Return of the son of “even the liberal New Republic”

From David Limbaugh’s latest big shoe dance at Town Hall:

Even liberal columnist Michael Kinsley doesn’t seem to buy that the memo is a smoking gun.

(Everything Limbaugh writes somehow recalls Joe E. Ross, the actor in ‘Car 54, Where Are You’ whose trademark “Ooh! Ooh!” was imitated by cartoon animals and sitcom characters well into the 1970s.)

And in other news, even a conservative Orange County audience thought that David Limbaugh was nothing but a cheap knock-off of his brother.

Breaking: Even black columnist Thomas Sowell says that blocking the President’s judicial nominees is ‘bigotry.’


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Well, he also compared the opposition to Brown as a “lynch mob.”

It must be nice to be him. When Zell Miller says it, it’s a controversy. When he says it, it’s ok, cause he’s black, so he must know. Good grief.


This can work sometimes, as in “Even die-hard Weezer fan Brad R. thinks their new album sucks ass.”


In any event, a mass e-mail to Mr. Kinsley on the order of:

Dear Mr. Kinsley:

Thanks, dumbass. Bet you wished you would have waited for another day for the second batch of memos to come out, huh?

[your name here]


Even jackass David Limbaugh doesn’t think.

This is fun!


Even pre-op tranvestite look-alike Ann Coulter thinks women should be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant!

Too much?


Oddly enough, I’m currently in the kitchen and barefoot. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be — I keep stepping on bits of dry cat food.


Better that than stepping on bits of *wet* cat food.


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