It depends what the meaning of ‘misspeak’ is

David Limbaugh


That “out-of-control” Howard Dean,
Democrats think he’s quite keen,
They’re all on a mission,
To spread foul sedition,
Well, they can just bite my ween!


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Hey, this is the best idea since Pawlik.


David “If My Last Name Was Smith I’d Be Working At WalMart” Limbaugh is an asshole.

I’m just sayin’.


That mission/sedition rhyme is brilliant.
Gavin, you are also fucking awesome, and I want you to have my partner’s babies.


Bravo! Bravo!

Gavin, have you looked into a career as a wingnut impostor extraordinaire?


I must add my applause to the others’.


“Gavin, you are also fucking awesome, and I want you to have my partner’s babies.”

Uh, D.? You know about some new kind of science that I don’t where Gavin could be having someone’s babies?


Oh, come now, Yosef. Surely you don’t think the government is *actually* spending money on “asparagus technology” and “hunting and fishing museums”.
Culture of Life, you know.


Well, the did spend a bunch studying cow flatulence in my state…


That’s what they *said* they spent it on. Did you actually *see* anybody out there taping little baggies to the cows’ asses? And how much do you suppose that would cost, anyway?
They’re playing you, man! The Conspiracy is all around you, and you can’t even see it, blinded as you are by cow flatulence studies and asparagus technology!

(And yes, that’s probably the stupidest sentence I’ve written this year. Well, this month, anyway.)


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