provide everyone in the country with adequate medical care.


I think your transcript has an error. I believe that AssRocket actually said:
Oops,I crapped my pants.


I know I was convinced after Assrocket demonstrated his understanding of Indian history.

Assrocket: Resaon #3 why the social conservatives might be right about the usefulness of sex.


Thank you for reading Hindrocket as I haven’t been able to bear doing it myself.


Can we take up a collection for the poor staffer who had to take this asshat’s phone call?

He “laid out the reasons Durbin should resign from the Senate”.


What a serious, important pantload he is.


You know, what Durbin said is that if you didn’t explicitly know that this shit was going on in America, you’d think it was being done by the USSR or Pol Pot or some dictatorship like that.

Now, scathing as this is, it reveals something about Mr. Durbin: He doesn’t think that America is as bad as those places. The wording of his comment clearly shows that he believes that torture is far outside the normal scope of American behavior, to the point where it is completely unexpected to the ordinary person.

In other words, he’s not one of those liberals who hates America and thinks we are always wrong; If he were, he would’ve worded things in a very different way.

He clearly cares about America and generally thinks its a pretty amazing nation, and he wants us to live up to our ideals. Good for him, I say.


I just want to point out that it is one thing to hate America and think ‘we’ are always wrong, and another to objectively examine what the government is doing and consider that it is often wrong.
and just because you think that the government is a bunch of corrupt theives and warmongers does not mean you have to hate them, or that you hate ‘America,’ whatever is meant by that term.


Don’t forget tbogg’s catch: Assrocket supports Pinochet


We get calls like that at the workplace. We just assume that some street schizophrenic dialed us up at random.


Minnesota’s Littlest Warblogger doesn’t like Sadly, No!


do you remember
the mistique voice of assrocket repeating:
:they don’t care about terrorism,
they don’t caaarree about the islamofashists…”


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