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Does Sadly, No! have readers that know a thing or two –which would be a thing or two more than the management– about webhosts, servers, running WordPress blogs with around 15-20K visitors (plus spammers) per day that don’t crash all the time? If so, please contact Seb.


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James K. Polk, Esq.

Check with John Cole?


I wondered about that German message I got…


Bad Behavior, SK2. What else? Not Dreamhost.


Call John Cole. The guy had a website with the reliablity of Domino’s pizza. Then he had some broad come in and jimmy with the servergearcache thingy and WHAM….the bitch runs like giardia.


I heard Angelfire is what the pros use.

That or Tripod.


Send Chief Editor Sammy Korir of African Press International and email; he can at least point you to what DOESN’T work.


Dude, just do it yourself. DIY internet rulz.


The guy had a website with the reliablity of Domino’s pizza.

It was donating money to anti-abortion groups behind his back?


I thought Troofie had finally launched his all out assault on truth, justice, and the American way, crashing the site.


The guy had a website with the reliablity of Domino’s pizza.

There was always ash on the underside of every comment?


What J.K. Polk said. When I came in here the other day I thought the Rapture had started and I’d been left behind with the TalEvangicals [shudder, shudder].


Are you still using Dreamhost? I think I was the one who actually recommended Dreamhost. Why am I the only person on the entire internet who actually seems to like Dreamhost? Sigh.


For that level of traffic you need a dedicated server in order to get decent reliability.

Problem: deep pockets required.


I’m using Dreamhost for a couple of my projects, but I wouldn’t want to run anything high-traffic (or business-critical) on them. They’re good enough for my putzing around, but for business levels of traffic, you get the service you pay for.


Whatever John Cole did, do the opposite, I beg of you. Since he made the switch I can barely read his blog.



After seeing a dedicated server go tits-up after a spike in blog traffic, we installed it and the load average hasn’t hit 1.0 since.


And it looks as if there’s some kind of cache set up, but the SuperCache static delivery isn’t working. That happens sometimes. I know how to fix it. I’m contacting Seb now.


And damnit if SuperCache doesn’t kick in properly when I refresh. Oh well. Better host required.


I gotta say.

A while ago, like, a few months ago, I noticed that there was a little menu on the side to pick the look of the site. I chose one of the options, and the site changed appearance, but the little menu disappeared; I was actually stuck in that appearance from then until now. There were weird tabs at the top, too. Possibly I got stuck in a parallel internet universe that nobody actually paid attention to. Luckily the content kept on coming. Now, though, it appears that this problem has been fixed, because I’m in the original flavor of Sadly, No! and the option for changing the skin has been (apparently; maybe I just didn’t look hard enough) removed. So congratulations on fixing it. (:


Why am I the only person on the entire internet who actually seems to like Dreamhost? Sigh.

Uh, I ran into the Dreamhost guys at the recent BarCampLA – they’re a very responsive bunch. I’ve noted that you guys seem to draw more than your fair share of DDoS attacks, which obviously complicates things. I don’t want to assume that I know more than you guys – but have you ever given thought to using Amazon’s AWS “Cloud Computing” as a hosting option?

If you really need it, I can hook you up with a company that handles mondo-bigtime traffic sites … but that’s the kinda thing that starts costing serious shekels. Which means a lot more attention to monetization…

Does this means the Giant Gay Hamsters have been taken out back & shot? Or did they take key positions on Obama’s transition team, and are fielding proposals for the remainder of the TARP bailout cash…?



Tried to email you, but the message bounced. Can you get in touch?


Well, I think I know where you might find a server for sale!
The du Toit’s (The Pussification of the American Male) blogging dreams are all crashing down around them. I wrote to offer her help. I
‘m sure you could purchase their operation at fire-sale prices!


Hostgator. I did a lot of research before moving my sites there & I haven’t had a single problem since I did. No down time at all. Prices are reasonable.


Do the opposite whatever John Cole did……


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