My columns complete, TV beckoned,
But Gnat gave me more than I reckoned,
From a school play suburban,
She came wearing a turban,
I was under the couch in a second!


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Sadly, No!: Waging–and winning–the Eternal War Against Dorks.

(Hey, you two aren’t going to be grounded when Seb gets back, are you? I mean, sure, there was the odd party and all, but no windows got broken or anything.)


Come on, this is gold, baby! Where’s the love, people? Or maybe it’s just my glee at the encapsulation of Lileks’ entire life and raison d’etre into five short lines. If only you could have worked in a mention of one of his small cigars and perhaps the spending of a tax refund on home improvements and Simpsons figurines . . . no, that’s too much. That’s why you’re the poet and I’m not.


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